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How I Empower My Imagination to Stop Killing My Life

Kiran Khannas a Nuclear Engineer, a die-hard blogger, and writes an article on personality/skills development for the leadership roles.

Photo by mor-shani-Unsplash

Photo by mor-shani-Unsplash

The Brain cannot distinguish Real and Imaginary

I find I depleted all my energy to do even day to day work. Feeling of drained and going back in the past incidents that are killing every moment of my present life moments. It is difficult for me to focus and always tempted to move to an isolated place and spent hours with my internal thoughts.

I lost focus of my career goals, suddenly my life pace was moving backwards, and I can see the impact on my body. Even walking outside my home is difficult, since my body being exhausted even though I did nothing except I was with my past thoughts.

I dislike spending time with anyone talking about myself or my past. I liked to remain sited in an isolated space. The roof of my house was the best place where my near one finds me. I love spending hours there, doing nothing, just be with my thoughts, fighting, planning and giving response to thousands of thoughts. Thoughts seem to be my best friend.

Days go by, my state has not changed for any better until I listen to a video of BK Shivani, a motivator and Spiritual Guru.

How my life changes a month back?

A neuroscientist at Harvard taught — A simple five-fingered combination of piano notes to a group of people. The thumb, index finger, middle finger, ring finger, and little finger. Which they play over and repeatedly for two hours a day. They did this for five consecutive days. Another group of volunteers did not play the notes physically on piano but just imagined playing the piano notes. So they have imagined the combination of thumb, index finger, middle finger, ring finger, and the little finger for two hours a day on five consecutive days.

The researcher examined the brains of the volunteers every day using a technique known as TMS. They found each day there was little or no difference between the brains. Who played the piano notes with their fingers, and those who played the piano notes with their mind. The brain area in both cases the brain grows significantly in size.

The brain can’t tell the difference between reality and imagined.

This means what is happening in reality for a few minutes, by recalling in thoughts I am making it a 24*7 LIVE show. Whatever I am thinking about this in my mind has the same effect or influence on the body. If it affects the mind, then it will have the same influence on the body.

Now, I relate this with my life experience, and how this might have affected my body. (Like I was playing with my thoughts in my mind on my roof all day). I keep re-affirming, rehearsing and recalling my bad past every hour of the day, and this has affected my brain and body adversely.

The past incident that has affected me is of 10 mins of an argument with my near one. I keep wriggling this in my mind, for so many hours, months and years. Stress and the impact that it has created on my body was significantly worse.

This is the point, I look for recovery and what is it do to control my negative thoughts. All thoughts are not poor quality but especially those that have affected negatively, I need to be watchful of and say to me STOP.

I was magnifying the impact of my terrible past of 10 mins and to several times. In generating thousands of unpleasant thoughts. This is killing me at this moment.

Overthinking is the root and how I can avoid this?

I practise on how to control 3 minutes. This has helped me immensely to come back on track and recover my body that has an impact on a year-long association with my unpleasant experience or past.


  • Control 3 Minutes To Change Your Life From Now
    Sit down and review your day spent. You will find 80% probably more of your attention in the form of your conversations with others and with yourself went into the past or future. When you live in the past or future in conversation or thought it mean

This 3-minute technique helps me to control my present moment, and now I am in complete control of my life. Not in the past or future, but in now, this moment.

I follow mindfulness and do affirmation — I am a pure soul and mind, nothing can affect me.

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A phase in life with the darkness that tempts you to get into depression web with a complicated way out of each surviving day.

My survival tips are a real-time experience that helps you to keep yourself moving against all the negativity caused by your own relations. I think this is very common and most of us have had this experience at different intensity and at different phases of life. I looked into different means, like engaging myself in reading or watching movies, but that is not making me feel better.

Charge yourself by either of the following- all works good depends on the interest level.

  1. Amritvela “Get up at 4 am, take a bath and lit deva and do Simran. Chanting of your preferred mantra or listening to bless Ful words”. Preference is between 4 to 6 am the best time when worldly forces will work together to charge you with positivity for the rest of your day and take care of you. I experience this and I do this from last 30days, which keeps me alive today to write in the medium.

Meditate on:-

“Not only so, but we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance, character; and character hope. And hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us.”

(Romans 5:3–5 NIV )

New American Standard Bible
“If you abide in Me, and My words abide in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you.

You might have heard that when God appears silent, it’s usually the time when he is actually quietly working out a plan for your situation.

Be patient and be still. God is working! Surrender everything to Him! sincerely pray for his your divine intervention!

