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Happy birthday wishes for your daughter: Messages and poems straight from a parent's heart

Daughters like you, make motherhood a joy so true. Happy birthday.

Daughters like you, make motherhood a joy so true. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday wishes for your daughter: From messages for your tween daughter to poems for your beautiful 18 year old, this post is a bag of emotions that parents are likely to be overflowing with on their daughter's birthday. Be the cool dad and wish your daughter happy birthday with a post on her Facebook or be a dotting mom and wish her with a love-filled message on a birthday card. Bring a smile on her face, just like she did on yours, on the day she was born.

Happy birthday messages for your daughter

1) Since we are a little old fashioned we would like to drop by and wish our daughter a happy birthday with hugs and kisses instead of tweets and likes. Have a great day love.

2) College has taken you far away from us, yet it feels like you are right here. This long distance wish comes from a mother who misses her daughter to bits. Happy birthday.

3) It is because of daughters like you, that motherhood becomes a joy so true. Happy birthday dear.

4) You make your parents proud every step of the way. There is nothing more we could have ever expected you to be. Happy birthday to our darling angel.

5) You are the daughter every mother and father dreams of having. We are the luckiest parents in the world. Wishing you a very happy birthday.

6) On your birthday I wish that your life is not filled with everything and everyone - but the right things and the right people who love you till no end, just like we do. Happy birthday to our precious daughter.

7) Just in case you don't notice my birthday message on your overflowing Facebook and Twitter feed, here's a gift for you my daughter. Happy birthday.

8) You are your mum's diamond, your granny's pearl and your aunt's gem. For me you are all these treasures combined in one. Happy birthday baby.

9) You are like a genie's love bag. No matter how much love I take from you, there's always more to be had. I love you my little one. Happy birthday.

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10) To the daughter who has always been the apple of my eye, happy birthday. You make my life worth living.

11) Everyone congratulated us when you were born last year. Little did they know they would be welcoming an angel. Happy 2nd birthday to our darling daughter.

12) If life was an ice cream, a daughter like you would be the cherry on top. You wouldn't want to miss it for anything else in the world. Happy birthday dear daughter.

13) You are the rose of my life because you color my world girly pink, just what every mother wants. Happy birthday dear.

14) I may be the only person in the world who has seen an angel growing up right before his eyes. Happy birthday to a daughter who means the world to her father.

15) Your birthday is the celebration of the completeness of our lives. We love you more than anything in this world. Happy birthday.

16) You are the darling daughter that every parent dreams to have. We are lucky to be yours. Happy birthday.

17) You and your father are the two best things that ever happened to me. Happy birthday.

18) Diamonds shine but daughters like you glow. Here's a loving birthday wish for the daughter who lights up our lives day after day.

19) I was nowhere even close to how mature you are when I was your age. I am proud of you honey. Happy birthday.

20) Happy birthday to my dear daughter, my agony aunt and my savior when it comes to knowing all the latest trends. Here's a toast to a gem of a mother-daughter relationship and a daughter like no other.

21) The only reason I secretly cry on your birthday every year is because you move closer and closer to moving away from me. Happy birthday.

22) You are the reason I find it worth getting up in the morning and closing my eyes at night so that I can look forward to another day. Thanks for making this mother happy. Happy birthday.

23) You may cringe at the thought of your parents drooling over you when you are older. So let's make the most of your cuddly little self and celebrate your 3rd birthday with millions of hugs, cuddles and smiles. Happy birthday little one.

24) The joy of watching a daughter grow up into a beautiful woman is a joy like no other. Here's wishing the beautiful young lady a happy birthday.

25) Can't believe you are a teen already. The years have flown by, but the memories will last for a lifetime. We love you dear. Happy birthday.

