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Friends for Life

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Friends for Life

A friend is someone I can contact any time and expect a quick reply. That’s a trait almost all the people I consider friends have. I can pick up my phone, text them or send them a voice clip and expect that they will get back to me as soon as they can. There are people you text and won’t hear from for days. I don’t consider them friends.

A friend is also someone who is interested in you. They will contact you even when they don’t want anything. They just want you. There are people I have as phone contacts who will respond if I send contact them but who would never message me unless I message them. I don’t consider them friends.

Friendship is not a word, its a promise and the most pure emotion which comes with a price of trust to always be there for each other.
A friend is not someone who goes on party or someone you casually talk to, those are the things even a friendly acquaintance can do.
A friend is somebody who laughs with you, smiles when they see you happy and share your grief. Someone who doesn’t leave your side even when you say them to go away, handles you at your worst coz only those deserve the best of us.
When you feel like you are a lone survivor, they become your shadow and still be with us. Someone who doesn’t judge us, listen to us, even the weirdest of incidents and accept us as who we are. A good true friend is someone who makes you feel comfortable being yourself. As an example, when you are by yourself, you act like no one is watching and might engage in some unusual behaviors like talking to yourself or scratching an itch that you would ignore if in the company of others. That is what a true friend is like, you can be who you are and express yourself as if you were alone.

One can live without friendship but life would not be the same as sometimes it is nice to have company that knows you and still wants to be your friend.

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