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How To Find A Girlfriend Through Tinder


I have found several girlfriends through my nearly two years on the popular dating app.


Tinder has taken dating by storm. A pop song was streamed for the first time on the app not too long ago making Tinder mainstream. At Unik News, we have a real life example of a man being successful in finding his first girlfriend on the dating site. Here are some of his tips.

Tinder works a lot like the real world

Tinder has taken dating up a notch. You could go so far as to say that what works in the real world will do the same in the online dating app. If you are good looking and make a lot of money, you’ll definitely have more access to the fairer sex. This advantage plays out on Tinder as well. There wasn’t much experimentation done by us. We‘ll just go by our own unique experience. Everything is a factor on Tinder most importantly stuff like your ethnicity, age and education level among other traits. Lets put it as blunt as possible. If you‘re name is John and you are a white male, you shouldn’t have a problem attracting all the Janes in the world. If you are called Virat, then Anushka will have no trouble matching and chatting with you.

Pictures speak volumes

They say that a picture can say a thousand words. This is even more jazzed up on Tinder. Pictures are the currency on the app. You’ll want to put up some pictures that reflect you and your personality.

Pictures of the face close up are a great idea. But you’ll want to go for a mix. Aim for at least 5-6 pictures for best results. Then there has to be the full body picture. You can wear a shirt and pants or just a T-shirt and jeans. But this picture is very important for your profile. Then you can put up a picture of a place that you traveled to recently. Make sure you’re in the picture. Girls like to travel and this could be a way of connecting with the opposite sex. The all important group photo is key as well. You’re not a loner. You do have friends and colleagues. So put that up.

Patience is the key

It may be frustrating and you may feel like Johnny Bravo on Tinder. Tinder Gold subscribers are five times more likely to get a match. So money talks just like how it would be at one of your usual social gatherings. Feel free to explore the world.

But you’ll have to stop getting distracted and really come up with a winning strategy. In our case, it was premium membership that worked wonders. Getting a girl‘s phone number can be daunting. But if you develop some kismet with your match, this too is possible. Spend the $14 or $15 a month and become a Tinder Gold or Tinder Plus subscriber. This way you can see the girls who already like you and you have an additional 5 super likes to connect you with a love interest.
The Passport option works best if you live abroad or are currently overseas. For instance, if you are an NRI and you feel that you will match with someone from a certain part of India, then Passport will deliver.

The best thing is the Super likes and the chance to view those that like you. We can go as far as guaranteeing that within a month you will have a girlfriend. Not just any old girlfriend, our man found the woman of his dreams!

Premium Membership

The benefits of paying for one of the extra features that Tinder offers cannot be taken lightly. We would say be a free Tinder user and then subscribe later to see the difference. But by being a free subscriber you lose out on a potential dream match.
One thing has to be stated here. Most of the girls on Tinder are not worth a second look. But then there are those that crop up ever 15-20 nopes or so that are a diamond in the rough. You’ll want to super like these women. This is the secret sauce. This is that dirty little secret to making Tinder the place to go to for snagging your next girlfriend.

The feature that allows you to see who likes you is also nice. If only Tinder provided this for free. I guess there is no such thing as a free lunch. Let’s face it girlfriends are not inexpensive. And if you are going after a ‘dream girl’, it’s going to cost you. They say that women are atttacted to men with resources. So there is no use in crying about it. As a man, getting a girlfriend involves money. Then there is keeping a girlfriend. That is a whole different story for another day.


Finding love is difficult even in this day and age, but Tinder makes it fairly simple. There are those that don’t trust communication through the Internet. But we feel this is the future.

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