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His Cellphone

He Left His Cell Phone


Should I Answer?

Have you ever heard the old saying: If you look for trouble you will find it? Yeap that’s the same with these cell phone. Cellphones causing damages in marriages and relationships one touch at a time.

There it is he left his phone. What should I do? Should I open it should I just leave it there. It’s ringing! What do I do? Do I answer it ? Are let it ring? Hard question to answer! But you know what every women with blood running through her veins will do!

Pick it up, holding your breath afraid of what you will see or find! Holding your breath every step of the way. But you doing anyway you pick up his cellphone.

You answer the phone quietly waiting for the person on the other end too say something. And you hear a voice a womens voice, hello. You automatically explode:” Who the f$;k is this?” Your once sweet mouth has become a toilet filled with poop! And she says who is this? You blurt out his wife now who the @?$€ is this? And she say I was calling about a job opening he applied for, but I see he won’t need employment with a wife this mentally ill. I’m sure he needs to stay home and care for! Ha Ha. He walks in the room from the bathroom and he says honey, I heard my phone ring who was is? Your holding your breath once more! Do you lie or tell the truth? I don’t know or it was some women playing in the phone saying she called about a job?

Real or Fake?

Was that a real phone call about a job? Are was that another women on the phone pretending to be calling about. Job. After she heard the female she voice?
Too believe or not to believe that is the question!

Was This A Real Call?

He walks into the bedroom holding a gift box and a bottle of champagne! Excited! I have good news, I talk to my friend Jacob he put me in touch with a great job. Working in my downs I graduated college in. We are going to be moving on up like the Jefferson! And you have that blank look on your face. As he continues to say: the should be calling me anytime about the job interview. Jacob put in a good word for me so I’m guaranteed the job. That’s why I left my phone while taking a shower so if it rang. It would be answered immediately and get my interview set up asap. I’m so excited has te phone rang, I thought I heard it that’s why I jumped out the shower quick. In case they were calling.

What is your response?
You can’t you over reacted he’s always left his phone alone with you.

Was This A Fake Call?

Fake Call Real Cheat Alert

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We’ve alway heard of the : “If a women call you need to pretend your the Chinese restaurant!” Ha Ha Lol!!! Yeap you get it.

That was in fact his side chick calling the cellphone. Abs he didn’t realize he left the phone on the bed. And you snapped what do you do? Will you confront him or except that’s has happened and not say anything. The not say anything is to wait for him to say something or question you about it. Because at this point he doesn’t know you answered. He didn’t hear the phone nor did he realize he left it on the bed with you. He grabs his phone because he think he heard it ring. You have that look on your face. And can’t hold it in you confront him. But you weren’t ready for the outcome. The argument gets heated he tries to lie then leave. Instead of you standing too your guns. I’m not dealing with a cheater. You call begs and ask him to come back.

But when he does it’s the same thing over and over. Who is she call her I want to hear you break it off with her. If he in fact call her then maybe he wants to be true and he’s sorry for his mishaps. But if he doesn’t call her nor is he willing to call her in front of you. There are emotional ties there he may back off her. Are even step away but what you had wasn’t strong enough for him to verbally confront hee with you present or over the phone. So it’s your choice the balls in your court. Now what do you do except the fact he said he’s not going to talk to her anymore. He broke it off behind closed doors and you have to except what he said.

Let me explain how this one goes. Baby you know I love you. But I’m married to her and she’s not what she was before, maybe health wise. I can continue with the next choice he uses to continue to string on the mistress and pacify you at the same time. She’s going to try to take everything I worked hard for. I’m just going to have to deal with her. Until she decide to leave or until death do is part whichever come first. And it gets better we all know this one we have children. I can leave my sim to be raised by a crazy women. Are my daughter I can’t walk away when she looks into my eyes and say Daddy where are you going. It’s cheaper to keep her to put if frankly.

So which row will you play which scenario will you believe. Either you learn to deal or you deal. Life isn’t sweet but remember if you look for trouble 9 time s out if 10 you will find it. Are cause a greater damage then is necessary. As in the first senerio. Are you can just deal with the fact your the wife not the only women. Sometimes in financial or public status. Whether we have the funds too leave or we are just to embarrassed to let others know that you left.

So let’s either play the role your given or learn now to touch thise cellphones. Cellphone breaking up minds and relationships one touch at a time.

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