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How To Deal With Teenager

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Teenagers are children just within adult age. Teenagers want to be treated like adults although they are still not. They believe is right to do what they want because they are growing. Is good to try to give them responsibilities also it is not right to let them choose whether to do something or not. Teenagers are a kind of Italian pizza with ketchup. The ketchup ruins the pizza even though the pizza itself tastes wonderful. Their hormones change fast and you can never expect how they react, but they will always be your babies who want to be treated as they were before, but when they want too.

How to have a good relationship with teenagers

Teenagers sometimes feel overwhelmed or annoyed by some gestures that parents make for them, here are some why and because:

1) teenagers don't want parents to show up with their friends because they think you will make them disfigure in front of their friends and this will cause them a lot of insecurities

2) Do not judge them about their pimples, chubby legs or face, body, and others because not only you will make them sad and feel bad but make them more insecure and feel really bad about their body which will cause them to acts that makes them feel other people.

3) Sometimes they might get bullied by people in school too, that doesn't mean that they get beaten but it can be wordwise. If you see some weird behaviors while getting home from school let them know that you will be there for them but do not overpass that unless you have already a great relationship with them because you risk to ruin it.

4) Is not the phone causing teenagers to act in certain ways but the situations in his life or how they feel, do not try to steal their phone unless there is really a need to. But most of the time is not the phones causing their brain to act that way.

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5) Lastly, let them live their lives with rules to not put them in danger. If they want to go to a party tell them, yes but for example with a curfew. If they get back at the right time compliment them if not depending on how much makes them do something that will improve their learning so that next time they will try to come on the right time.

How I treat my Teenagers

As a parent, I give my teenagers responsibilities to show that they can do it and be able to know what is right or wrong in life. I let them mainly choose what they want to do but with my control over it. So that I can protect them. I believe that giving them the responsibility for their acts make them feel more adults and learn more. I always believe that more mistake you make in life more you learn from them, of course, they do not have to be serious mistakes but if you let your teenager live his life will make him feel better but also enjoy because life is just one. My teenagers are sometimes really complicated and they hurt my feelings as well but is the hormones that make them act that way. Remember when you were a teenager yourself of what you've done to your parents, how much time you got in trouble that for you was for no reason. Yeah... a really good time. Remembering those times try to treat your teenager as you expected your parents to treat you once.

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