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How to Deal With Losing Friends

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Grace has been experiencing the issue and would like to share some of her experiences

Do You Still Remember The Picnic We Had The Other Day

The same day you've stabbed me

The same day you've stabbed me

Understand That Some People Are Not Meant To Stay

Our destinies have been decided from the moment we were born. The universe dictated that we will meet some people in our lives to teach us lesson, to evoke something in us to lead us into a path that was destined for us. That friends could have been the people who are present in your lives but are not meant to stay.

They simply there to serve a purpose to the universe in bringing a value in you. This means that no matter what you do, those people will eventually leave you no matter what.

Stop questioning yourself and start moving forward. You will eventually meet people who are meant to stay with you. It’s just a matter of time.

Forgive Their Fault

Forgiving their fault doesn’t necessarily mean that you will let them hurt you again. Forgiving friends who have hurt you simply mean that you let the energy of hatred go. You release your heart, soul and mind from being burdened with the energy of hatred. You released yourself from being chained into a jail that was self-made by you. Forgive whatever things that they have done to you so you can be calm and stay true to yourself.

The energy of hatred can do some damage to your own body. You can try to do meditation for this. There are many useful meditations that you can try or simply try attending Yoga classes instead. When you divert your focus from finding their fault to focusing on healing, you will heal much faster.

Forgive Your Fault

When your friends have left you, you might be wondering in eternity, what have you done wrong? what is it that you miss? What are the actions that can be taken that will produce a different outcome? Well, my fellow readers, I will answer that none of your actions will produce a different outcome.

These people are meant to teach you a lesson, they are not meant to stay. Stop questioning what is it that you did that was so wrong. Instead, sit down, take a deep breath and exhale and start to appreciate yourself.You have done so much to preserve the relationship. You have said so much to maintain the relationship yet still you get the same undesired outcome.

Treat yourself with a nice treatment like taking a day off from the stressful work that you need to do. Planning on a vacation can lift your mood instantly. There is one thing you need to understand that it was none of your fault. With this mindset, you can move into a greater wisdom and knowledge instead of moving into the mindset of blaming yourself.

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Blaming yourself could affect the way you perceive this world and will definitely affect you next relationship. It will affect the way you communicate which is very crucial in maintaining a relationship. You must protect your self-esteem at all cost.

Wish The Best

Wish them the very best of life. When you wish them the very best in their lives, positive things start to happen. You gained wisdom, knowledge and serenity. When you keep the positive energy into your heart and your soul, your mind will be more relaxed. Your body will function the way it’s supposed to.

You have a good quality sleep. Your mind isn’t filled with disturbing thoughts that spiral into a deep problem. People will also notice this side of you. The bright side of you wherever you go.

It will also attract new friends that might last for a lifetime. Don’t feel sad for too long because there is always an opportunity to make new ones. Focus on improving your mindset and mood because it will definitely attract a good person out there. However, it’s worth noting that everyone needs time to heal. Give yourself enough time to sort things out.

Sometimes, we are in pain but we don’t know we are in pain. We failed to see that there are wounds in our heart for a very long time. This can go unnoticed so the wounds it will take longer for this wounds to heal so it’s very important to fill your mind with positive thoughts to help the healing process.

Learn From Your Mistakes

It is important to note that although you need to forgive yourself and the others, you have to learn from your mistakes. Friends are a very important aspect of life. You have to choose your friends wisely because they can help you during your desperate times or they could destroy you even when you’re having a good time. We don’t live long.

Our youth has a limited time to it so instead of wasting your time being hurt by friends, why don’t we stop for a moment and think, hey why am I torturing myself? why am I choosing to torture myself? The truth is we don’t have to get hurt. We have the power to choose who can enter our private lives so why choose to get hurt again? It is important to learn to choose friends.

It is important to note that you also have to learn on how to improve your actions and your communication style. Keep a note and write about the things that you need to improve. It could be anything, you might be a bad listener and if you have found a new friend, improve your listening skill so that the other person won’t feel invisible.

Hurtful Things That Your Friends Have Done To You

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