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Gaychat: How to Start a Winning Conversation with a Potential Gay Partner?

You would probably observe that when you are talking to your friends, family or anyone who have known you for more than half of your life, you do not need to think of what to say anymore. The words just come out naturally. It is like you have a special bond that allows you to understand each other. Of course, you already know their personality so you can tell them anything and everything under the sun without feeling susceptible and vulnerable to them. Nonetheless, it is different when you are interacting with people you just met wherein most of the time your mind starts to wander in order to avoid losing of words and idle time. So how are you going to start a conversation with someone you have just met in a gaychat ?

The Battle of finding what to say on a gaychat

Just like in any conversation, for a gaychat to be fun, amusing and enjoyable, you would have to be pleasing. In addition to that, you and your gay chat mate should talk about an interesting topic. Given that almost everyone who walks in the chat room actually possesses great communication skills, there should never be any problem being able to converse with anyone. Only, there are several tips and guidelines onhow to start a winning conversation with a potential gay partnerand here are as follows:

  • Most probably, you and your potential gay partner share interests and preferences. It is then safe to talk about topics that you both find entertaining and amusing. There are so many subjects that would be both appealing to you, perhaps about songs and music, television series, movies, experiences and many more. By doing so, not only will you be able to pass up boredom, you will also know more about each other.
  • Sense of humor is always helpful especially if it is just the first time that you will meet because this will lighten the mood so that both of you will feel relaxed and comfortable with each other. It is safe to inject a few jokes to add humor and color to your conversation. Just do not overdo it and be sure to crack a joke that is really funny otherwise your partner might end up disliking you.
  • Be confident and casual. You do not need to impress your gaychat partner with your complex and hard to understand words. Keep in mind that most people would like to talk to somebody who is speaking his mind plainly. It does not matter whether you are just using simple words so long as you are able to express yourself correctly.
  • Getting to know each other part is also helpful. You can talk about likes and dislikes or probably about one thing that you commonly love. You can possibly talk about your childhood days, achievements and experiences. Just be sure to choose a positive subject so as to have an upbeat atmosphere. In addition to this, you can also exchange personal information but never insist if the other person is hesitant to give them out.
  • Never talk about your past relationships. Telling your date about your past failed relationship is not advisable because this will not only be pleasing to hear but your date might also think that you are not yet over your ex partner. Just focus more on what you have and where your relationship could take you. Do not divulge information about failed love affairs because that is not polite to do.
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  • Do not start a gaychat with sexual conversations especially if it is just the first time you have met him. He might think that you are just picking him up and are not serious about the relationship.
  • Before any gaychat conversation, you could already set your mind to where you would want your conversation to end so that you will know how to start effectively.

To be able to build rapport and start a winning conversation with a potential gay partner, it is necessary to set aside fear and anxiety. Always keep in mind that being yourself would be the best way to keep his attention to you. You just have to feel relaxed and start with a topic that is comfortable so that you can slowly get used to how the person responds. From there, you will definitely be able to experience a wonderful and enjoyable gaychat.

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Gay Pesonally on November 15, 2013:

I agree with the above.

Whitmore on August 13, 2008:

I have a gay chatmate and I would like you to know that I would like to try the advices and tips written here. Ill tell you what will happen. Please give me advice on how I can make this relationship grow in the future.

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