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Hanna Rosin And The End Of Men-What Men Have To Say About It

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The End Of Men? Not Even Close

Karen Straughan (Girlwriteswhat) On Why Men Are Not Obsolete

Prof. Christina Hoff Sommers On Why Men Are Not Obsolete

In 2012 Hanna Rosin published a book titled, “The End Of Men And The Rise Of Women”. Since then Hanna has also been on a number of TV shows, televised debates, media panels and in newsprint, spruiking about how men are redundant, obsolete and finished. According to her, men are no longer needed by society and basically will soon become socially extinct. Apparently we are inflexible cardboard cutouts and are going to go the way of the dinosaur. To say I find her gloating over men’s struggles in modern society to be offensive would be an understatement. I find her remarks about men and her celebration and glee over what she perceives as the demise of men, to be deeply disrespectful and hurtful.

Imagine if someone had of written a book about The End of Women And The Rise Of Men, or The End Of Black People And The Rise Of White People. Hanna Rosin is a Jew, so how about The End Of Jews And The Rise of Neo-Nazis? Oh sorry! Do I hear people saying that is sexist, racist or discriminatory? We are completely ready as a society to rightfully call out such sexism and racism as unacceptable and wrong and yet we go completely silent when such material is targeted at men. In fact not only does the mainstream media tolerate such offensive material from people like Hanna, they actually encourage it and promote it. That is of course provided such material is directed at men. If it is anyone else suddenly it is unacceptable. This is especially true if we are talking about women.

If I ever needed a sign that our Western society is headed toward collapse this is it. That such stupidity is not only condoned but celebrated in major mainstream media, speaks volumes about the level of idiocy that is prevalent in our society and manages to reach the highest levels of our media and governments. I would think that someone from a Jewish background would know better than to write books about the end of a group of people and gloat about how they are obsolete, redundant and finished. Clearly that is wishful thinking!

Now before I go on and give a long awaited rebuke of her argument, let me say this, Hanna Rosin in my opinion does not reflect the attitude most women have toward men in society. In fact I would say that most women that I have spoken to, regard women like Hanna to be quite an embarrassment to their own gender. I agree, it is embarrassing for women. It is extremely embarrassing that people like Hanna represent women at the highest levels of our media and society.

Some women such as Karen Straughan and Prof. Christina Hoff Sommers (see adjacent video above), have rightfully spoken out against Hanna, her work and her book and called it for what it is. Another woman who has voiced strong disapproval, is Sarah Elizabeth Ball (sbfreelance) from HubPages, who called Hanna’s book a passive aggressive form of male castration (Agree completely!). Susie O’Brien of the Herald Sun has also given quite a scathing criticism of Hanna and her book and is one of only a few people in the media that has done so. I totally agree with Susie that Hanna should listen to her own 9 year old son’s opinion, that writing such a book is the act of a bully. I have a more colourful description to share with people, but I cannot swear on HubPages, so please use your imagination!

Honestly all these "women are better, men are pathetic" media articles and books, seriously leads me to think that a lot of these modern women that write such garbage have an inferiority complex. You notice how it is always women going on about their own gender being superior and hardly if ever men? I don't hear all these men walking around telling everyone how men are superior to women. It seems some women desperately need to compare themselves to men to enhance their own self esteem and feel very insecure around masculinity. I agree with the women I spoke to, it is embarrassing!

Two "Redundant" Australian Men Winning The Nobel Prize (Sarcasm Intended)

Why Men Are Obviously Needed

Before I go on, I would like to emphasise that none of the points I have made below indicate men are somehow superior to women. Both genders have strengths and weaknesses relative to each other and complement each other. Both are equally important to society and neither gender is superior to the other.

Anyway, here are a few facts for Hanna and women like her that believe men are redundant, extinct, finished and no longer needed by society:

