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Funny Good Night Messages for Friends

Funny Good Night Messages for Best Friends

Enjoy my best collection of funny, romantic and cute good night SMS messages in English. Text these Goodnight quotes to your boyfriend/girlfriend or simply post these quotes on your statuses at the time of leaving Facebook or Twitter.

You know what I'm tired of? People complaining about being put in the friend zone. Friendship is important if you want to be taken serious it starts in that so called "friend zone" that must people fear. Always be quick to listen to your friends. We all have issues that we go through in life, some worse than others but be comforted in the fact that we NEVER get more than we can handle. You were given all that is needed to overcome your every trial so fret not, complain not, and worry not! God has done it all already, there's absolute nothing more for him to do other than guide us to find the keys he already set out for us to succeed when he created us. Let stress be omitted from your vocabulary because God is our daily guide when we allow him to be first in our life! Why the fear to become a friend? Why the fear to open up to one another and show that we care? Why all the games and weirdness? We all want the same thing. To find a strong circle of people that we can trust and count on, this friend zone is not a bad thing at all.

Funny Good Night Quotes in English:

  1. That awkward moment when you say goodnight to people and then check Facebook, and yet you’re still up.
  2. Dreams are the best part of life; if you miss sleep you missed the best part of your life. Now go to the bed and catch the good dreams.
  3. It's weird when someone you haven’t talked to all day literally sends you a goodnight SMS text.
  4. Goodnight everybody. Hopefully I don't have another dream with Lady Gaga and Britney Spears because that was awkward.
  5. That awkward moment when Frank creeps into the girls shower room to say goodnight!
  6. It's been a long day and I just said goodnight to the love of my life. I'll catch you all on the flip side! Sleep well baby! I love you and have sweet dreams about me.
  7. We're like that awkward couple that doesn't want to say goodnight......reasons I love you!
  8. Well it is the end of the day, thank you Lord I have run out of gas, I want to say you goodnight till morning light.
  9. Love is unpredictable. Love is painful. Love is weird. Love is new. Love is strange. Love is wonderful. Love is a beautiful. But love is love and it doesn't matter with whom you share it with or how you share it. I love you, you are mine<3 goodnight.
  10. That awkward moment when you lied to armed robbers that you had no cell phone. All of a sudden, your phone rings... Don’t believe the lies look me in my eyes! Say your last prayer! Haha good night guys!
  11. Catch the dreams that motivate you to be the best you can be. Good night folks!
  12. I don't find myself without him <3 Goodnight!
  13. That is an awkward moment when your friends are so far gone that they don’t even know how to go to sleep and with that they said, goodnight.
  14. I bid you all a goodnight and sleep tight. May the dark of the night bring your sweet scary dreams come true tonight? Hugs, smiles and peace to you all!
  15. When you stop smoking weed you get some really weird crazy dreams that seem so real. Goodnight folks lets see what happens tonight in the dreamland!
  16. That awkward moment when your mom texts your friend and says goodnight!
  17. I just woke up from a scary dream about you. Soon as it passes ill go back to sleep. Just got to think of something good and peaceful so the monster won’t chase you again… good night my friend!
  18. I hate waking up in the middle of the night from an amazing dream to realize it wasn't real. It was truly epic so goodnight again.
  19. That is an embarrassing moment when you send a goodnight text to your boyfriend on the wrong number.
  20. When I wake up or just don’t fall asleep I obviously ask that out of the ordinary and most random question to myself. Where will I be and what will my life look like 5 years from now? Scary but a most curious question that out of the billions of random and simply insane questions that flow threw my head every night. Pray for a goodnight sleep!
  21. I can't sleep or even think about getting ready for bed without him saying goodnight. I really wish you would talk to me. I need you right now:
  22. Its weird I get nice woman friend requests on the Facebook and they only say hi and goodnight?
  23. That awkward moment when you feel so uncomfortable for no reason and waiting for a text from him but he's asleep now and I am tired so goodnight.
  24. I know its weird but I always say I love you and goodnight to my snake!
  25. That awkward moment when you hear yourself snore and you wake up, good night.
  26. For every girl out there, there is always a guy who knows your real beauty. Who likes you for who you are and not for what you look like? Who would be weird to you so things won’t be awkward in public? Because every girl needs a boy and like every boy needs a girl. – Goodnight!
  27. Isn't it weird that some people never say goodnight.
  28. That is an awkward moment when I snap out of my own world on the pole and look around and everyone is watching at me. Good night!
  29. That is an awkward moment when you use "Goodnight" in the start of a conversation and failed.
  30. It’s weird when you think you already got over that person. But when they text you a cute goodnight text those feelings come back.
  31. When you hear some weird popping noise of your pet from under your bed... yeah I need some sleep o goodnight!
  32. Goodnight everyone. While you're heading to work I'm heading to bed.
  33. Sometimes I sit and write an entire paragraph of a status about something that I don't like and then I realize that subliminal messages are for cowards. I rather be direct and if I can't be direct then I rather leave everything I have to say kept inside. Good night friend!
  34. If you commit to helping someone and you bail, you are doing more damage than if you had never committed to helping in the first place. Have some lovely dream in prison, my dear friend.
  35. Fart is a part of life and if you are comfortable enough been with the person long enough you can have fart wars. Hope tonight you are on a cease fire.
  36. I can’t believe that you lied to me well thanks for breaking my heart this is why I've been single for a year just because you live 500 miles away doesn't mean you can’t cheat. Good night, you cheater of the century.
  37. Working in the same place as your partner is like eating dinner while you sit on the toilet. Some things you just don't mix. Do mix my love in your sweet dreams.
  38. At my age I could care less about how good she thinks her look is! I'm more concerned about how good of a mother she can be; how well she can maintain a household; how much experience she has when it comes to the edification of her man; All that other stuff is superficial and mundane.
  39. Sometimes I can't help but wonder what life might have turned out like, if I would have listened to my girlfriend more often. Anyways have a good night and sweet dreams.
  40. I am not mad at the girls who like girls too; but personally, I can’t have it. I'm too jealous for all that.
  41. There was a time where our women would brag about being married; now they brag about being single. Goodnight to all my single friends and married may wake till morning in a frightful romance.
  42. Never ask your Facebook friends a question you could ask Google. Just saying, you're already on the internet, find your own answer. Good night my lazy friends!

