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Wanna marry a Filipina?

Getting married with a native Filipina is not an easy thing to do. When I say native Filipina, I mean born and grow in the Philippines with Filipino parents. My former boss, who is a close friend of mine, marries a native Filipina-A Princess of their tribe (Mansaka Tribe) but prior to their marriage, he had many first experiences before asking her hand.

I remember, he once said to me, “It is easy to make friends with Filipina women, but it is hard for a foreign guy like me to have a relationship with one Filipina woman.” I just smiled to him and retorted, “You want my help?” Then I see his lips widened.

Here are few guidelines I told my boss that could help a foreign guy who wants to marry a native Filipina.


Filipina by nature is friendly and hospitable. They always show their smile when someone they know calls their names. A rule, don’t misunderstand if a Filipina girl smiles back at you; it is just a simple gesture that she noticed your presence. If you said hi and she doesn’t reply to any word, don’t worry, give her a time, she will.


Filipina women don’t like arrogant guys. If you profess you feelings to a Filipina woman whom you like and ask for a date right away.. ha.... I bet, you will get a slap in your face, or she will frown at you. The worst scenario you will get is that she will avoid you.


Constant communication with her through text messages, letters and or any means of reaching her are effective ways on knowing her and knowing you. However, don’t expect that she will be the first one to communicate with you. A rule, A MAN should initiate first. It’s degrading for our part as Filipina woman to initiate the first move (It’s our culture).

I was with them when my boss dated my close friend. The role of her friends was to make her comfortable with you first and then later you can ask for a dinner date for two but never hold her hands or asked for a kiss when you have a first dinner date together. Alternatively, else, that would be the last date you can have with her.


Say your feelings through card or letter, flowers and chocolate. Expect that she won’t give you answer right away even if you feel that she has feelings for you too. Waiting for the answer is your worst enemy but your patience pays off when she confessed her feelings too for mostly, Filipina by nature is sweet, loving, faithful and thoughtful.


Visiting the girl on her parent’s house would set good impressions to her and the parents that your intentions are good and serious. Meeting her just on the streets, café or pubs will signify that your feelings are fake. Besides, meeting the parents of the girl in the Philippines is not an easy thing to do just like what my boss had experienced.


When you’re in her home, you must be polite and talk to her parents first and getting to know them. Or one way of saying, “You will have to court her family first before her." Meeting the approval of the family is an indication that they approve your relationship with her and your welcome to be part of their family. And another thing, you have to bring something or gifts not only for her but also for her mom and dad. However, what I have suggested to my boss, a chocolate for her mom and flowers for her. Getting the mom’s approval is like you have a defender in the family.


First meeting with the parents and relatives are the toughest thing you will experience. It is the time that they will interrogate your intention towards their precious gem in the family. My boss had a hard time; he experienced that being in front of her family and answering their questions are more difficult than being in a court cross examine by the lawyer. “It is like I have to bring an updated bio data and legal papers on my wallet all the time just to prove my status” he said. The parents just want to be sure that you’re not married with any other woman because the parents are much concerned with the future of their daughter. We value family relations because we don’t have a divorce here in the Philippines and broken family issue as much as possible is not an option.

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Once the family had proven that your intention to their daughter is good and serious then the ordeal is gone. You will be at home visiting your girl and always be a part of the family gatherings and important celebrations. And my boss had started calling his in-laws Ma and Pa even before they got married. I know this stuff because I was his translator when he first meets the girls' parents and I was the maid of honor in their wedding.

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Jack Burton from The Midwest on February 22, 2020:

I was unable to meet my Filipina fiancee's parents before we got married. I still pay a price for that. It's like, "Mom, we've been married for 46 years now, will you just finally forgive and forget!"

Nope, she still brings it up.

dwarfstar (author) from California on May 05, 2016:

I am happy to hear that D.H. Hope you don't mind why her visa got rejected.

