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God Help Me to Find Her

Kenneth Avery is a Southern humorist with well over a thousand fans. The charm and wit in his writing span a nearly a decade.


This just might be short and sad. Contrary to short and sweet. I knew a girl years ago who was not short, but very sweet. This question is for females and males: have you ever met “that” one person who you knew would change your life? Not just a sweet kiss in the moonlight. But for years to come. You can take this from me, there are still those people in our world.

In a moment, in the winking of the eye, she crossed my weary path. I was not a fool by pretending that I did not notice her. I did not just notice her, but savored her image as she slowly faded from the summer sunshine to an evening full of soft breezes. But I knew that no matter how many days of sunshine or soft breezes could compete with the vision of feminine prowess. Nothing could compare with her. Nothing.

Even the free ravens flying on currents soft could manufacture a body or even the soul of this woman. And even then, be it several years ago, her memory is as fresh today as it was so clearly, so precise in how she moved, smiled and slowly tossed her full head of flawless blond hair back away from her face.

I was smitten. No doubt about it. I do not mind to confess it. I am no tower of strength. Just a body of clay made by The Master Potter eons ago. I have often wondered if it was me that she viewed or maybe a male phantom standing behind me who captured her gaze? It had to be one or the other.

Years ago in my staggered youth, a friendly old man who was gifted with saged wisdom, softly told me that there would come a day, maybe a short time, when (a) woman would come past my eyes, my breath, making me numb and afraid to move one step. But I did meet such a woman. I know that I did.

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I had spent days, weeks and months being driven by one fuel: Interest in finding that ONE girl. The ONE girl that I could love throughout time and on to eternity. I knew that it was love because even though my honesty did see her faults, it didn’t matter. Even if she had a thousand faults, they would not minimize my love for her.

Upon that time that I had first talked to her, she did seem a big lofty, but that made her even more beautiful. She did agree to meet me in our local city park when the springtime sun was so pleasing. My mouth was dry. My heart ran away as I drove to the park, but a small part of my soul almost wanted this meeting to vanish. I was plagued with shyness.

Then there she stood. Every hair in place. A slight breeze kissed her long blond hair. The moment that I had been praying for, appeared. She slowly looked at me and froze. I panicked. I knew that the wrong move or word, and she would disappear like a believable magic trick. We both stood for almost five minutes. Step by step we moved to see each other closely. My heart ran faster than any feat by the late Bob Hayes, the once-famous Dallas Cowboys in 1969. Tears came to my eyes.

She smiled a conservative smile. Then her gorgeous eyes ran through me and I felt as if I were being cast into a big furnace and did not care. Our hands touched. We spoke in kind tones and we sat down on the bench and chatted slowly. She chatted, not me. My tongue was swelled and I almost cried. But I was revived when she embraced me and we continued to talk away the hours. Yes, she was THE girl. And has been my pleasure to know her every day for last 33 years.

Did I forget to tell you that we were married?

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