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He Is Submissive.

Love can make you think about the truest things. I for one enjoy the topic of love in its darkest and lightest forms.


She gives herself wholeheartedly , she submits, she never liked the way she was being treated but she couldn't afford to leave, she couldn't afford to go away to the world of the unknown, she rather stays cause she knows how to navigate the pain well.

His submissive, she longs to be free but enjoys the pain, how strange, what to do when the cure and the poison are the same thing, what to do when you get so used to the pain that it's the only thing that can manage to keep you sane
His submissive used to the brutal ways that she knows nothing less, consumed by the ways of her dominant all she can do is endure quietly, she's his, but he isn't hers how strange that what feels like yours actually doesn't belong
Subdued by his commanding voice, controlled by his frightening tone.

She follows the schedule and everything happens at the right time, it only changes when he comes from work all stressed but yet again she submits, submits to the brutality and the torture it's all that she knows and all that she has ever known.

She hears the promises of change, the reawakening of a love that she never felt, what to do when you want something so bad even though you never knew about it, you choose to trust the words of men rather than going out to the world of the unknown, In then mean while all she can do is submit.

© 2021 Hertha David


Hertha David (author) from Windhoek, Namibia on January 11, 2021:

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Hi Pamela, compliments to the new year.

Yes off course it is sad and the worst. I feel like people in that type of relationship need to remember who they really are and how much they are worth.

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on January 11, 2021:

Hertha, it sound awful to be trapped in such a relationship and have no way to move forward in life.

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