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Horoscope Matching: Leo with Virgo Relationship Compatibility

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The first thing is that for Leo and Virgo to have a compatible relationship together they will both have to put in a good deal of effort. Fire and earth signs are not natural partners and differences that exist fundamentally between them have to be worked through and understood.

Leo and Virgo's relationship has a fine line between both struggling for control and both being happy whilst learning and growing from each other...

Leo and Virgo, Characteristics

Virgo is a perfectionist who is usually very precise, observant and shrewd. They are viewed as an intelligent sign, focused on ideas and with good practical skills. Virgo’s self-image is such that they tend to be hard on themselves – being a perfectionist they are critical and aware of their shortcomings. Leo, on the other hand, presents a very different set of traits. They are confident, spontaneous – with a love for adventure and lavish living – and warm-hearted.

Leo and Virgo, Relationship

The way that these two sets of personality traits combine creates an interesting matchup. On the negative side, Leo has a strong, determined personality that tends to control other people naturally whilst Virgo is an earth sign and unlikely to give in to Leo. If Leo tries it on then the relationship can easily turn into a stubborn struggle for control, especially as Leo is a fixed fire sign – making them as determined and unlikely to give in as Virgo. Both signs need to fight against their natural traits to let go of control and make the relationship more positive.

Beyond this, both signs need a lot of attention from their partner. As a result, they can both feel like they’re not getting enough attention. Often the natural reaction of this feeling is that both partners become frustrated or annoyed, complaining about the same issue when the best solution is to give attention. Both signs have to make a special effort to give attention and praise and love to their partner because they both need it in spades and the relationship needs it if it is to succeed. Virgo is earth and unlikely to give in. If he starts to try and get the other to give in it will make the relationship a painful slug.

Leo and Virgo, Becoming Compatible

Leo has heart and Virgo has a mind. To begin with they won’t understand each other and just how different their fundamental outlook on the world really is (unless they have previous experience of the other sign). Virgo is charming and Leo is magnetic which will bring them both together. Their differences can intrigue and excite each other in the short term, but also stop them from connecting properly or communicating effectively. If this situation is allowed to persist then they cannot give each other what they truly need from their partner. Leo needs to be adored, seen as confident and admired. Intellectual Virgo might not “get” Leo’s passion, drama, and nobility. If this is the case then Leo won’t be admired, which means that they won’t be happy.

Effort must be given on both sides to understand the other deeply. Speak to each other and try to see the way that each partner views the world. This kind of understanding takes patience and time and is not for everyone. The relationship must have a strong enough attraction, to begin with, to hold the two together through disagreements and both partners must be willing to put in the work. If one does not then the whole thing will fall apart; but if understanding is achieved between them, and they grow to know each other, then it will be amazing how petty squabbles can dissolve and the rewards are well worth it. Ultimately differences can become strengths. Leo can gain a mind and Virgo can gain a heart.

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