Gifts for teenage daughters

Happy birthday poems for your daughter

1) May your life be full of happiness

Free of worries and stress

May your life be full of love

Hugs and kisses should wrap you like a glove

May your life be full of success

Degrees, opportunities, promotions and progress

May your life be the best

Jest, fest and a lot of zest

This is a prayer from a mother

Wishing a happy birthday, to her darling daughter

2) Every time I tuck you into bed and kiss you good night

I feel blessed to have a daughter so bright

Since the day you came into our lives, everything feels so right

Today we pray for you, a future bright

Happy birthday

3) A cuddle at night

A bear hug tight

A kiss at dawn

A smiling yawn

My daughter with you

Every day is so new

So thanks for being there

You are a breath of fresh air

We love is all we want to say

On your happy birthday today

4) We want your birthday to start with a promise

From your parents to you, with a hug and a kiss

We are here for you, no matter what

Pursue your dreams and give life your best shot

Reach out for the stars and never look back

Because we know you have the knack

To bring out the best in everyone and everything

Happy birthday, we hope happiness in your life, this wish will bring

5) An iPhone, a new dress or killer heels

If you are lucky, maybe even a new set of wheels

Ask what you want because today you turn sixteen

You deserve it, your progress we've seen

Happy birthday angel

6) From the day your tiny fingers clasped my hand

To the day we built castles in sand

From the day you said your first word

To the day you drove my old Ford

From the day you hugged me tight

To the day you grew into a beautiful sight

This father loved you, loves you and will keep loving you

You are not just a daughter, you hold my life together like glue

Happy birthday to you

7) Vivid colors in our life

Red, yellow and blue

Beautiful rainbows that get rid of strife

Are all because of you

This wish is from your father and mother

Lucky people like us are few

All because of our darling daughter

Happy birthday to you

8) Daughters like you are a treasure

Impossible to measure

That is why daughters like you are deserving

Of birthday memories worth preserving

Happy birthday to my dearest darling

9) Start the new year of your life with some bling

As you unwrap your gift's wrapping

Start the new year of your life with a smile

As we celebrate in style

Start the new year of your life with a bang

Here we are, your family and friends, the entire gang

Start the new year of your life with a yay

We all wish you a happy birthday

10) Doting daughters are hard to find

With a beautiful heart and a beautiful mind

Understanding, kindhearted and carefree

There would be no one luckier than me

It is that day of the year when I hold her and say

Wishing my lovely daughter a happy birthday

11) I blink and your childhood flashes in front of my eyes

It is unbelievable how quickly time flies

You were a cute little bunny many years ago

Now a beautiful lady, rightfully so

Don't ever forget your parents who for you, have the deepest love

Wishing you a happy birthday my little dove

12) The joys of having a daughter, only a father will know

As he sees her, from a toddler into a beautiful lady grow

You are everything I could ever wish for in a child

The moment I first saw your cute face, I smiled

May our relationship never change, I pray

As I wish you a happy birthday

13) I wish I could write you an ode

But I am not that good with the pen

I rarely get into my creative mode

Sitting in my cozy den

Though I am not a poetess class apart

There's something simple I want to say

This is a new year for you and a new start

So here's wishing you a happy birthday

14) My sweet baby doll

Once so tiny and small

Has grown up smart and bright

She has no fear or fright

I hope you always stay this way

That is my wish on your birthday today

15) May you soar away in the skies that you can call your own

May you rise to success with the seeds that you have sown

May you fly towards glory in your own outstanding way

I wish my little girlie a happy birthday

16) I don't know whether to laugh or cry

To see you grow up so soon

I don't know whether to chuckle or carry a smile so wry

You are not my daughter, you are a boon

I no longer know whether it is okay or not

To cuddle you in my arms for a long time and say

You are the loveliest daughter in this whole world

Wish you a happy birthday

17) No one in the world is as lucky as me and your dad

Because you are the daughter that others may have never had

I am going to make a small wish for you and pray

May you get everything you want on your birthday

18) Life swirls because of you

For all the joy you bring so true

Life lightens up with your name

Without you it is not the same

For all the happiness you have brought to us

Wishing you happy birthday with a lot of fuss

19) As my princess grows

She becomes a queen

There is a lovely halo behind her

That I have never before seen

She is chirpy, cheery, full of life and never a mess

Can't do without her, what can I say

I want to wish her all the happiness

Happy birthday

20) My incredible rose

I want to dedicate to you some prose

About how amazing you are

For the family you are a star

I hope yours is the destiny where great achievements lay

Live one more super year, for it is your birthday today


Patricia Scott from North Central Florida on December 30, 2012:

What a lovely collection of thoughts and tributes to daughters. I found myself so wrapped up in these as my daughter has caused me to experience so much joy. What a gift she is.

You have said so well what a precious daughter loves to hear. Thank you for sharing this so poignantly with us. :) ps

Chitrangada Sharan from New Delhi, India on December 26, 2012:

It is rightly said, that if some voice comes straight from the heart, it reaches straight to the heart....and your hub has really touched my heart. Beautiful emotions expressed there. Message no. 6 and 21, suits me the best, considering the stage of life of me and my daughter..... She will get married in the near future. But each and every message is touching and beautiful.

Thanks for this sharing this wonderful hub.

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