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Happy birthday wishes for an aunt: Messages and poems for an Aunt's birthday card

Do you share an awesome relationship with your aunt? Take your aunt's birthday as a perfect opportunity to tell her how much you value her role in your life.

Do you share an awesome relationship with your aunt? Take your aunt's birthday as a perfect opportunity to tell her how much you value her role in your life.

Birthday wishes for an aunt from her nephew or niece should be heartwarming and tender. Wish your aunt happy birthday by taking a moment to write a special message on a birthday card for her. This post will help you write a touching birthday message, funny quote or a loving birthday poem for your aunt. If your aunt showers you with greetings and gifts all the time, her birthday is the perfect opportunity to give something in return.

Birthday poems for an aunt: Short rhymes for a birthday card

1) Happy birthday to the aunt

Who stopped me from making fun of people

Who wanted me to learn to be nice

Who always wanted my happiness to double

Happy birthday to the aunt

Who wisely taught that the past should be buried

Who always asked me to look ahead

Who always encouraged me to succeed

Happy birthday

2) Even though I don't see you frequently

I always miss you badly and dearly

Even though you are always busy

I think of you continuously

As you celebrate your birthday joyously

Just imagine that I am hugging you vehemently

You are the aunt who has always treated me lovingly

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I send you my best wishes and I love you immensely

Happy birthday

3) Life without an aunt like you would be cruel

To me you are more precious than a jewel

I have cherished everything that we have shared

I know how much you have loved me, how much you have cared

I wish the best in the world to you on your birthday today

May good fortune and happiness always come your way

4) I can call my aunt in the middle of the night

Without whose advice things just don't seem right

Happy birthday dear aunt, don't ever leave my side

Have a fabulous year ahead, you will always be my pride

5) When I am down and out

When I am full of doubt

There is only one person who can calm me

And make me feel carefree

That special person my dear aunt, is you

As you welcome a year new

I wish you the very best of things

Happy birthday, may all your dreams get wings

6) I consider myself lucky

To be one of those few

Who is a niece

To an aunt like you

Because whenever I am in trouble

You stick to me like glue

You are the best

Happy birthday, I love you

7) I don't love you

Just because you are my aunt

I don't love you

Just because you give me any gift I want

I love you

Because you believe in me, even when I can't

Wishing a happy birthday

To my dear aunt

8) If all men would have had

Aunts like you when they were small

They would have been taught manners

And how to stand confidently tall

They would have been taught the value of love

And how to get a woman's respect

They would have strived to succeed

To make their families' lives perfect

Happy birthday to such an aunt

9) Life without you

Would have hardly been awesome

In fact it would have been

Boring and totally lonesome

Happy birthday to an aunt

Who is my second mum

10) You are the coolest aunt around

With you I love going around town

You are just like my best buddy

Lots of fun and immensely funny

I hope your birthday turns out to be as amazing as you

Here are a birthday wishes from your favorite nephew

11) Even though you are getting older

You look beautiful and cool

If I posted your picture on my Facebook wall

Lots of guys would check it out and drool

You are the perfect combination of good looking and sweet

Wish you happy birthday, may you get lots of treats

12) I pity the nephews and nieces

Who don't have aunts like you

To help put together life's pieces

Learning from an aunt like you

I have ironed out my life's creases

On your birthday, I only have one wish

That the happiness in your life increases

13) The best part about having an aunt like you

Is that I have someone to go to when I feel blue

Friends are fine, they keep you company

But only you can bail me out when my parents ground me

Some girls rely on their knight in shining armor

I rely on my aunt, who is a complete charmer

Happy birthday

14) Our family would be a boring bunch

If we didn't come every Sunday to yours for lunch

I look forever to meeting you every weekend

Because you are less of an aunt, more of a friend

Happy birthday

15) I could say that you are a cool aunt

Not just because you listen to my rants

You are cool because despite the difference in our age

You can read my mind like a book, page after page

You are cool because there is no one but you

Who knows my secrets, old and new

You are cool because you are simply the best

If I had my way, you would be my room's permanent guest

Happy birthday aunt

16) To me you have been extraordinary

Blessing me with the things I want, like a fairy

To me you have been the best

Loving me so much more than the rest

To me you have always shown extra care

By helping me to open up to you and share

Happy birthday to the best aunt ever

I wish you happiness always, sadness never

17) Without an aunt like you and a niece like me

Boring, is what someone would call our family

You have always been my best companion

And the heartbeat of every family reunion

You are less of an aunt and more of a friend

Lots of hugs and kisses to you I send

Happy birthday

18) Aunts are like pillows

They give a tender support

When you need them for something

You will always get their vote

I am lucky to have an aunt like you so fine

You are the inspiration that makes me shine

Happy birthday

19) There's never a dull moment in the house when you are around

You are the reason for the family's happiness being found

I take pride in having an aunt like you

Today is the best time to send my wishes through

I hope that you have a fantastic birthday

May this wish bring more joy and happiness you way

20) You guided me

When I was wondering where to go

You taught me the right thing

Telling me what to do when I did not know

Thank for being my friend, philosopher and guide

With you around, life had been an amazing ride

Happy birthday

Birthday gifts for an aunt

Happy birthday wishes for an aunt: Touching messages and heartfelt wishes

1) As a child, I begged, borrowed and stole goodies from your closet. This year I plan to steal more love from your heart. Happy birthday aunt.