D.H. on May 01, 2016:

I have met Filipino on line as well, we had good laugh joked we would get married but wasn't serious till we realised how well we clicked we decided to be in relationship after 6 months i went to Cebu to visit her her mum and sisters are amazing i even started chatting to her mum before i went there as she would see me on Skype so i talk to her on viber, when i got there they treated me like family it was amazing feeling her mum didn't even let me pay for restaurants which made me uncomfortable. but this time i go ill do it before food gets served haha We tried to apply for her visa but she got rejected but we not giving up so 6 month later from my last visit I'm going there again she is most amazing woman i have ever met and she has NEVER asked for money and i finally feel like i have found the one who i want to marry she is so loving and caring. personally i would never go for another white girl

dwarfstar (author) from California on December 10, 2015:


Hey, how long it has been? How are you? Did you able to meet your girl?

CalvinDavisIII on December 09, 2015:

@Dwarfstar...I just wanted to say hello. Thanks again for your feedback a couple of years ago.

@Stargazer.....All I can say is good luck to you. Dwarfstar will give you good advice so please take what she says into consideration.

dwarfstar (author) from California on December 07, 2015:

Hi stargazer,

Can mail me your email add at simpe_lady@y.c so that I can answer you privately.. It has been awhile I didn't login to my hubpages. Ty

StarGazer on September 20, 2015:


I need.. some advice...

I have a met a wonderful Filipina. We first made contact on okcupid earlier this year. She was working in another country (not philippines).. I went and visited her. We get along fine for the short time we spent together.

She feels she is in love with me, and same with me with her.

She is 32, I am 35.

She is now back in the philippines as she got deported (her boss didn't renew her and other workers visa permits). Pretty rough period. She was locked up for 6 weeks.

She does not ask me many questions nor really tell me much about herself, specially over text

I'm the one trying to make conversation. Is this normal (this is via text/skype)?

She has answered my questions.. and has told me a bit about her past.

I know she wants a baby. And soon "next year" (2016). As she feels her biological clock is running out.

Thing that gets me.. she does not seem to concern if we marry or not.

Doesn't really talk much about moving to my country, except the fact she would have no job here (and currently, she obviously have no job in the philippines since just being returned by immigration).

I guess what I am worried that she may only want me for a baby. And nothing after that?

She never asked me for money prior to her deportation.

She didn't out right ask me for money once she returned. However I did ask if she needed any... at first she said no. I have sent her some now. As I would hate to be in her situation.. returned to another country with no belongings and no money. So no problem there.

I think my issue is the flow or lack of .. talking from her.

She has also previously said.. wouldn't care if the father of her child stayed around or not. Guess this is a little concern for me. As I would like to have a part in my childs life.

And just communications.. she good at asking wr r u and that she loves me. That's all.

I think our conversatons were better in person - could that be the issue - she not comfortable talking/opening up more on skype/txt?


Not sure if I have made any sense. Thanks for any advice or guidance.

dwarfstar (author) from California on March 09, 2015:


I don't know how the British Embassy works or how much their fee for processing a fiancé visa. I recommend to go to your consulate website. You can find good information with your concern.

bob on March 08, 2015:

I have met a nice girl from Phil and want to know if it is expesive to bring her to uk i am 62 she53

steve on November 14, 2014:

Sounds like hard work, they aint that great.

dwarfstar (author) from California on August 27, 2014:

Hi Dang,

I do understand your problems because your dilemma is somewhat similar in mine in a way. To better understand it, I will tell you a little story about me. WHen I came here in the US almost 3 years ago, It was a culture shock for me, americans have different cultures from us. At first I find myself offended on how frank they are.. For 2 1/2 years I don't have a job, bills and other expenses keep filing up, my husband gets grumpy because of this, he keeps pushing me to find any job. I know my strength and weakness that is why I can't just take any job. He keeps rubbing it on my face that he is the one bringing the bacon in the table. It irks and make me upset a lot, and I feel so offended and at the same time pity myself. After few days of not talking to him, I give up and I confronted him. I tell him what I feel. I love him so much and I want that we both grow old together. He understands and try his best to rephrase his words before talking to me.

I suggest that you should do the same, have a heart to heart talk to him. Tell him your situations on why and why not you can't do what he demands? Show him your pay slip and tell him about our culture so that he can understand. If you won't bring these things to him he won't understand your side. Couples in America always share expenses or bills. Like now I started working I share expenses with the bills depending on what I can afford. Besides, my husband earns more than me so he pays more.. Why can't you just tell him that who earns more should shoulder more bills?

