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He Told Me Something my crush

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I am new to this work right now. You may like my article very much. Or maybe you don't like it at all. But you have my support and you li

He told me something

Yesterday he told me everything,

but he never said what he wanted to hear I kept every one of his things imprisoned in this way,

but he also said those things as a joke Yesterday he hurt my feelings like this,

but he could not guess this Yesterday,

he revealed that every single person was more important than me,

but he never considered me important I even refused to talk to him,

but he still extended it for a long time What he wants,

he has not told me anything like this now,

but he has to talk to me about something like this He would never feel something like this he told me,

I just want to be alone, he expressed it He told me something he liked more than me,

in incomplete words, now let us live all these things

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