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Hope Never End

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Stopped telling anything

Stopped telling anything to him now, whatever happened,

but left everything to the point,

Stopped raging on everything,

stopped fulfilling the incomplete thing about meeting her,

stopped complaining to her, stopped complaining,

He left it to reveal what was in his heart,

left to fulfill his half-hearted feelings,

Told him now that my heart also hurts to say the truth to someone else's words, now I am sitting alone like before,

Stopped admitting this thing…

Now I cry, cursing my luck a little, also stopped telling this thing to him…

Now I left everything…

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No one can compete with the power of a man who has the strength to be patient.

The "tapish" of "life"

"Bear", "sir",

Often those "plants" wither away,

Whose "upbringing" is in the "shadow" ...

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