Let not money be the downfall of your love and marriage. Money can be earned but true love, compatibility and finding the right person are not easy to get or find. Speak up before you decide!

Take care and God bless you!

Dang Dang on August 27, 2014:

I have been chatting with this 53 year-old American for about a year, afterwhich he came over to the Philippines to visit. He stayed for 4 months here. We realized we have many similarities, our personalities jived and eventually fell in love. We began planning for marriage. He's a good man, very funny, spontaneous, sweet in his own little ways but strict.

I know I love him as much as he loved me. Only problem is, on his very first day here, we had like a big argument. I was taken aback because on his first day here, he asked me the question "how much are you earning?" 40k? And that offended me. Foremost in my mind was, wh is this man asking me about my salary? Why, if I don't earn 40k, is he going to let go of the relationship and walk away? On that day, I walked out. Stopped talking to him for quite sometime. He tried to pursue me, said sorry ,so I went back to seeing him again. But that question got stuck in my mind. Why in the world, would a man asked me if I earn 40k a month? Later he told me that he just want to come up with a budget. But still I do not understand. I was brought up in a family where it is the man who provides for the family. And to me, this man made me appear that marriage is like a business contract. A business contract. Yes, that is how it appears to me. A relationship that is based on convenience and not on love. I arrived at this conclusion after he told me that he wants a 50-50 share for all our expenses. And when I told him I cannot afford a 50-50 share arrangement, he got furious. His words were:" expect me to pay everything?" When I heard those words from him, I already wanted to walk out and cancel all our marriage plans. Because, in all honesty, my meager salary cannot really afford to have that 50-50 share which he is demanding. He lives in a condo where bills are really outrageous. The food he eats I'm sure you can imagine because they are all American branded. And here in the Philippines, American brands cost like a fortune for an ordinary employee like me. Now, I am in dilemma because I already announced to practically everyone that we are getting married on a specific date. I know I still love this man but I am more scared of him now. There are times I already wanted to commit suicide because I feel so desperate.

Do you think I've been scammed? Please enlighten me.

dwarfstar (author) from California on July 20, 2014:

Hi Kip,

If you ask me, I am sorry to say that there will be lots of complications that will arise if you continue your relationship with her. Below are the reasons:

1. Philippines doesn't have divorce and nullifying marriage in the Philippines is very tough. If your lucky it takes years to annul the marriage. One requirements in the immigration to get a fiancée visa is-CENOMAR a certificate that certify that he or she is not married to someone else or if he or she is, a court document that says her marriage is annulled.

2.) Did you meet her children or parents online? Did you able to talk to them? We usually introduce the people we love to our family in order to get their approval. Verbal affirmation isn't enough.

3.) If she asked you a monetary value of some sort, then it is not a good indication. Unless you give it because it is her bday or anniversary.

4.) Honesty is always the best policy. You haven't met her in real but she lied already what more in real life? A good foundation of relationship is trust. Do you trust her?

5.) getting to know the person not only takes hours but months and years. Time will help you assess your feelings if he or she is the right one. Such as when you two have fights or misunderstandings, how you two settle it.

All the things I have said, it is YOU have the final say.

Take care and God bless.

Kip on July 20, 2014:

I met a women from the Filippines about 9 months ago online and since that day we talk through text or skype almost every day for hours and hours. From the very beginning she told me she was married but separated with four children. She also lied about how really separated her and her husband are, only just recently did she tell her husband and family about me and how she feels about me. I truly feels she loves based on the many hours she can spend at one time just talking and sharing life events and such. We literally can't get enough of each other. My question is am I wrong to pursue this relationship based on her marital status. I really feel she is the girl I've waited for my whole life.

