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8 Habits You Should Adopt To Make Friends Easily

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Have you always been alone when you go to an event? And you do not know how to walk up to other people and talk to them? Or have you always been tagged shy or introverted because you don’t make friends? It’s more common than you think.

If you look at your circle of friends, you will realize that one person seems to be the ‘social butterfly.’ These people know everyone and anyone. People who have the most friends tend to exhibit similar behaviour that has been compiled in this article.

Shyness is something learned at some point later in life. But for some, it started at infancy. While we were younger, most people had no trouble making friends because they didn’t have to worry about what other people perceived them to be. But as we grew older and more conscious, we became more selective of who we wanted to be friends with.

People make new friends for different reasons, while other people do not need a reason to have someone as a friend. You could be looking to make friends due to loneliness, connection and fun.

8 Habits You Should Adopt if You Want To Make New Friends


1. Keep your inner dialogue positive

When looking for new friends, you have to learn to stay positive about yourself. The image you portray is significant.

Imagine after being friends with someone for the first few minutes, they begin to go on and on about life has been challenging and horrible for them, not having at least positive things to say about them or those around them. I am sure your next thought would be to make sure you never have to meet such person ever again. We are all drawn to positive people, whether consciously or not. We are always looking to be friends with people whose auras are calming. So the very first step to gaining a new friend is by staying positive.

2. Stay in the moment

Always stay in the present. Listen, observe and respond. That’s a key to keeping people as friends. People need listeners who would give them the listening ears and may offer advice only when requested. Instead of pressing your phones and absent minded. Be present and enjoy the moments as it comes. Make memories and enjoy the moment with friends.

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3. Treat new people like you have already been friends for a long time

Instead of treating people like strangers, treat them like longtime buddies. Some people might feel suspicious at first, but as time goes by, they tend to become familiar and open up to you. This is another secret to life. People tend to reciprocate the same energy you have directed towards them.


4. Be naturally curious and not afraid to ask question

Be genuinely curious and not afraid to ask questions. Being curious and asking questions shows you are observant and perceptive. This would make it easier for conversation to flow and people to like you. People who have more friends are generally interested in life's of people around them. So why not try it?

5. Learn To Smile Often

When you smile often, it makes you seem attractive and inviting. People who smile a lot are more approachable than those who don’t. As they say, smiling is not just a universal means of communicating, and it’s also a frequent one. When you walk up to someone with a sincere smile, they are most likely to oblige.

6. They are intentional about it

To make new friends easily, you have to make special efforts. You have to be intentional about it. Most of your activities should be directed towards your end goal. No one makes friends by just staying cooped up at home. Well, except for online friends, and that’s not the goal here. They did not get that by visiting locked up in their room and lamenting their lack of friends.

You could sign-up for classes that pique your interest and make friends that have similar interests with you. This would also save you the trouble of running out of things to say.

7. Start first with people you know

Check up on your old friend. Reach out to people around to boost your confidence to talk to strangers. Instead of building new friends, reach out to the old ones first.


8. Be open and be yourself

Be open-minded. People need friends and not judges. Do not judge people. Just be there for them and provide support to them. Always be yourself no matter what. There is no reason for you to lie just because you want to become friends with someone. Don’t be secretive about everything. Nobody likes to think about the

To make new friends, you have to be genuine in your intentions. Be clear and straightforward. For some people, making new friends could be a way to boost your self-confidence. Never forget that you are what you perceive yourself to be.

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