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Godly Marriage and How I Do It

My marriage vows a little over 9 years ago meant the world to me and still do. I had been in counseling before marriage because I had been in an abusive relationship. My counselor wondered why I let the guy get away with so much. I told him that I had made a promise to myself that I would stay single before I would ever act like my mother. I had two very bad examples of marriages. My grandparents got married because grandma was pregnant and back in the days that was awful. My mother was another winner. When she married the man who was around when he could be, she would abuse him verbally so bad. When I finally broke it off with the one guy, I think I realized I didn't deserve his abuse.

I married my husband and I have never told him he had to change for me. I knew him when we married and any changes he made were because he wanted to. I knew that God had made the husband the head of the family. Anything we have done we sit down and talk about it first. Always worked out so far except for one thing that the church and the counselor have tried to get through my thick head. If someone has a problem with you it is their problem, not yours.

My in-laws have problems with me but finally, I give up. Let them fight with themselves. Nick and I have our own physical challenges in life that we believe God has under control. If people who claim to be friends can't understand that every day brings new challenges. You may say something like I will help tomorrow but if Nick doesn't feel good my first job is to him. In sickness and in health. If I can't move very well the friend should understand. Oh well, their problem. In sickness and health.

Never has it been hard to keep my vows. In richness and in poorness. Money doesn't buy happiness. Money doesn't help when you are worried about a loved one. Everything will happen as God wants it. I will continue to be a Godly wife and make sure my husband comes first in my life.

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