CalvinDavisIII on October 14, 2013:

Okay, I just did. Thank you!

dwarfstar (author) from California on October 14, 2013:

Well your story is interesting, my husband and I met through Skype, We only met once in the Philippines, after two years of chatting in Skype, postal mails and etc. and another two years before we got married. Well, they always said, long distance relationship don't last, but I beg to disagree. There are many long distance relationships that end in marriage, like my story. I have questions to ask you and it is better to do it in email before I can give you a piece of advice. send it to

a.) Do

CalvinDavisIII on October 11, 2013:

Hello Dwarfstar,

First I want apologize for my intrusion. My name is Calvin. Anyway the reason for this post is to ask for some pointers or advice. I have been talking to this beautiful Filipina I met though an app called, "Tango". I'm 45 years old and live in Detroit and she is 35 years old and lives in Quezon City. I have already made it very clear to her that I am very interested in her and we text and have video chat every day on Tango before she starts work. Of course there's a 12 hour time difference between her time zone and mine here in the eastern time zone, so I make it a point to stay up to wait for her so we can get in our video time. In the meantime I have been trying to do my research online of Filipino culture to help me understand her and to get to know her better. I even have tried to learn a little Filipino so I could say a couple of things to her in her language and to show by my actions that I am genuinely interested in her and her culture.

With all of that having been said, what suggestions can you give me for going after her heart? In February of 2014, we will meet for the first time not in the Philippines but in the US when she comes over to see her father who lives in San Diego. She will stay in the US for a month, but I am looking at flying to California to meet her and to have quality time with her. My plan is to stay about 10 days. She recently as I understand it, has submitted DNA for the purposes of establishing that she is the biological daughter of an American here who is retired US Navy Veteran. I'm not quite clear how this whole process works but she says that she will become a US citizen because of her dad and is considering the possibility of relocating her to the US. I do plan to at some point visit her in the Philippines assuming that everything continues to go well for us from now until we have the quality time to spend together in February. I do not have the financial means to make several trips back and forth to the Philippines, so what things can I do to bond with her and so that she sees for herself that I'm sincere and not playing any games? My ultimate plan is marriage which I believe I made very clear to her. This is one thing I can say about long distance relationships, a lot of people would frown on it or turn away but it forces two people to get to know each other and not take things for granted as like we might if we lived closer to each other. This also removes the physical aspect since she and I can't be hugged up on the couch or just being touchy, feely with each other because of the great distance between us.

I noticed for myself and read that Filipinas seem to keep their feelings for a man quiet even if she really likes him, so I have to try to look for some signs that she does likes me. Recently she sent me a song by

Christine Perri called, "A Thousand Years". (beautiful song) Also she recently wanted to introduce me to her mother but her boss showed up on her job so her mother and I didn't get to formally meet yet. She also said that I will meet her 11 year old son soon. I don't know if this is her way of sending me hints that she's very interested in me by the fact that she wants to introduce me to her mother and that song she sent me. Does meeting her mother (through video chat) and at some point her son have any potential meaning? Or is just a friendly gesture.

In closing, any advice or suggestions you can give me is greatly appreciated. I know doing the long distance thing is no easy task and even more so since I won't be able to make several trips over to visit her in the Philippines. I just want to continue to make her smile just like she tells me I do and for her to know that I am the man she can have a future with.

Thank you for your time and again please pardon my intrusion!


dwarfstar (author) from California on June 18, 2013:

I am sorry that your so upset about Filipina women.. but telling that Philippines is number 1 exporter as you say of slutty women. Is really bad at all, you become racist. Maybe you have a bad experience with filipino people.

dwarfstar (author) from California on June 18, 2013:

Yeah I agree I gor, I don't know why these people make my page as testimonies. I deny some of them.

igor on June 17, 2013:

So many unrelated comments/testimonies about powerful spell casters.

Aurora on May 05, 2013:

"they just want out of there poverty over there and these desperate old ugly fat americans that cant get anyone from here fall for these desperate woman lol there are 160,000 american woman to choose from lol and these men are control freaks and no one here wants them lol"

Yes, these american guys are a joke to the rest of us in the US. I've seen it often and I don't get it. I've never seen a goo looking Filipino, and granted the old nasty men are no prizes. We all know the Philippines #1 export is slutty women, who are so sleazy they will date married men too, and then they will claim to be "good Catholics". Someone needs to tell them what being a catholic means, which for one is no premarital sex, but if they didn't put out most wouldn't get pregnant and then married.

atanasia on November 03, 2012:

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john on October 21, 2012:

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sandra on October 18, 2012:

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miss Deborah Collins on October 03, 2012:

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dwarfstar (author) from California on September 14, 2012:

If your intention is bringing your fiancée to the US. Look at my other articles like filing the petition K1 visa.

dwarfstar (author) from California on September 14, 2012:

Look at my other articles.

