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Gift Ideas for Your Groomsman

I love coming up with gift ideas and sharing them with others.

Brainstorm Ideas

Think of who is in your wedding party and start writing down ideas of things they all have in common and enjoy. You do not have to buy the same thing for each groomsman if they all have different interests. As long as you stay within your budget and try to buy things that are roughly in the same price range, you should be good!


Cigars and Alcohol

If the guys in your wedding enjoy smoking cigars and having a drink, then something as simple as buying some nips and a package of cigars to share can be a fun gift. The night of the wedding can be a nice time to take out the cigars and celebrate together! If your groomsman doesn't drink hard alcohol, you can also put their favorite beer in a package. Find nice wooden cigar boxes to put everything in and if you can, personalize them with their names on each box.


Personalized Beer Glasses

This is a great idea for the beer drinkers in your wedding party. If you have groomsman who do not drink, they can still utilize this glass for non-alcoholic beverages! Personalizing them with their name makes it even more special and they will love them!


Personalized Wallets

A personalized wallet or card holder for your groomsman is another great gift idea. This is something everyone can use if you are having a hard time finding something that everyone will enjoy. If you are feeling extra generous, you may even be able to put gift cards to their favorite places inside!


Personalized Pocket Knives

Each groomsman will enjoy the gift of a personalized pocket knife. Pocket knives come in handy, especially if you have guys in your party that are handymen. It will be something that can be useful and a remembrance of your wedding day.

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Leather Toiletry Kit

Toiletry kits can be a nice wedding gift for your groomsman. To make it extra special, you can add their initials so that it is personalized for them. If they travel a lot, this will definitely be a useful gift idea. You can fill the bags with various items that will be loved by your groomsmen!

Zippo Lighters


Get some nice Zippo lighters and personalize them for your groomsmen and give them as gifts. You could also gift wrap this with a package of cigars to celebrate with on the wedding day!

Groomsmen Hoodie


Give your groomsmen personalized hoodies with a drink holder. They will love them and if you have an outside wedding, they may even change into them if they want to get out of the uncomfortable tuxes!



Get personalized beverage coolers for your groomsmen. Fill them with their favorite beverages on ice and they'll love it! You can even add a can koozie inside or a bottle koozie.

Wooden Wall Bottle Openers


Not only is this a nice personalized groomsmen gift, but it is also a nice wall decoration. If they have a man cave at their home, this would go perfectly!

Wooden Watches


Find some nice wooden watches on that you can personalize for your groomsmen. They don't have to be super expensive but if you are having a rustic wedding these will look nice and they can wear them on your wedding day!

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