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Gay v/s Church.

It is our time for equality.

Dear Church,

I get it you don’t like me or my brothers and sisters in the gay community. You would rather hide behind a faith that allows you to be hateful and hurtful. You’re hate groups wish we were dead. You blame us for the self-destruction of family and traditions. You sit and figure out way to blame us for the problems of society and speak out against us, yet do nothing to change the true issues of our world. Hunger, poverty, crime and even the war on drugs. All things worth fighting for, instead you fight us.

You hold meetings to discuss us and to bash us, to teach others more hate towards us. We know you will never leave us alone, what else would you have to discuss. It is easier to hate us then to accept us, because deep down you hate that we can be ourselves. Instead of embracing love and kindness you have taken the stance of hate. We are not the first, we just my by the last to finally fight for ourselves.

For centuries we have been bashed, beaten, put into institutions. We have been publicly humiliated and we have taken our own lives to stop the pain. Our community has pushed forward with our equality rights, it does not matter how much you hate us or wish the worst on us. We have seen it before and you were wrong then and wrong now. Religion has this way of scaring everyone into what comes next instead of living in this world now. It is pretty apparent that we are all still here. Whatever may be coming to destroy the world hasn’t happened yet. We are all still here, I take it as a good sign that if we weren’t supposed to be here we wouldn’t so here we are, and we have stopped hiding and started to claim our lives from under the hate.

My community, though you may not fully understand us and who we are. We may dress too loud or scream to loud and proud for your taste, after all who wants those pesky gays with their parades, when straight people don’t get a parade. Our dare what little amount of us get to have one day a year were we can celebrate we who are and yes let others know that are like minded it is ok to be out and proud.

We fight for our place, a place that we should have at birth in our country. Yet through time, people have made rules and laws to restrict growth and equality only to one by one lose the battle. Of course there are those that argue that next it will be incest or bestiality that people will push. Come on really, have you so little to discuss that you have to make that up. There may be those kinds of people in the world but they are not part of the LGBT community.

Our world our history has thought us to not fight the system, to respect the law makers and the church because they knew best, marriage was made biased on man. Adam and Eve were made to fill the earth; we wrote marriage based on that based on filling the world. The bible says nothing of love between two people and we have defined marriage based on Adam and Eve. The first arranged marriage. Yes I said it; we have based this marriage thing in two people that had to hook up so we could all get here. Thanks my great trillion grandparents for getting busy and filling up the world. Today our culture had moved beyond that and has started to explore who we are as people. No matter how many quacks sit in a room to try to understand homosexuality they don't get it because they are straight. I love the straight allies we have in this world, people that have accepted that what we have been taught maybe wrong. We have come this far with equality because of our straight allies, so I mean no offense to any of these friends. Then there are those other ones, the ones that know so much about me or my life, the one who know what it is like to beg too be normal. No to the know it all. We are all damaged or harmed in some way and that we made a choice to be gay.

You are right, one I accepted I was gay, I made a choice. Not everyone is strong enough to make that choice. I have seen the world change before my eyes in my community. I have seen marriage; athletes and stars come out if the closet. I have seen my fellow brothers and sisters get married and start families. We have come out from the closets you put us in and we have started to fight for our rights, our turn to say you were wrong and are wrong.

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Today, you don’t have the right to tell my kids about a life you have created with hate and hatefulness. My child our child will be raised to know that religion is a choice and you must choice wisely. That hate is a choice that religions use to harm growth. The church might never accept us because they have nothing else left to fight for. They have been proven wrong before and we are proving them wrong again.

I am ok if you never accept me or my life. It does not matter to me what you preach to your people the hate message you spread. One day they will just stop listening and for those that keep listening that is the choice, the choice to choose hate. Accepting me will not destroy the fabric of society. Seems like the world us still standing and still going. We are still getting married and starting families. We are not afraid, done of us will not make it some of us will lose the struggle we will lose family and friends. But we gain ourselves and acceptance that the world has been taught to us all wrong.


Hanavee on January 05, 2015:

I have news for the gay bashers. The Bible does NOT condemn homosexuality. Read the book, "Homosexuality, The bible, The Truth - The Bible Does NOT Condemn Homosexuality,"and you will learn the truth. This book represents forty years of scholarly research, and it proves with verifiable and irrefutable fact that the Bible does not condemn gays. The anti-gay myth began during the reign of Emperor Constantine in the 4th Century as a political weapon of the Nicenes. It was never a product of the teachings of Jesus Christ, nor even of the ancient Israelites. People who promote anti-gay bigotry and prejudice are continuing the anti-gay myth that was begun with the Nicenes under Constantine, and no matter how much they wish the Bible backed their mis-guided and unfounded prejudice, the Bible is quite clear. This book, "Homosexuality, The Bible, The Truth - The Bible Does NOT Condemn Homosexuality," is written in such a way that even those with no knowledge of Hebrew or Greek can understand the proper translations given. It is thorough, and never once does it guess or suppose, rather, it states as fact everything it shows, and it covers EVERY passage ever used to bash gays. Time for those who call themselves Christian to start undoing the centuries of actions that go contrary to the teachings of Jesus. God made homosexuals with the same love that He used to make every other sexual variation. Woe be to those people who set themselves up as judge to condemn those children of God who are different from themselves and declare them, thus, as inferior or unworthy of life. God will deal with such hate-filled people in due time, but in the present, if you are a believer in Christ Jesus, it behooves you to read this book and help end this erroneous myth that one's sexual orientation is sinful and a curse. It is not.

Get the book study it, and help spread the truth. It's time.

Michael Kismet from Northern California on January 05, 2015:

I should preface my comments by saying I am a born again Atheist.

My best friend is a homosexual, and she's one the loveliest people I know. Some of the worst things done in history was done in the name of religion. Much like believing that the planet isn't round, or thinking the Earth is the center of the universe--I think a thousand years from now, mankind will look back on religion and say "What the Hell were we thinking?!"

Don't feel too discouraged by the masses of small minded people out there, for there are rationale people that support love and acceptance in all forms. Take care.

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