AND THANKS for reading it.

malcolm on September 14, 2012:

excellent insight into the philipina culture still looking for legal side of marrying a philipino lsdy thanks anyway mac

Luis Bright on September 06, 2012:

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mrs jennifer on August 28, 2012:

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dwarfstar (author) from California on August 17, 2012:

I don't know about that because the Philippine Girl is just a working permit.. I don't know about that stuff.. you better go to the Singapore immigration website to be sure.

i have Q. on August 15, 2012:

if one Indian male gets marry with philippines girl who is working in Singapore on work permit. than male can live in Singapore after marriage with her.

lisa on August 14, 2012:

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Bernice on July 25, 2012:


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Vince on July 24, 2012:

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sidney on July 23, 2012:

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Rebecca on June 22, 2012:

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vickie on May 30, 2012:

this is sooo true pertaining to the traditional filipinas here in the philippines. but not all filipinas are traditional especially now adays western culture influences the philippines... and for you topgunajager i think you slept with a prostitute. i think the girls leave because you have a small dick and a retard!!!

what a joke this is with these desperate american on April 19, 2012:

they just want out of there poverty over there and these desperate old ugly fat americans that cant get anyone from here fall for these desperate woman lol there are 160,000 american woman to choose from lol and these men are control freaks and no one here wants them lol

dwarfstar (author) from California on February 21, 2012:

your welcome

dwarfstar (author) from California on February 21, 2012:

look at your immigration office in india. You can obtain forms on how to bring your lover there but you have to pay a fee for that.. As a start, better save your communication you have with her such as letters, cards, emails, pictures together and some other documents that could prove your relationship with each other..

Murali on December 16, 2011:

I love Filipino women and he married before and he don't like to stay with her husband and now we staying in Singapore and give me some idea to bring her to my home town , i am form India , we both love each other so much ,

dwarfstar on November 29, 2011:

thanks a lot dwarfstar that was a great help cheers

dwarfstar (author) from California on November 28, 2011:


You can go to the Philippines without a visa for 21 days but after that you need to go out of the Philippines. With regards for her to come with u in ireland she needs a visa. Your country has requirements in needing one. The visa I used in getting into my fiance's country is K1 visa which I know is fast. This visa means that she can come to your country for 90 days and

get married wthin that period.Why cant you just look at

your country immigration website and see how she can go there. Each country has different requirements need. Maybe in your country tourist visa is easy to get. Hope I able to help u in this.

johnnyboy on November 28, 2011:

i have met my girl on line a few months now and she is philipino i am irish i ring her every weekend and she is a little angel,she wants me to go to phillipines next summer to meet her parents,whom she said to me are very open minded once i meet them face to face,she said if i wanted to marry her it would not be a problem if i love and take care of there daughter she is very precious to them i willlook after her and take care of her that would not be a problem,does any 1 out there no i need a visa to visit phillipines for to weeks and then i wanted to bring my girl back to ireland for a holiday for a couple of months what would my girl need regards traveling to this country if i were to marry her in phillipines would she be able to travel into ireland when she wanted too without visa if she were my wife,and live here as a citizen if we were married if any 1 out there knows what i need to do i would e very greatful for a reply thank u

dwarfstar (author) from California on September 01, 2011:


Your old enough to know if these Filipina your talking about are true to their intentions.. One hint if she is eager to go there, then that is not a good sign.. Just like any other women in the world, not all Filipina women are llike what you think.

If a Filipina is educated, hard to get, and you find hard time to get in touch with her and know her.. then she is a good one.. She is not after of whatever you can offer her.

Me in my case, I am madly in love with a 42 yr old guy for four (4) years now. I love him for the way he is and the way he loves me. Four (4) is enough time for me to say he is the right one for me..