  • MEN are mostly the ones that design, build, run and maintain our entire infrastructure. It is MEN that provide society with electricity, gas, food, water, sewage, minerals and ores, telecommunications and internet. It is MEN that maintain our roads, public transport network, and electrical grid etcetera. It is MEN that run our powerstations and oil rigs etcetera. It is MEN that construct new buildings and cities.
  • MEN are mainly the ones responsible for designing, constructing, maintaining and repairing virtually all of the technology society utilises. Just look at your computer or your smartphone! MEN designed them and created them.
  • MEN still make up the majority of engineers, computer programmers, information technology experts, architects, financial specialists, economists, urban planners, mathematicians, actuaries, physicists, chemists, geologists, other hard scientists and modellers (just to name a few).
  • MEN continue to make up the majority of engineering, computer science, mathematics, economics, finance, architecture, information technology, urban planning, actuarial science, physics, chemistry, geology and other hard science students at university. They also make up the majority of high achieving students in the related fields at school.
  • MEN are still responsible for the majority of patents and continue to be the majority of Nobel laureates, Fields Medallists and winners of other scientific achievements.
  • MEN continue to be responsible for the majority of technological advancements, scientific breakthroughs and discoveries.
  • MEN comprise the bulk of our leading thinkers, entrepreneurs, famous writers, political leaders and business leaders.
  • MEN make up the majority of people with IQs above 140 or those with an intelligence high enough to classify one as a genius and this gets even more skewed for IQs above 160. For every Marie Curie there will always be several Einstein’s. While there is no sex difference in the averages of general intelligence, there are gender differences in the tails of the distributions.
  • MEN make up the bulk of our police force, fire brigades, ambulance services, emergency workers, coast guard and military.
  • MEN are the majority of our electricians, plumbers, mechanics, telecommunications technicians and builders. Does Hanna seriously think that doing a trade does not require a high degree of skill and technical knowledge or that we won't need these MEN to install and fix important and essential equipment/machinery?
  • MEN make up most of the airline pilots, ship captains and train drivers. Again does Hanna seriously think that these professions do not require a high degree of skill or won't be needed over the next several decades and the foreseeable future?
  • MEN do the vast majority of hazardous and time consuming work. It is mostly MEN working the 50-60 hour weeks and working in environmental extremes, not women.

**Already I have torn her argument apart and I have barely scratched the surface on the important and unique contribution men make to society. I could talk day and night over all the ways men make a difference and I still would not cover everything.

None of these patterns have shown any substantive change despite four decades of feminism, affirmative action and feminisation of our education system. There is no sign women are increasing their participation relative to men in any of the roles or contributions mentioned above. The trends that I have mentioned are as true today as they were 40 years ago. At least for the foreseeable future, it is men that will dominate these roles and contribute in these ways and not women. Perhaps it was too inconvenient for Hanna to consider these sobering realities? Anything to promote the women are superior, men are pathetic meme right? No matter how deluded and removed from reality it might be....You don't think men are not aware of the social engineering misandrists are involved in? We know misandrists are systematically attacking men's self esteem and the identity of boys with the goal to undermine the role of men in society.

Women show no signs of rushing to become engineers, computer scientists or mathematicians etcetera. They prefer the social sciences, like psychology and the life sciences. When women go to university they are choosing education, nursing, marketing, human resources, the arts, humanities, medicine and law. From my experience at university, the easiest way to lose female interest in a subject is to start adding mathematical equations to the course content. This is kind of like what happens when teachers start asking men to write essays and talk about “feelings”.

This is not evidence of discrimination, it is evidence that women have different interests to men. They prefer to learn and work in different fields to that of men. I can tell you from personal experience that there is no discrimination of women at our universities. If anything it is the other way around. There are women’s departments, women’s support groups, women only scholarships and gynocentric equality policies in every area of our universities. This is despite men making up only 40-43% of all students at our universities and in some cases only 37%. Women are still treated like they are a minority group at university, when in reality they make up the majority and are doing very well! It is men that are the minority! Go figure!

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What amazes me is that if we find women are not as well represented as men in some area of education we bend over backwards to correct it and yet if we find the reverse we do absolutely nothing. While we fret over women getting a few percentiles less than men in some area, we seem to be relatively carefree about the much greater struggle men are facing in education across the board. It is truly absurd and the unwarrented gynocentrism in education is staggering.

Men And The Future

Clearly men are going to be needed for the foreseeable future, as they have been for all of human history. Hanna seems to think that all the work of the future will be done in an office shuffling paper from one side of the desk to another. Who is going to run and maintain our infrastructure? Who is going to design, assemble, fix and maintain the technology that our modern society depends on? Who is going to continue to advance technology and our scientific understanding of the universe and nature? Who is going to do the mathematics, programming and modelling necessary to keep our societies functioning in a world growing in complexity by the day? Who is going to do all the hazardous and time consuming work? Who will work the 50-60 hour weeks? Who is going to do all the technical and trade work to fix and install equipment and machinery? None of these roles and contributions I have just mentioned are going away in the coming decades. Instead many of them will actually be needed more than ever as we become more dependent on technology.

Again, women show no signs of changing their preferences when it comes to what they study and what professions they want to work in. I don’t see women lining up to do any of the jobs or professions I have mentioned above. The pattern of these professions being male dominated has gone unchanged over the last 40 years of feminism and affirmative action.