2) I would have been okay if God didn't give me the best of luxuries. I would have been okay if my parents didn't give me an expensive vacation overseas. But I wouldn't have been okay if I didn't get to be your niece. Happy birthday aunt.

3) From the silliest things like deciding which underwear to wear to the most important lessons of life like working hard to succeed – here's wishing happy birthday to the aunt who taught me everything.

4) You are mom's close friend, dad's favorite sibling, grandma's adorable child and grandpa's pride. But to me you, are the world's best aunt. Happy birthday.

5) You have always bought me tons of goodies every time you visit. Today it is my turn to make your life sweet with this cake. Happy birthday to my dear aunt.

6) Every party, family reunion, barbecue and social gathering in our family is incomplete without you. That is because you are such a bundle of fun. Happy birthday to my favorite aunt.

7) You are allowed to retire from work but you are never allowed to retire from your role of being a cool aunt to her niece. Happy birthday aunty.

8) If not for a wise aunt like you in our family, we would all have already lost our sanity. Happy birthday to my lovely aunt.

9) I have a best buddy since childhood who I count on for everything. But with you in my life, let's make that two. Happy birthday aunt.

10) Whenever I am in trouble, I imagine you standing in front of me and all my worries disappear. That is what you mean to me. Happy birthday aunt.

11) If every guy or girl of my age had the support and advice of an aunt like you, then dating, relationship problems, breakups and other teenage troubles would have never been an issue. Happy birthday to the coolest aunt ever.

12) Living with my parents has been made easier by frequent visits by a mediator called my aunt. Happy birthday to my savior.

13) No one can replace the role of a mother or father in a child's life. But it is amazing how a caring aunt like you can fit herself into any role she wants to. Happy birthday to the aunt I love so much.

14) God gave me an aunt like you so that I could go to someone when no one else in the world understood me. Thanks for being the best aunt ever, I wish you a very happy birthday.

15) Very few people in the family can actually become your friends. But you went a step further and became my closest confidante. Happy birthday aunt.

16) The soft board at my desk looks lovely with pictures of mom, dad and grandparents. But it would be incomplete without a picture of my favorite aunt, which is you. Happy birthday.

17) Happy birthday to the lady who has always protected and saved me from everything – even from my parents when they are angry.

18) Not many people are lucky enough like me to have a parent and a friend rolled in one person in the form of a fun aunt. Happy birthday.

19) When I was young you didn't just bring me yummy treats and munchies. You actually brought me a lot of fond memories. Happy birthday to my loving aunt.

20) Your position in my life is next to that of my parents. With a person like you around, why would I bother having best friends? Happy birthday.

Birthday card for an aunt - If all aunts were like you, family events wouldn't be so blue.

Birthday card for an aunt - If all aunts were like you, family events wouldn't be so blue.

21) Don't be surprised if you get a few flirtatious messages on Facebook today. I told my friends that a really hot girl in town in celebrating her birthday. Happy birthday to my beautiful aunt.

22) You are very precious not only to me, but to mom, dad and the entire family. We love you. Happy birthday.

23) Every child in this world is not fortunate enough to have a pair of mothers. I am one of them because I have mom and I have you. Happy birthday aunt.

24) Aunts are like those angels who give you a visit just when you have been thinking of them. Thanks for always turning up whenever I needed you the most. Happy birthday.

25) The reason you are so special to me, is that you have been the best aunt you could ever be. Happy birthday aunt.

26) I wish you were my elder sibling instead of being my aunt. That way we could stay together and share our secrets with each other. Happy birthday aunt.

27) My childhood was smothered with your love, my teenage benefited from you advice and my adulthood gained much from your wisdom. Happy birthday to my dear aunt.

28) It's amazing that my friends are not jealous of my boyfriend, my cool clothes or my fancy gizmos. They are jealous because I have a cool aunt like you. Happy birthday to the aunt with whom I can share everything.

29) Amazing and incredible aunts like you are deserved only by lucky nephews like me. Happy birthday.

30) Wishing you on your birthday is weird because I feel like I am wishing a sister on her birthday and not my aunt. I love you.

31) I loved you because you pampered me silly when I was young, I love you because you are my agony aunt in the true sense and I will always love you because you are my lucky charm. Happy birthday to an awesome aunt.

32) Happy birthday to the aunt who made me feel better about myself, when the rest of the world was out to make me feel nothing of myself. I love you, my dear aunt.

33) Agony aunt, style diva and successful woman – what more can a niece like me expect from an aunt like you? Happy birthday to an aunt who is an inspiration in my life.

34) If all aunts were like you, family gatherings wouldn't be so blue. Happy birthday auntie.

35) If I ever have a daughter, I want her to be exactly like you. That is how much I admire you, my dear aunt. Happy birthday.


Devika Primić from Dubrovnik, Croatia on May 04, 2013:

Great ideas for such messages and can be helpful too

Barbara Purvis Hunter from Florida on April 26, 2013:


Since I am an Aunt of six nephews I really loved this hub. Thanks for sharing and your aunt is lucky to have you too.

Bobbi Purvis

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