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Gift Ideas for 20-Something Men

Ronali is a freelance writer, editor, and affiliate marketer.

Today’s 20-something men may be the ones who are just transitioning into the workplace from the four corners of university. They may be men who have already spent a year or two sharing an apartment or flat with a roommate.

They could also be pursuing continuing education after several years of working and saving. These 20-something men could be your son, younger (or older) brother, a cousin or close friend, or he may be your boyfriend.

In a dog-eats-dog world, men need all the affirmation and encouragement they can get. And what better way to do that than to give them something tangible -- a gift?

There’s no need to wait for the holidays, guy’s birthday, or any special occasion. But like any other expenses, follow this general rule of thumb: set a budget and don’t go too fancy or overboard.

It may also help you to know that men, in general, like practical stuff. But rest assured that they’d appreciate any present into which much thought and effort has been given, as long as it’s not too cringe-worthy.

Ideal Gifts and Where to Buy Them

It would really help a lot if you're familiar with the hobbies and interests, tastes and preferences of the 20-something men in your life. But in general, you can find gifts --

  • from an online store.
  • in a bookstore or comic book shop.
  • from a pastry shop.
  • from an arts and crafts store.
  • from a gaming store.
  • from a store that sells sports and exercise equipment.
  • in a department store.

Online Store


It's highly likely for 20-something men to be into certain rock bands, singers, or groups. You can look for posters of such celebrities online.

Toys and collectibles

Try to figure out which items are still missing in his collection, and just buy an action figure or two.

Rare postcards, art prints, or boxed sets of blank cards

Due to high-end prices, collecting framed works of art may not be feasible for 20-something men. But you can help him get started on a collection of postcards or art prints.

He might be into watercolor or acrylic renditions of storefronts, landscapes or beaches, tourist destinations, or famous landmarks. He might be fond of animals like birds, dogs, or horses.


If he's into the habit of journaling or keeping a diary, a leather-bound notebook in brown, maroon, navy, black or gray with a fancy ballpoint pen are great gifts. Or you may be fortunate enough to find journals with famous paintings on the cover.


Bookstore or Comic Book Shop

Young men who read avidly will end up delighted with a boxed set of books in a series or a paperback edition of their favorite trilogy.

If they're into vintage copies of books, head over to a second-hand bookstore. You can also give a magazine subscription, comic books, manga, or graphic novels.

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Pastry Shop

Cupcakes, doughnuts, or brownies

For the men with a sweet tooth, a box with around half a dozen cupcakes, doughnuts, or brownies can be better than chocolates.

A tin can of cookies

Even if he regularly goes to the gym to keep fit, surely he can bite into a cookie during the occasional cheat day.

Arts and Crafts Store


Even if he's not too keen on developing into a pro artist, doodling, sketching, or drawing can prove to be therapeutic and help relieve stress.

Instructional Books on Art

Drawing manga has become increasingly popular over the years, or he might be into still life, portraits and caricatures, or coming up with his own chibi-style characters.

Regardless of his preferred genre of art, there's sure to exist a series or two of instructional books about it.

Gaming Store

A deck of cards

This can be a really great gift, especially if the man you know enjoys getting together with friends to play card games. Having a deck of cards is also handy for Solitaire, or you can get him Uno or Monopoly.

Adult board game

Gone are the days when board games are limited to Scrabble, Game of the Generals, Clue, and Pictionary. There are a wide variety of adult board games in the market to add fun to an afternoon with food and refreshments.


A Store That Sells Sports or Exercise Equipment

Basketball, Soccer, or Volleyball

Some young men shun the gym and prefer team sports to stay in shape while still having fun.

Yoga mat or Pilates bands

Yoga and Pilates are exercise forms that require a certain amount of discipline, making them challenging and appealing to some men.

Department Store

Analog watch

Nothing screams "classy and elegant" than an analog watch. Get something in a simple style with leather straps in dark brown, black, navy or gray.


A signature scent is essential in formal functions, events, and dates, so give him a bottle of his favorite perfume. For the workplace, a bottle of cologne in a light, refreshing scent will do.

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