AM 34 now and I am going to marry him this year..

Dan on August 31, 2011:

I have nevr been to the Phillipines YET but chat with quite a few Filipinas online I have dozens of them as facebook friends. Very easy to talk to and they all want to marry me and come to America what a great moral boost for a 45 year old man having all these young hot looking chicks wanting to hook up with you.

dwarfstar (author) from California on February 03, 2011:

khay, thanks for the comment.. I am happy for you. Well, in my case, I really don't like to marry a foreigner at first because of culture differences but when I met my bf and some friends back, I found out not all foreigners are the same.. like not all Filipino women are the same.. I like your point of view.. Your exactly right on what you have said there that if two people are in love who cares about tradition?

But we have to consider not all people especially the parents are the same.. Parents who are orthodox. We know that even we are in the major age as long we live in our parents house we should abide by their rules.. except if your an orphan. Then you are free to do what you feel is right.

I dislike what topgunner had said..that Filipina women only marry because of money because if that is the fact.. I would have been long married by now..

All I know, I love him so much and I want to grow old with him.. I go where he wanna go.

khayM on February 01, 2011:

I am married to an american for almost 8 years and have 3 beautiful kids. We go through typical marital issues every now and then, and like i always tell people "he just happened to be white". I did not love nor chose him because of his color or what was in his pocket. Matter of fact, he didn't have any money at all (because his filipina ex-wife scammed him and he was left with nothing but his passport which he was also about to lose). but marrying an american doesn't mean i do not take pride of my culture nor my own color. i love my country that's why i'm staying foot here. i petitioned him so he can get a permanent residency here. i don't dream on going to america, i never asked him for a green card. we made our long term plans to raise our children here. No, I didn't play the hard-to-get ball. I was liberated and straight forward and I honestly think that this "conservative tradition blah blahs" is down right hypocrite. If 2 human beings are in-love (no matter what race they belong to), who cares about tradition?

dwarfstar (author) from California on January 16, 2011:

AM happy for you SVM.. well my husband to be is 100% American hopefully this year we will be married if my fiancée visa will be approved. How long you waited for her visa approval? on December 09, 2010:

Very nice article.

I'm a fil-am and just married the love of my life, 100% cebuana. :)


James on August 13, 2010:

Well put topgunjager, Im irish Canadian, I WOULD NEVER GIVE UP WHO I AM OR WHERE IM FROM!

Straight up Pride my good man!


topgunjager from Sunnyvale, CA on November 26, 2009:

you said it yourself, "there are still few" having a few good ones doesn't mean you can generalize filipinas, 99.99 percent of filipinas will choose a white man over another race, non of them have pride in who they are and the color of their skin, if you're still trying to deny this then how come the best selling product in the philippines are skin whiteners? even the philippine president has her own skin whitening company, she makes so much money stealing from the people and yet she still tapped into this market of whitening your skin because it means there is so much money to be made from it. denial about your culture will not make your country better, but realizing your faults will=)

Dwarfstar on November 25, 2009:


well, that is not what happen to my boss, he is an australian but he finds hard to marry my close friend beause of traditions.. She is a native. Not all filipina women are like that.. well maybe the filipina you have encountered are Gold digger or liberated.. then that is not the filipina I am refering or talking about. Thre are still few who are bound to their old culture..

topgunjager from Sunnyvale, CA on November 25, 2009:

Actually, getting married to a filipina is the easiest thing to do, all you need is to be white, or have money and the rest falls in to place=) It's funny, filipina's are still in denial about how easy they are to get, I've never met a hard to get filipina, the hardest part i had with getting a filipina is when i was sleeping=)

krizkins from Davao City, Philippines on November 15, 2009:

thanx for your article dwarfstar. It is absolutely true, a typical filipina is not easy to get. Although there are some who can't behave like the true identity of a real filipina, but those are exemptions. Just like other women in the other countries of different races. They too have women who have weaknesses and failures. Disregarding of the race, we are all human after all. But filipina women mostly conservative but loving,caring,thoughtful and loyal. But those who act against it are the exceptions of the real image of filipina women. Filipina must not be misunderstood.

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