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Happy Couples Compliment More Than They Complain


By Wayne Davis

It's a great feeling to meet someone and fall in love. All relationships are exciting at the outset during the honeymoon stage. As couples spend more time together, they observe their flaws and shortcomings. Happy couples understand they have faults and inadequacies. They know none of us are perfect and that all of us are a work in progress. Many people in toxic relationships don't understand certain principles of having a happy and fulfilling relationship. The foundation for a successful relationship is unconditional love. This type of love seeks the best for someone without conditions. Unconditional love reveals your character. Being in love reveals your feelings. Being in love is important, but demonstrating unconditional love is paramount. One aspect of showing unconditional love is to give compliments. Happy couples compliment more than they complain.

There is a time and place to complain or give constructive criticism. Constructive criticism is needed to enhance a relationship. Happy couples embrace constructive criticism or complaints because they understand that they are not perfect and have blind spots in their character. We don't see all of our shortcomings and flaws. We should consider ourselves fortunate when our partners bring things to our attention to make us and our relationships better. Happy couples are not defensive. They embrace change. They understand by changing nothing, nothing changes. Growth and happiness are a byproduct of positive change.

Happy couples embrace complaints and constructive criticism because they compliment one another more than they complain. For couples to have happiness and fulfillment in their relationship, they must do those things they did at the outset. Many couples fall into a rut. Unhappy couples take one another for granted. They forget to do those little things they did at the beginning of their relationship. One of those little things is giving compliments. Happy couples compliment one another daily. They find something good to say to their partner regularly. They compliment one another appearance, attire, attributes, and good qualities. They express the good things that they observe their partner doing. They share their love for one another regularly. They make daily deposits into one another's self-worth and value. They make it a habit to compliment their partner. Couples who don't have anything good to say to one another should assess why they are together and make changes to improve their conduct or terminate the relationship. Life is too short to be unhappy in your relationship.

Happy couples compliment more than they complain!

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