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Friendship Love and Loyalty Quotes

short funny quotes about best friends

short funny quotes about best friends

Friendship Loyalty Quotes

These are the best short heart touching loyalty quotes about friendship and love. The Best things in life are family and a true friend who knows how to understand you, who shows real care and honesty in everything.

Friendship Love Quotes!

  1. This life, with all its joys and pleasures, is futile without loyal friendship. It just takes some longer than others to realize it.
  2. I make peace with me and with who live around me. I enjoy my own company and try to be loyal to my friends. I have found the friends I love and make a wish that they will find me. I learned not to demand and don't cheat my friends. I learned to be faithful even I had the chance to revenge. I learned to trust and be grateful even my eyes don't see the good things.
  3. No matter you are my best friend, still I can't let you know my secrets. If you can't break my trust then why should I give you an opportunity?
  4. I don't really trust people easily so don't take offense. It just means that I'm genuine when I call you my friend.
  5. Don't ever trust any person beside of your best friends in sharing ideas, secret talk or for allowing him to assist you in any aspect of life, because you will be disappointed one day.
  6. Everyone isn't your friend, no matter how long you know them.
  7. Never think that you can trust when someone say they are your friend because behind those words they really mean some so different.
  8. Who is loyal and sincere with you? The person who makes you cries without any reason or the person who give you shoulder when you cry and makes you happy.
  9. A friendship is great at the beginning, and terrible at the end, but what's in between is what makes it all worth it.
  10. Sometimes the sunshine on the moon, sometimes spring comes in June. Sometimes the one you call your friend is too busy to acknowledge you as one when you need them most.
  11. Everyone isn’t your friend & everybody isn’t loyal. That's just how it is.
  12. People come and gone out of my life all time, but my family and loyal friends are here for me that make me know I wouldn’t be alone.
  13. A true friend understands how you feel, even though without saying it.
  14. Be sure a loyal friend never tells you what to say. He tells you what not to say.
  15. Sometimes the only true reason to live life is for the great friend you have that make you happy.
  16. Our friends go through a lot of trying times in their lives and it is a true friend that finds the right words to say.
  17. If my wish can come true, I do wish for my friend not to suffer from any pain in life.
  18. A loyal friend is more than a family brother and is closer in the time of sorrow.
  19. Everyone is not your friend. As you examine your relationships, it's important to distinguish the relational status of those with whom you are connected. Remember, those closest to you will ultimately determine the level of your success or failure. Be intentional and choose friends in the real world that bring out the best in you.
  20. A true friend is someone who: Strengthens me with prayer, blesses me with love, and encourages me with hope.
  21. A loyal friend is a source of true happiness in life, a tie to the past, a security for a bright future, a painkiller in this panic world.
  22. In my life, my friendship with people is not for what I will get in return. With that, I say a big thank you to my lord of the heaven and earth. Expect more betrayal from fake people and ensure a while if it's not over today it will be over tomorrow. I remain loyal.
  23. One that can't be loyal to a friendship cannot be loyal to a relationship.
  24. Loyal friendship never contaminated by the love and affection that is hidden.
  25. True friendship has no limits it loyal even when you have fallen out; it mends itself because true friendship is not about what you have or what you can do.
  26. If you were a true friend you wouldn't be so concerned about damaging your repetition because you hang out with a certain person.
  27. It's sad to learn more people determine their friendship circles based on their what accomplishments that person earned at certain stages in their life...rather than who they are as an individual based on their genuine good nature as a loyal friend.
  28. Keep an eye on who truly is loyal, honorable and stand by you when in need because true friendship, never back down.
  29. Getting a true friend isn't easy. Earning their respect and loyalty is an uphill task and it takes a long time.
  30. Two things should expect when you loyal to your friend. He will undermine your individuality and treat your friendship as he is the leader and you as a follower and secondly he will appreciate your loyalty and treat you like his brother.
Friendship Loyalty and Love Quotes

Friendship Loyalty and Love Quotes

True Friendship Quotes and Sayings

Stop expecting that friend to act like all the other friends in your life! We should never want all our friends to think, act, speak or love us the same way. We have so many friendships that are unnecessarily broken because Lisa is not like Sally and what Lisa said in this situation helped me more than what Sally said! There are some friends I won’t call up if I need to speak about my kids because they just can't relate not having any of their own. Does this mean they are not as good a friend as the one I did call? Not at all! The one who couldn't speak about kids might just be the perfect person to advise me on managing my finances! The thing is we are putting too much unnecessary pressure on our friendships because we want them to all be the same when in the fact that's not how it was meant to be. I love having friends with different views so that I can make a well-informed decision based on various views. We expect that friend to be more open and vulnerable about her issues yet she can't because of the way she was brought up to fight and internally battle with her demons. As wrong as she might be to you, being the best friend to her means supporting her and loving her and eventually one day she might open up a bit if she doesn't, she doesn't have to be perfect to be your friend! The friends I have in my life are so different that I'm not sure we can all hang out together but that's ok. They are all in my life for different reasons. Stop throwing away beautiful friendships for ‪petty issues. Embrace the difference because you never know how much you will need that person who God sent into your life for the purpose that's probably not yet fulfilled. What if they were meant to stay that way to help you? The following inspirational quotes about loyal friends will help you to differentiate between true and fake friends.

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  1. In your whole life you befriend different people but in the end, only one or two of your closest friends never leave your side.
  2. You know you’re the bomb friend when people claim you the best and not even know it till they say so.
  3. Friendship is not the feeling of love. Friendship is the feeling of being one with whoever feels around you. It’s not only about treating people right, it’s also about allowing their emotions to flow through freely in your presence.
  4. A best friend is one who can respect you for where you've been; accept you for where you are, and envision with you where you're going.
  5. I just want to be the one you call on when you need a true friend. I don't intend to hurt you; I'm here to put a smile on your face.
  6. Sometimes you have to be in gratitude for even something as small as the fact that your soul has started to understand the true meaning of gratitude.
  7. Take time to acknowledge all that you see around you, good and bad. The good is there around you because you worked hard in some way or the other to achieve it. The bad is around you because you are pushing to grow beyond that surface and believe you deserve a lot more than that.
  8. That a friend didn't respond or react does not mean the person didn't hear or see.
  9. When you're up everyone's your friend, but when you're down you find out who are your true friends.
  10. A friend is not a person that gives you a favor when he wants to. A friend is a person who gives you a favor when you needed most.
  11. Friendships are like trees. If they are healthy, they bear fruit but if they are unhealthy, they wither and die. If the friendship is true, prune it and it'll bear more fruit but if it is not true, cut the tree down. Don't waste time if there's no production.

Balance is the key to knowing where you stand in life. BY balance I don't only mean between physical realms of your life as in work, social or personal life. I also mean balance between mental and emotional. The balance between communication and listening, the balance between friendship towards others and self-love. The balance between standing up for yourself and unconditional love towards others. The balance between surrender and being responsible. The balance between giving and receiving. The balance between following your heart and being flexible. The balance between your inner self and the world you choose outside you.


Rebecca Goh on April 14, 2013:

I'd like to share my December 12, 2011 thoughts with you again today. On Friends and Friendship:

Do not use a hatchet to remove a fly from your friend's forehead. -Chinese Proverb

Love is blind. Friendship tries not to notice. The death of a friend is equivalent to the loss of a limb. -German Proverb


A friend is one to whom one may pour out all the contents of one's heart, chaff and grain together, knowing that the gentlest of hands will take and sift it, keep what is worth keeping and with a breath of kindness blow the rest away. - Arabian Proverb

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