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Happy birthday wishes for your secretary: Write a wish, message or poem for your secretary on his/her birthday

A secretary works hard to fulfill the goals of the boss. If it is your secretary's birthday, make sure that you get him/her a nice gift along with a personalized birthday wish, message or poem. Here are some fabulous birthday wishes that you can take ideas from to wish your secretary Happy Birthday.

You know it's true! Go ahead, pamper your secretary on his/her birthday with a nice gift and a personalized birthday wish.

You know it's true! Go ahead, pamper your secretary on his/her birthday with a nice gift and a personalized birthday wish.

  • Even the biggest Thank You in this world can't suffice for the sanity that you've brought to my life for being my backbone at work. Happy Birthday to the most efficient Secretary in the world.

  • You've handled all my idiosyncrasies, all my panic calls, my worries and my messy desk! Thanks for being the best Secretary I could ever have. I hope that your Birthday brings you all the happiness in the world.

  • On your Birthday today, I'm going to organize all the files, manage my own paperwork, take calls and fix my own coffee. Let's me get a taste of my own behavior while you take the day off. Happy Birthday.

  • I want to raise a toast on your Birthday today but I'm afraid my speech will run too long. After all, there are so many amazing things I can say about you. Three cheers for your Birthday.

  • How would I ever start my day if it weren't for the aroma of the hot coffee you make for me? How would I ever be on time for anything if it weren't for your reminders? How would I ever crack a deal if it weren't for you stranding behind me taking minutes? On the same note, how would I ever forgive myself if I didn’t give my loyal secretary a day off on a Birthday? Happy Birthday. Take the day off and have a great day today.

  • Who says secretaries are only meant to handle papers, coffee machines and flowers? A secretary like you who manages everything from my kid's vacation booking to my spouse's Birthday plans to corporate deals is nothing less than a gem. Happy Birthday!

  • Thanks for salvaging my life from the deadlines, meetings and appointments that are lurking to grab me. Thanks for being my shield from the world outside. Here's wishing you a great Birthday and hoping that you have a great year ahead.

  • You're like the tireless worker who never whines. Let me admit on your Birthday today that I am blown away by the quality of your work and your attitude in the office. May every Birthday bring you happiness and love in your life. Happy Birthday.
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  • Secretaries are meant to be generous, diligent and punctual like you and bosses are meant to rely on secretaries like you all their lives! Here's wishing you a great Happy Birthday and a super year ahead.

  • It's an absolute pleasure to work with someone like you day in and day out. You are the backbone of the whole office. How would we ever function without you! Happy Birthday to the most organized secretary in the whole world.

  • On your Birthday today the entire office wishes that you never lose your energy, your positive vibe and your amazing personality. Have a smashing day today and a great year ahead. Happy birthday.

  • You light up the workplace with your cheerful attitude, bright smile, positive attitude and effervescent demeanor. May you continue to spread happiness to everyone around you. Happy Birthday.

  • How about you being the boss today and handling all of us under you? It's your Birthday today and you are officially allowed to bring the house down. Happy Birthday!

  • Any amount of appreciation shown for you is less. On your Birthday the office wants to get together and shout out to you - You rock our world! Happy Birthday.

  • Calling you the backbone and the support system of the office would be an understatement. Calling you the manager of our lives at work would be more apt! Wishing the best secretary in the world a very Happy Birthday.

Tip: You can create your own personalized birthday wish for your secretary by taking ideas from the above wishes. All you have to do is grab a wish that you like and work around it to make you very own birthday message or even write up a crafty little birthday poem.


hisandhers from Toronto, Ontario, Canada on May 30, 2012:

These are so sweet! As someone who has had experience doing administrative work I can honestly say that all of the above would have made me very happy on my birthday. :)

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