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Fun Ideas for Your Next Girl's Night


The Classic Girls Night

I don't know who started the tradition of Girl's Night, but on the behalf of all womankind I would sincerely like to thank them. Most of us have experienced a girl's night in one form or the other. Maybe it was a childhood sleepover or a drunk night in college, but as the years pass by you and your girls may be overdue for a gathering. Planning a night out can be a hassle when you consider finding the right venue, scheduling times and working around the fatigue of everyday life. However a girl's night in can be the saviour of weary heroines who just want to have a good time.

Just like any other event, hosting a successful girls' night in requires a bit of planning. You and your friends should decide ahead of time what you want to do, what you want to eat and where you're going to host the event. Getting these big ticket items out the way early can save you a lot of stress. Your friend group can also decide who is incharge of what instead of piling all of the heavy lifting on one person.

The Venue

The best place to host a girls night is at someone house. Simply because it's free and that cash can be used towards food, drinks or fun activities. A good hostess should ensure that the space is clean prior to guests arrival. Lighting a candle or putting on a scented plug in is highly advised. Throwing up a few decorations can really set the mood for a good time but it is not required. There is no need to go over the top, some well placed balloons and a nice banner help you achieve an instagram worthy backdrop for photos.

Your friend group may decide that they want to escape your everyday lives and opt to book a hotel or an airbnb. This can be a great idea if no one wants to take on the task of hosting. Everyone can just show up, kick back and relax. Plus, you will not have to worry about cleaning up afterwards!


Food may be the most crucial aspect to any event's success. No one is very sociable when they're hungry. To spare yourselves the stress and hassle of whipping up an entire meal, just order take out. At my previous girls' nights, my friends and I would decide beforehand what we would order. This ensured we avoided the stress of being miserable and indecisive about what toppings to get for pizza or which sushi platter was best.

You may also want to grab some snacks to sever at your event. Having a variety of salty and sweet bites ensures that everyone has something to nibble on. store bought snacks are fine and will save you a lot of time. Just serve them in cute dishes or on serving a platter to class it up a bit.


The official beverage of ladies' night is a bottle of wine. I suggest buying several depending on the amount of guests attending that evening. I personally feel as though you can never go wrong with a nice white wine but do not be afraid purchase a bottle or two of a red one.

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Once you have secured your bottles of wine, that doesn't mean you have to stop there. Shake it up and try something fun! Recently me and my friends got together and made wine floats! It was a really fun and simple idea. We poured Marcel Pierre over some vanilla ice cream.

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