Spiritual Meditation- Why should One Meditate?

According to Bhagavad Gita, the goal of meditation is self-realization which can attain by uniting one’s deepest self.

Sit for mediation after taking a bath as early as you get up from the bed. No time limitation. Do breathing exercise- inhale & exhale and remember the lord you believe.

This will reset your brain and CPU from the infinite recycling of thoughts taking you to depression and charge you. It is analogous to the way you charge your mobile battery. While doing the mediation with your eyes close, you can remember the one whom you believe–it could be your parents whose blessings will make wonder in your life.

Negativity and strife are not good for any relationship. They can block your blessings! Stay away from these kinds of negative vibes, as much as you can. Try to spend some more time communicating with God. It will pay off sooner than you may even imagine.

Mindful Exercise

Usually the combination of Amritvela or Meditation with rigorous brisk walking with chanting in your brain or Mindfulbreathing for 5 to 10 minute. The positive effect of chanting or mindful breathing will not allow you to go in the infinite loop of negativity that is pulling you to the depression.

Two hours of this in the morning, done diligently, will not let you go in depression whatever worldly force will try with. The Divine Mantra Jaap, which I practice in my life right now and have a complete belief in the powers of this mantra.

In English – Om Namay Shivay, Shiv ji Sadha Saahey, Om Namay Shivay, Guruji Sadha Saahay.

Om Namah Shivaya (Devanagari: ॐ नमः शिवाय; Om Namaḥ Śivāya) is one of the most popular Hindu mantras and the most important mantra in Shaivism. Namah Shivaya means “O salutations to the auspicious one!”, or “adoration to Lord Shiva”, or “universal consciousness is one”. It is called Siva.

Above is what I do to charge myself, but you can do any mantra or sacred chant you believe in and then surrender yourself completely to the power of this mantra :

Don’t use your energy to bring in unnecessary stress that will affect your brain health and all such psychiatric disorders instead do Simran to remember GOD and that positive ray which exist and will take care of us.

Believe me, this will work wonders – Amritvela, Spiritual Meditation and Mindful Exercise before 6 am of the morning, you will see each day full of energy.

Initially, I struggled and use the Alarm clock to get me out of bed at 4 am but after 30 days of this discipline; I wake up of my own. Hit straight to cleanse me with 4 mins straight mindful shower and with a pure blank mind listen to holy sayings. You can prepare basil leaves along with Ginger tea to offer to your lord and have a divine sip to feel purity. Meaning all that garbage you have in your mind get replaced with positive feelings, high energy to move forward.

While you do this, keep giving the blessing to those who are driving you to the negative, strange right! no, but this works wonders to create a shield against those and you see the difference.

Routine I follow if this helps!

Start from today

  1. Take your dinner no later than 8 pm (before 7 pm for the US )
  2. Don't watch TV or Mobile along with dinner
  3. While you take dinner to enjoy and focus on the meal
  4. Good if you can give blessings who made the dinner
  5. Blessed dinner will make wonder
  6. Go to bed at 9:30 pm (8:30 pm for the US)
  7. Ensure you set your alarm for 4 am
  8. While you sleep say Shukrana (Thank You) to GOD
  9. Wake up straight at 4 am
  10. Go straight for bath with min 5 mins blessed shower
  11. Have min lights in the place you want to do mindfulness
  12. I preferred my Guruji Place with lights on just at him
  13. You can sit with whatever gives you positive vibes
  14. This can be your parents, your GOD, your child pics -anything that makes you feel good
  15. Listen to any soulful music or Chanting
  16. I preferred the following. This comes every day a new chanting.
  17. Do this till 5:30 am and then go far a walk with mindful chanting.
  18. Do this walking for an hour till 6:30 am
  19. Take shower again to refresh -it works wonder for me.
  20. You are charge now full to take care of your professional leadership.
  21. Take your good healthy breakfast.
  22. Continue with your profession. You will see the positive change in your productivity.

Who Is Controlling Your Life ?

When I control my decisions, I bring happiness to my lifestyle. I started taking control. I feel happy now.

In Conclusion

The brain can’t tell the difference between reality and imagined. With mindfulness and learning the technique to be in present, I stop thousands of negative thoughts that are killing me and my body.

I am sharing this experience since I wasted a year and affected my body with depression. I was not aware of how to control or stop these thoughts.

Please start this today, you will start seeing the benefits immediately.

Happy Living Life is beautiful.

Photo by Omid Armin on Unsplash

Photo by Omid Armin on Unsplash

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