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"Good Morning" Text messages to Make Them Keep smiling

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Relationship morning messages

You've now moved past the dating apps and are learning a little bit more about that particular someone. A great good morning text can keep the spark alive when you are apart, even though going on a fun date in person is always ideal. Sweet good morning SMS are fantastic because you can be creative with them. By using some sweet and flirtatious sayings, you can keep them interested. Or, you can be certain to hold your crush's interest by engaging in some humorous conversation (since who doesn't want a good chuckle first thing in the morning?). Even a lovely inspiring note could provide your partner some Monday inspiration at the beginning of the week. Regardless of the method you use, a text message at the beginning of either his or her day will always be appreciated as a thoughtful approach to let them know you're thinking of them. So, keep reading to discover the most effective method to say "good morning."

Lovely Good Morning Texts

  • Sweetheart, welcome to a new day! I swear to fill it with my unwavering love, hours of laughing, and unending joy!
  • Good morning my prince, my prince Just wanted to let you know that when I woke up this morning, you were the first person I thought of. (Note: In Spanish, you may say Prencioso, which means precious, or Principe, which means prince and can also indicate handsome, darling, sweetheart, etc.)
  • Knowing that I am yours and that you are mine is the best feeling in the world. That's all I need in the mornings to have a fantastic day.
  • In this world, only a select few things are truly priceless to me. One of them is waking up each morning to your smile.
  • Good morning, honey. Words cannot express how much I adore/love you. Enjoy your amazing day!
  • I hope the day will be wonderful no matter what the morning brings! Good morning handsome (Alternative's: sweetheart/sunshine/Hun/sweetie/darling/cutie/dear/babe/ cutie pie)!
  • Whatever happens today, knowing that I'll see you later makes it all worthwhile.
  • I hope your morning is as bright as you are.
  • Every morning, I think of you, and every night, I dream of you.
  • Good morning to the man/woman who always manages to put a smile on my face.
  • Good morning, babe! Everything feels better when I get to start the day with you.
  • Your enthusiasm is unrivaled, and your smile brightens any space. Keep in mind how unique you are. Good morning!
  • Your energy is incomparable, and your smile brightens any room. Never lose sight of how unique you are. Good morning!
  • I hope you enjoy your first cup of coffee today! It's always nice to have someone waiting for you when you get home from work. I'm looking forward to spending the rest of your day off with you!
  • Good morning! I can't get last night's kiss out of my head... (Add emoji kissing/hugs etc.)
  • Good morning, my love! Have a fantastic day, sweets.
  • Good morning, I hope your coffee is as hot as you are... Actually, just a little less, because we don't want you to burn yourself.
  • Wake up, baby, it's time to embrace the day knowing that you have a lovely girlfriend that thinks you are just the best!
  • Good morning! When will I get to see your adorable face once more? (In place of "adorable," use "handsome, cute, sexy".)
  • I hope you had a restful sleep. Get up soon since I can't start my mornings without you.
  • Whoaaa... you're reading a message that was intended for the sweetest person on earth! Good morning, my love!
  • Good morning to the man of my dreams. You actually were the center of my fantasies last night; I'll tell you all about it later!
  • You are the light of my morning. I enjoy/love waking up next to you.
  • Morning babe! Even just thinking about seeing you later gives me butterflies.
  • Good morning, babe. My morning cup of coffee hopefully tastes as robust and delicious as you do!
  • Good morning mister! I hope you're rested and prepared for our evening together!
  • The finest remedies for a Monday morning are happy thoughts, and I'm always happiest when I'm thinking of you! Good morning, babe!
  • Good morning, handsome! Have I recently told you how much I love you?
  • To my toast, you are the French. I just wanted to say good morning and let you know how hungry I am right now.
  • Good morning, mi amor (babe, my love)..... Oh, I can't wait until tonight to get my hands on you!
  • Even though I can't read minds, I can tell you that having you in my life will make everything better.
  • It's time for a virtual hug and kiss. (put emoji) Good morning!
  • Even though I don't claim to be psychic, I feel as though you will make every day better.
  • I'll have to summon the nerve to tell you the kind of crazy things we got up to in my dreams the night before! Yes, good morning.
  • I'm not a psychic, but I predict that having you in my life will make my days brighter.
  • Sweetheart, good morning! How incredibly happy you make me, do you realize? I love you!
  • After having the kinds of spicily vivid dreams I had about you the night before, Good morning! Sexy ass!
  • Good morning! It would make this morning even better if you were here so I could show you a taste of what we were up to in my dreams the night before. (The night before can be substituted for last night.)
  • Okay, I can tell I slept well since I had some really explicit dreams about you, but when I woke up, my pulse was pounding with excitement! Looking forward to seeing you tonight!!
  • It might be time for us to live together. It won't be enough to simply text you good morning forever. (put a cute or funny tongue sticking out emoji or can say wink wink to :-P )
  • I can't get enough of how I feel when I think about you.
  • I started thinking about last night as soon as I woke up this morning... I'm enjoying a wonderful morning here with my memories; I hope you are, too!

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