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How to Cheat on Your Boyfriend and Get Away With It


Do You Want To Cheat On Your Boyfriend And Get Away With It


You're probably reading this because you want to cheat on your boyfriend and not get caught. Or you're just curious about what kind of advice we're about to give. Whether you think cheating is wrong or not, but you want to find out how to cheat on your partner and get away with it, then check out these tips.

1. Buy A Prepaid Phone


The first thing a woman should do is buy a prepaid phone. In order to get away with cheating on your boyfriend, you cannot use your current phone. Trust us, if you do, then there is a good chance you will eventually get caught. And it'll probably be sooner rather than later.

Don't go all out and purcahse a very expensive phone. As previously mentioned, buy a prepaid phone, a cheap one. It doesn't matter how cheap the phone is, as long as internet and texting is included in the plan, you're all set.

Don't forget to hide the phone. Hide it somewhere you know for a fact that there is a slim chance of your boyfriend finding it. If you're serious about cheating on your boyfriend and getting away with it, then hide your prepaid phone.

To reiterate the above, you want to:

  • buy a prepaid phone
  • get internet on it and texting
  • hide it

Also, you're probably better off going to a store to purchase the prepaid phone. You never know if your boyfriend will be around when the phone arrives at your doorstep, if you do order it online. If you want to cheat on your guy and get away with it, then definitely heed this advice.

2. Create Social Media Accounts


Whether you've found someone to cheat on your boyfriend with or not, you'll want to create a few social media profiles, preferably one on Facebook and a dating site of your choice. You'll use your social media accounts to talk to the guys you want to cheat on your boyfriend with, or use the accounts to find guys you want to cheat on your partner with. Also, make sure you use your phone to create your social media profiles because you have less of a chance of getting caught cheating on your boyfriend.

If you find it necessary to upload photos to your social media accounts, then do not take face shots. Take body shots or keep your face hidden under a scarf, hat or other types of accessories.

Furthermore, never use your real name on your social media accounts that you use for cheating. Using your real name is a surefire way of getting caught.

To sum up the above, you'll:

  • use your phone to create social media accounts
  • don't use your real name
  • no clear face shots

The above tips should make it easier to cheat on your boyfriend and get away with it.

3. Set A Schedule To Cheat via Communications


You need to set a schedule for when you want to talk to the guys you want to cheat on your boyfriend with. Don't have a set schedule though. You want to choose random times to talk to the men, and this is easy to do.

Schedule days in advance. For example, don't exchange social media messages, text messages or talk on the phone on the same day of the week. Have a day in your head when you want to communicate. If today's Monday, then you can decide to do your communicating on the upcoming Friday or Thursday.

You want to do this because you don't want your boyfriend to catch onto a pattern. Heck, you don't want to get into a pattern. When you become routine with your cheating, you will get caught.

Furthermore, don't communicate in the presence of your boyfriend. Better yet, do it when he isn't home.

4. Physically Cheat 1-2 Times Per Month


Your goal is to cheat on your boyfriend and not get caught. In order to get away with cheating on your boyfriend, you don’t want to get into the habit of cheating on your boyfriend often.

A good way of cheating and not getting caught is to physically cheat on your boyfriend about 1-2 times per month. Doing so reduces the risks of getting caught red-handed.

Also, don’t forget about making excuses. You have to tell your boyfriend something, so he doesn’t catch on. Come up with a good excuse, such as you want to have a girls night out with your friends. There are many excuses you can come up with.

5. Delete, Delete, Delete


Delete everything at least 1-2 times per month or even on a weekly basis. Delete every message you’ve sent or received from the man or men you’re cheating on your boyfriend with. Delete phone call logs and everything else you can think of. Doing this prevents a trove of evidence from accumulating.

It's easier to explain yourself to your boyfriend if he sees one or two messages. However, if he sees a boatload of provocative messages, then you will be suspected of cheating. If you want to cheat on your boyfriend and not get caught, then always delete everything.

That's How You Cheat On Your Boyfriend And Get Away With It

The above tips will increase your chances of being able to get away with cheating on your boyfriend. Should you do it? Is your relationship worth risking? That's up to you to decide, and nobody else can make that decision for you.


dashingscorpio from Chicago on December 03, 2017:

If you're not the monogamous type there are lots of men who will be so happy to have no strings attached sex with women that would fill their calendar.

It's always been easier for women to cheat on men.

The biggest reason why people get caught cheating is because they "change" their behavior and routines.

They start off spending every night together, and calling their mate several times a day at the same time and so on. However once they start to desire to cheat they have to break that routine and that's when their mate becomes suspicious.

I suppose the real trick is to {never establish patterns} early on.

Start off with having a "girl's night" or whatever right from the beginning and having "weekend getaways" with (friends) while your mate is still in the "infatuation phase". If it's "normal" for you not to be home then it's not suspicious behavior later on when you're gone. It's sudden "changes" that raises eyebrows.

rabiakhalil on December 03, 2017:

but she when doing this,,,,, and next mint she love her same person

she not a cheat men

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