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Funny Good Night Messages for Lovers

  • I am loosing my patience to receive a good night kiss from you.
  • You cannot go to bed without teasing me ten times.
  • May I enter into your beautiful dreams, without any makeup?
  • There is no lover like you and there is no girlfriend like me, forget the sleep and let's make a party tonight.
  • You are the only reason I got sleep every night, I love so much your scary faces in my dreams.

Romantic Texts for Your Boyfriend

When we love someone, we don't do them any favor. We chose to love them; no one forced us to be with them. We knew what we were getting into. We know what we were opening ourselves to. Then wonder why we can't accept them? Wonder why things about them still get to us. It's time to stop resisting and start accepting. Acceptance will only come in when we honor our own choices. Choices to love and be with the one we love unconditionally. Choices to honor the differences and enjoy the similarities, choices to be there with each other through thick and thin! Acceptance of just allowing the person he is and wants to be. Not wanting them to change to suit our convenience. It difficult, sometimes painful but remember this is true love and its no-one but our choice. We all can find true love but keeping that love for a lifetime is a choice we have to make. Hope you will like to send these romantic goodnight texts to your boyfriend.

  1. Light, love and positivity to everything around you! Not only does it feel good, but I hold myself accountable for myself.
  2. Love doesn't call you names or magnify your faults. Love doesn't put you down or prey upon your loss. Love doesn't change its ways when good times come to a halt. Love is more than just a word, despite what we've been taught.
  3. Many sometimes confuse this feeling with the blissfulness of lust and that's how hearts are being broken today Choose the L word wisely. Good night sweetheart.
  4. Unconditional love is not always about accepting the other person and giving selflessly. Sometimes it's about an Accepting and believing that it exists. Have a wonderful night with lovely dreams.
  5. It's not important to meet your soul mate. It’s important to have a soul in your life who will be your mate, companion, strength, faith and all the reason why you can soar to achieve all that you desire and be just what you want to be.
  6. Love will celebrate your wins and coach you when you lose. Love will be there at your side to support the path you choose. Love will take account of who you are, not what you've got. Love is more than just a word, despite what you've been taught.
  7. If a girl really loved you, she'd still care about you even if you broke her heart but the only difference is, she won't be there for you like she was back when y'all were together. Have a good night my love! Goodnight honey, I will catch you in my dreams.
  8. I will hold your dreams, your tears, your joys, your pains, your goals, your hopes, your laughter, your unknowns, your faith, your strength, your exhaustion, your courage and your thoughts in my arms and in my heart. You can safely trust in me.


Miss Ann on February 21, 2013:

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Goodnight! lol. Time for me to go to bed now. But too restless to sleep, been feeling really good this morning, it's the best feeling I had since I had my baby boy. It's like a hyper feeling. I'm just one happy momma today.

My last hope for tonight is that tomorrow shall be a day of your miracle.

Rest your head on that pillow of love and pull the blanket of happiness over you as you go to sleep... and don’t worry, I am here to guard your worries so that they don't disturb you. I love you my Facebook friends and goodnight, Sweet dreams.

Sunny on February 21, 2013:

Achi neend aaye is liye "good night" Achhe sapne aaye is liye "sweet dreams" Sapne dekhte bed se niche na gir jaye is liye "take care". And again goodnight my friend.

Caroline Hatt on February 21, 2013:

Goodnight family & Friends ... “ Love with Your Thoughts ”... This is a Good Lesson for You. It is Possible to sin in thought, word , or deed, so if you want to be a loving Person you choose to GOOD thoughts about other People. Learn to Love with your Thought- it will be Good for You and Others. You all have a lovely blessed Night. God bless.

Fever on November 22, 2012:

I want cute good night SMS in Hindi for my girlfriend.

Mariah Skye on November 18, 2012:

Goodnight to all my Facebook Friends and Family. May the rain bring you pleasant Dreams.

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