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Should You Forgive A Cheating Husband?


We want to know, does it apply to women and we need to know the maximum number that one should be hurt to realize the truth behind a cheating husband.

The 'husband cheating' is not the major concern, your concern should be how much power have you given him because the power that people have over you is how much power you have allowed/handed them. Women put so much expectations on husbands and the same expectations are going to kill all your potential, capacity, capability, dreams and finally your destiny. Don't expect too much from a mere human being but rather expect much from yourself.

Some people will argue that, a cheating husband needs no forgivenes. The bible permits us to divorce where there is infidelity.Be his support system like you'd in any other project he would take up. Once he cheats he'll never stop. So forgiveness forget about it. You'll forgive so many times till you loose track of the count. Support him wholeheartedly. It's raining everywhere and What a man can do a woman can do better.

Forgiving has different meanings as per individual. Whatever the meaning forgiveness is personal. Some even pay rent for the side chick. But again, leaving him is not a solution. Leave things the way they are forgive and forget. Men don't like pressure. Mind your own business. Cheating back is not a solution. Pray to God to keep you healthy and find your own happiness. You will see him rushing to you. dear ladies we are not cheap. Let's be women with dignity.

I love when we look at a coin at both sides hence, you excute fairness and do yourself justice and to everyone all the time.After all ,the more you forgive the less you feel love for him, then finallyyou will feel nothing for him and then there will be no need to refer to him as husband because you'll be total strangers!

#forgiveness Is Biblical And Someone Shouldn't abuse the grace forgiveness.

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