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How To Attract Quality Men, and Marry the One You Want

Just About Any Woman Can Have Men Smitten and Head Over Heels


The Secret to Men

I am fortunate to have many friends. I have male friends whom I met through my brother, and a variety of female friends.

I am constantly astounded by the desperate and seemingly luckless women I have come across. If one were to analyze men and women, it would look as though men are crowned jewles and women are pile of unattractive baggage, unable to fend for themselves.

Why in the world is it this way?

Women have unfortunately made themselves victims. They have degraded themselves to a level of pathetic indignity that has devalued all women in the eyes of all men. There are however, a few women who manage to stand out and never have a problem getting what they want from men. They have no humiliating and self esteem busting hassles with getting married and having their husbands treat them with respect at all times.

These women are in tune to the old fashioned rules that many women think no longer exist. Unfortunately, the feminist movement has been a total and complete failure to women. It originated with good intentions and has become destructive toward women, rather than help us. If you were to ask women in the 1950s if they are happy, over 70% would say that they are happy overall in their lives, today the percentage is less than 40. That is a sad and alarming drop. Why do men have all the power, while the women chase men, and "try" to get married?

First, there are rules that all men follow. Did I say all? Yes, I said all!

It is a fact that men want a respectable woman who they can feel proud of, and give their trust to. If you have ever found yourself drunk and naked or topless in New Orleans, fighting for the attention of the slimiest - slime, chances are you are on the wrong track. You may even have a boyfriend who seems lukewarm about marrying you.

Women now days focus too much on being cool and hip than they do about having dignity and poise. To have power over men, a woman must seen exclusive. Being naked or drunk in front of people devalues a woman to practically nothing. I don't care how "into it" the guy seems at the time. I have heard that one before by an attractive, yet foul mouthed modern girl, - the next thing I was hearing is "he does not want to get married right now," only to find herself instantly dumped in exchange for a prudish innocent type. If you strip in front of people, men will think you are a whore, Period! In their eyes, you have just slept with every man who has seen you naked. The thing that goes through their minds is, "if she is doing this, she will do anything." Their next thought is, "I want a girl who will not stoop to this" , but this girl is fun and she is what I have until I find the right one.

If you are content with being the "right now girl" instead of the forever girl, swear, drink, and freely undress.

If you want to be the forever girl. Be sweet, quiet, and reserved. These are qualities that exude mystery, fascination, and true femininity.

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More Words of Wisdom about Men

Do things.- There is nothing more unattractive than someone who is just THERE. Even women get bored when a man is at her beck and call. You must be a whole and complete person for someone to be fascinated by you. And if he is intrigued, you will get respect and attention.

Too many women do absolutely nothing outside of watching television, and going out to bars if they are single.

The most impressive thing you can do as a woman to stand out from the clinging riff raff, is to be involved in a sport, a business, or various hobbies that you do by yourself or friends that has NOTHING to do with trying to meet men.

Put yourself in his shoes. Imagine a woman who simply goes to a job and comes home. How interested would you be? It may actually feel like pressure to a degree. Think about it! This person has nothing to do and nowhere to go. If you seem to be going places and doing things he will more likely want to be a part of it.

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Real Life Story on Winning the Perfect Man

I wanted to be with a special man. My goal was not to be with just any guy, but I wanted a handsome, intelligent, and faithful gentleman. I played golf with all my heart. I took private lessons and played seriously with my father and brother. Understand that this was not something that I did in hopes to meet anyone, I genuinely wanted to be good. I ended up playing on a tournament for some time. I can't believe how many successful and intelligent men where chasing me. I had my pick of the type of men that most women are desperate to have a date with. I also learned about stocks and subscribed to "From Debt to Net, Online Millionaire" and "Entrepreneur Lady" in order to be in total charge of my finances. This gave me power and tremendous appeal to business minded men.

When out with other girls, my cool and quite confidence always aroused more genuine interest than other women were able to attract. Women tried to gain attention by talking loud, dirty, or superficially, while I was my cool, confident, and refined self.

And, I got my man easily. The most handsome, sophisticated man that any woman could ask for.

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Amara on February 22, 2015:

I was curious if you ever tuoghht of changing the structure of your site? Its very well written; I love what youve got to say. But maybe you could a little more in the way of content so people could connect with it better. Youve got an awful lot of text for only having 1 or 2 pictures. Maybe you could space it out better?

Glenda Goddard (author) from Arizona on December 07, 2014:

Hi homemakerrock. I understand what you mean, but you have forgotten rule number 1- Don't give them free sex. That will get you used every time. Men only appreciate what they have to work for, whether it be walking on egg shells because of some bitchy bitch, and hoping that they do the right thing by her and not get clobbered, or wondering just how he will win this girl in bed. Being great in the sack is only great when the guy wasn't sure he would ever get you there.

Winning your good nature is what makes your good nature special. There is a book out called, "Why Men Love Bitches" that really touches on this subject. It is really worth a read.

Its not to say that you should be a raving bitch, but basically it will show you through real life examples of how the more "difficult" woman gets all the gold.

If you have standards and you expect your man to have standards you will be appreciated more than if you simply accept anything from him.

I hope you get a man who truly appreciates you... Thanks for stopping by...

homemakerrocker on December 06, 2014:

I'm like that i'm pretty,can cook,good in bed but my ex husband is with an ugly bitchy modern lazy woman with none of my charm.i get boyfriends who take advantage of my good nature.being like that today gets respect from your family ,& friends but most men take advantage.they either want sex or money.sorry to bursr your bubble but being a 1950s woman today gets you heartbroken every time.lucky for me i also love rock n roll & hope to make money from my music & meet a man who appreciates the housewife in me...

Glenda Goddard (author) from Arizona on August 12, 2014:

Thank you PMARTIN. You are on target when you say, "bravery". I definitely get an ear full from "modern" women. Most of them are not even thinking things out and are brainwashed by modern times. I have also heard older feminists coming out and admitting that they were wrong.

As far as many American men marrying foreign women. From the men I have talked to there is a variation of American men who want an old fashioned, simple woman, and they see foreign women as being more family oriented and less polluted. The other large portion of men seeking foreign women is not as flattering to them. They seek women who are from backward or poor countries because they believe that these women will be easier to handle. Often, once Americanized, these women run off with younger men.

PMARTIN on August 12, 2014:

I like your bravery especially about the feminist movement. I think has done damage to the good ole boy -girl relationships. In fact I have heard that older feminist are writing books on how they where in error and looking back, wished they taken the housewife route--but sadly its now too late.

But I wonder...the good women you describe, I know they are some out there but are afraid to step forward because of feminist peer pressure. Is this why many american men marry foreign women?

Beatriz lopez on June 11, 2014:

Thank you so much for bringing my boyfriend back in my life, It was a difficult task but I am so glad your Spell made all these beautiful things happen to me. I have lost a lot of money with other services but YOU finally made it happen. You are the best. I will never forget what you have done for me" Beatriz lopez, Barcelona.

La Verne Amigo from Philippines on August 15, 2013:


Amanda Jones on July 08, 2013:

Nice hub, interesting and informative, enjoyed reading this hub.

Glenda Goddard (author) from Arizona on May 18, 2012:

Haha. Thank you InCourage

I am so glad you are married to such a great lady. I am sure you are a very special man too.

InCourage from North Carolina on May 18, 2012:

okay... I like your content... and I love your name... but then again, my avatar is the Cowardly Lion.

I have the honor of being married to a great lady. She's almost perfect, which makes it possible to live with her.

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