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Has Love Faded or What?

Kenneth, born and raised in the South, resides in Hamilton, Alabama. He enjoys sharing his unique perspectives on life through his writing.


Writer's note -- the four graphic scenes on this hub start from the fine (number four) to the excellent (number one) are talking about the best ways to attract a girlfriend/boyfriend then make them happy with these four attractions. Thanks, K.A.

What Has Happened to Love?

I would sure love to know. Speaking from my senior age, 67, I am entitlted to ask and know the questions that are now burning my mind? (A 1960's phrase.) But still. If you were like me and grew up in the background that I did, you would be asking questions yourself. And most of you are college grad's with Ph.d.'s and Master's Degrees to prove it.

Pardon my language, but there was a time when people (like me) didn't need anyone or anything to tell or show us that real love was a thriving thing and able to let us enjoy many years of peaceful bliss with the one we chose, but I suppose that in 2021, the term "love," has migrated from being a happy, social engagement among those who love each other and becoming more and more like a spark of commercial ads that brainwash us about how a certain jewelry store chain can say more with a $45,000.00 ankle bracelet. Sure wish that I had that kind of scratch.

You Have to Admit That

I know a little about this subject and even if the measure is in the size of a mustard seed, then it is a viable commodity. While I am bordering on the edge of talking about how many billions (est. circa 1965) have been spent by stores and all of the ad revenue combined about love and love-related ideas and how love has changed the face of society. I cannot count that high, so I will leave the heavy arithmetic to you.

Before I get to the good stuff, I will say that there is a strong dichotomy between (pure) love and its occurrence and "feelings" that have been produced by verbal or emotional means fueled by the news and print media.

If love has become a faded-memory for you, then stay focused and read the four all-important pieces of information that pertain to love and how, over the years, somehow these tried-and-true affection producers have somehow went back on the mend, but if you will read these four tips, I promise that you will not only look at love a different way, but feel stronger about how these important tips will give you a happier person.

A romantic rowboat ride is hard to beat.

A romantic rowboat ride is hard to beat.

Here is Love Tip #1

The old-fashioned rowboat ride. Who or what can compete with this all-time fashionable exhibit that was designed by those who know what love is about. So simple and yet so sure. The peaceful rowboat ride when a couple, a man and a woman in love, get into a rowboat and the man begins to slowly row across a lake while quoting poetry or softly-singing a touching love song. I also want you to caution he girl l passengers to always carry a parasol in order for them to preserve their sweet alabaster complexion. This tip will work. Promise.

This is also a great romance ignition starter.

This is also a great romance ignition starter.

Welcome to Love Tip #2

Candles and candlelight cannot be beat for stirring the romance that lies withint the hearts who lovingly-gaze into a soft candlelight while sharing a meal in a posh restaurant. Now is the time for the guy to really show-out and let go his romantic notions to his lovely date who is looking oh so beautiful as he adores her in the candlelight. Think of it, guys. When was the last time that you took your girlfriend or fiance to a restaurant that rates four stars and let her be courted by a man in love seen in the candlelight. Believe me. If (that) love that this man has found and is now just living, bring on the "big guns," and plan a candlelight dinner for the two of you. I can see marriage in the near future

Intimate dimmers are perfect to enjoy your lover alone.

Intimate dimmers are perfect to enjoy your lover alone.

Let's Hear it For Love Tip #3

An intimate dinner for two. This tip always pays off. Either by fulfilling companion's empty stomach, or fulfilling their love interests, it doesn't matter. Even the most-angry or always-argumentative mate will succumb to the sight and aroma of a top-notch steak or lobster dinner with all of the trimmings. Throw in a couple of professional musicians and their musical instruments to sing her favorite love tunes, and there it is. Complete and satisfying romance
Love Tip #4

Rain and a closeness between a guy and a girl means romance is happening.

Rain and a closeness between a guy and a girl means romance is happening.

A Standing Ovation to Love Tip #4

A couple who enjoys walking will be that much deeper in love if they hold hands and slowly walk in the country or in a city park. Just walking? No. The guy can have a lot of romantic notions ready to share with his companionn who is now relaxed and is having a great time outiside. Plus, the walking helps both lovers to get a good amount of physical exercise in their five or 10-mile walk. What a time! What romance!

And . . .if the love tip that you choose is not enough, start with the No. 1 Love Tip and follow them down to the No.4 Love Tip and do them all day long. When your pretty girlfriend or fiance sees that she is tired, hungry, and in need of a tirp on the water, well, you are in luck.

Just be sure to invite me to your wedding reception. I just love a tasty buffet bar.
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Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on January 10, 2021:

Although I have been in rowboats, my husband of over 50 years skipped that tip. He's done pretty well regarding the other tips. (Smile)

DW Davis from Eastern NC on January 10, 2021:

I enjoyed your Hub. I was going to say I loved it, but that seemed too on point.

As someone who's been married 32+ years and is still hopelessly in love with my bride, I can say love is still strong in this house.

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