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How to Be Good Parents.

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Grace has been experiencing the issue and would like to share some of her experiences

Your Eyes, Your Nose And Your Hair

My precious one

My precious one

Trust Your Children.

Why is it important to trust our children? Because children depend on parents the most. They are immature human being that has no experiences towards the outside world. If for example a teacher may complain about your children ‘bad behaviors in the school, the first thing you need to do is ask.

Ask your children so that they can provide their own version of the stories. Don’t blindly follow what others have told you. There is a very special bond between parents and children. The bond must have been preserved by trust and dignity. Parents must first trust their children before they can trust an ultimate stranger.

When they have given you their own version of the story, they will feel appreciated and feel wanted. They will trust their parents more and will open up to more stories in the future. If they don’t want to open up, start small by asking what were they doing the whole day? They will start to talk about their journey in their school and their fantasies and dreams. This can make the bond flourished in a healthy way for parents and for the children as well.

When children are sharing their stories, one thing that a parent must never do is to interrupt or force their version into the stories. It will make the parents look untrustworthy so the children will trust other stranger who are good listeners. This is not a healthy thing because over the time, the bond is built between your children and total strangers.

Provide For Them Financially.

This is a very important aspect as children need to be financially stable when they go to the school. Providing for financial security first and foremost has always been parents’ responsibility.

Don’t make your children feel like they are on the verge of starvation. Ask your children whether or not they have sufficient money to go to the school so they don’t have to starve or simply provide them an emergency money if they have been provided with a lunch box.

Emergency money is very important because we don’t know what the future holds. It could be that parents are too busy that they can’t pick their children from the school so the children will need some money to go to a bus or rent a cab but I do not recommend a cab.

Simply ask them that is there any pending tuition that needed to be pay. They will be more than grateful if the parents take the first step instead of them asking parents first.

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If you don't give them some money, they will feel insecure about themselves and start to rely on teachers and friends which is really unhealthy because friends can be toxic and so do teachers

Make Sure They Feel Safe.

It is important for parents to provide their children a sense of security in the house but not just in the internal atmosphere. It is important for parents to teach their children the danger of the outside world. Simply teach them that strangers could be dangerous. Engage in a role play or read a book to them. At the end of the activity, ask them what did they learn from this. For an instance, teach your children, saying “no” to a stranger can be very beneficial in many ways.

Guide your children with educational books especially about sex educations. This is very important at a young age for boys and girls to understand what they will went through the puberty phase. Teach the girls that they will eventually become a woman and will menstruate every month. The puberty phase for girls is much more obvious than boys. By teaching the girls this, they at least understand what they have to do when it happens so they can prepare physically and mentally.

It is also important to teach them the boundaries. Simply teach them what is acceptable for stranger to touch and what is not acceptable for stranger to touch. It is very important because the mind of a young children is naïve. They think that whatever adult is doing to them is right. They have no experience in this matter so sex education is important.

Make Them Feel Loved.

You might think that kissing your children a goodnight sleep or simply pat their back slowly when they’re about to sleep are outdated kind of thing but it’s not. Children are in a sensitive phase. Sensitive phase means that they need to be loved. They need to feel wanted and loved. Patting your children ‘back slowly as they’re falling asleep make your children feel safe and loved. It is very important as children can tell whether or not their presence is wanted.

Now, what happens when your children don’t feel wanted? They will always have this strong urge to have paternal and maternal love inside of them so they will look for that love inside someone else. They will look around and lose interest in whatever they are doing simply in search for a maternal and paternal substitutes. Children are precious. Children are the second phase before reaching adolescent and adulthood.

What happens when they are searching for maternal and paternal substitutes? They will develop many autism symptoms alike such as social awkwardness. We are human beings. We are made by nature to feel loved. When children don’t receive the same response that nature has initiated within them, their brain will develop special strategies to cope with the lack of affections and love.

So I suggest to all the parents out there. Pour your children with love. Reciprocates their feelings no matter how busy you are. Works are always present but children will be gone as they will mature and venture into a new phase called adolescent. Don’t make your children stay in the childhood phase simply because they haven’t received what is crucial and very important in that phase.

Best Thing For Your Children

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