Bill Gates-Just Another "Redundant" Male College Dropout (Again sarcasm intended)

I would suggest to women like Hanna, that they look out the window or open the front door and take stock of how many things would not be there if men were not around. Then perhaps consider all the male college dropouts or men that did not go to university at all, that have made billions of dollars and/or made major breakthroughs. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are just a few examples that come to mind. The notion that people must do well in school in order to be successful is very shortsighted. Being really good at reading english novels and being a good little girl in class does not automatically translate to success (if ever).

Women may very well be doing better at school, but that does not automatically mean men are finished. Just because women make up the bulk of university graduates, does not suddenly mean we won’t need tradesmen and other male technicians and mechanics to design, build and maintain our infrastructure and technology. Whilst women comprise the majority of students at university, that does not mean that trend is reflected across every discipline. We will still need engineering, IT, maths and other STEM students in the future and they are primarily male. In fact if anything, we will probably need more of them because of our increasing dependence on technology.

It is of great concern to educators that the number of students selecting STEM courses is declining, along with the associated funding. This is not surprising given the fact that the bulk of university students are women and women generally speaking prefer studying subjects like psychology than subjects such as engineering. If men cannot get to university because of underperformance in school, this leads and will continue to lead to shortages of engineering, computer science and mathematics students etc. The drop in male university students is naturally leading to a drop in available job candidates for professions that are predominantly male and require a university education.

Given the importance STEM jobs have for our economy, the male underperformance in education is going to generate major economic problems. We need engineers, mathematicians, hard scientists, IT specialists and computer programmers like never before. Most of the people interested in these fields are MEN and not women.

The Consequences Of The Neglect Of Men

We have big problems on the horizon if men do not have a proper environment to make use of their abilities, given the obvious contributions men make to society. We are going to have serious skill shortages in male dominated professions which are critical to running our societies and that feed technological advancement. The economic consequences for Western society will be profound to say the least. If trends continue and more and more men remain undereducated and underemployed, then we can expect a new male underclass. How will society cope with double digit unemployment when a substantial chunk of half the population are rendered unemployable? A deep protracted recession and possibly a depression, is a likely outcome from our collective failure as a society to raise and cultivate the potential of two generations of boys (and soon to be a third), over the last two and a half decades. These boys are currently becoming the next generation of men as I write this.

Who is going to support these long term unemployable men on welfare? How are we going to fill the skill shortages that these unemployable men will create in key male dominated occupations in our economy (such as engineering) and women seem very reluctant to take on? How are we going to run society with only women working if our present economy requires two genders working? We can’t go back to the 1950s, our economies now require both genders to work. How are we going to pay our ever growing and elephantine government debts with so many men out of work? What do people think will happen if half the population lives in relative poverty? The crime rate will soar, families will break down, couples will be struggling to make ends meet on one income, the incidence of mental illness and suicide among men will skyrocket and businesses will move overseas to more favourable economic environments. Are women going to be prepared to marry undereducated, underemployed and low skilled men? Given women’s hypergamous tendencies, how likely is it that women will be prepared to marry down? I have left a video "The Fempocalypse" from Girlwriteswhat (one of her finest videos) on here, which goes into all of these consequences and others further.


If you want a picture of the future, then imagine the London riots happening every couple of weeks in cities all over the Western world. Hanna seems to want to gloat over the struggles men are having in society and convey some false message of female supremacy. You would think that the struggle and possible demise of half the population would arouse grave concern in her and yet she seems to think the consequences I have mentioned won’t affect women at all. I shake my head at the stupidity, short sightedness and ignorance. I hope Hanna lives long enough to see the consequences of her misandric perspective on society bare fruit. I really hope she is front and center when society starts to fall apart, as more and more men fail to support the house of cards her mythical future matriarchy will ultimately be reliant upon.

You can’t have half the population undereducated and underemployed and expect no serious ramifications to the economy, society or women for that matter. With respect to the gender achievement gap in our education system, I will leave people to consult my 8 Hubs on this subject which can be reached from my Hub Profile. It is a well known fact that the meddling hand of feminism in our school system has negatively impacted boy’s academic performance, as has the rise in fatherless households. We have a media that is geared toward telling men and boys that they are inferior, dumb, lazy and disposable creatures not worthy of respect or being treated as human beings. This is the Pygmalion effect in action. You tell a group of people they are no good and consequently their motivations drop and they underperform. Research has shown that notions of male intellectual inferiority are prevalent in our schools and negatively impact boy’s performance. In fact other research has also shown that there is teacher bias against boys in assigning school grades.

As I have discussed in my 8 Hubs on boys and education (again they can be reached from my Hub Profile), it is not that boys are dunces or less capable than girls, but rather that they face an environment that is openly and shamelessly hostile to their masculinity.

I will leave people to ponder this obvious fact-

If men truly are finished, then so is society and all of the women that still largely depend on us!

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