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For Real Life (Intro)

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Jakayla obtained her MSW degree from the University of Central Florida. Jakayla is a realist with wings.


We want to live in a way that is light (weight and vision) and free (body and mind).

We have had it backwards I want to help turn it around and make it brighter for us all...

It is true that once we believe for something the Holy Spirit that lives in every one of us may give us instructions on something we need to do in order to actually see what we are believing is already ours.

For example: if you are believing for your car to start after it hasn’t for a couple days you will eventually have to get inside your car and actually try to start it up. This sounds obvious but there are times we omit this simple truth with other things we are believing for and expecting.

Another example: let’s say you know in your heart you are supposed to start a YouTube channel. You do not have all the materials you need to do this, but you ask God to provide you with what you need. After you believe, He will provide, and then he does, he may tell you to go to the store and pick up some items. In that moment it is possible that you question Him and say “ok Lord, I understand you want me to go to the store but I just told you I do not have the financial resources to get what I need, this is why I brought my issue to you”.

He may continue to tell you to simply go to the store. This is where the next part of “working” your faith comes in. What He has not told you yet, is that when you get to the store, He already has someone there that he has spoken to that is going to purchase your items. You will receive them when you go to the store, without knowing how a way will be made, this is Faith!



If he asks you to help him by doing something, trust that he knows more than you and move out on that faith, he will honor your faith. Sometimes I even tell Him, "Lord you promised”. That’s why finding out what The Word says about who you are and who He is changes everything, because you can remind Him of what he said.

God is so sovereign that He moves at the call of His word. I believe He longs so much to hear from His kids (that’s you btw) because He loves us. I believe He genuinely gets excited when we know he loves us and we talk to him about stuff. That is why He offered prayer to us, it is our choice if we want to use it.

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Prayer is just talking to him, whatever that looks like for us as individuals. He is not mad at us either way. He has no ability to hate, it is not in him. That’s a different spirit. God IS love, he then took it from himself and decided to share it with us, because as the word says we are his most prized possessions.

John 11:22

" But I know that even now God will give you whatever you ask."

- John 11:22

Teachers and Leaders

To my leaders and teachers. I want to offer a way of viewing the grace that was gifted to us. We have taken it as such a simple concept and maybe we have missed the true simplicity that it offers us. My hope is that we ask God to reveal fresh understanding that offers peace with a side of clarity. I am excited for what God is doing in our lives and minds. I love you so much, in real life. Thank you!

I refuse to believe that Christ just wants us to learn how to suffer properly. Instead, I believe he is teaching us how to feel alive, separate from suffering… without it actually affecting us. I believe this is the freedom he allowed himself to be crucified for.

I know some seasoned believers just read that and said “what do you mean you don’t have to work for it? 'Faith without works is dead'”. And that is true, but can I offer a key? Choosing to believe it, is the work. Opening your mouth and asking for help. More than just believing in your heart that the help exists, also doing something to get it. That's putting faith to work.

We have worked so hard in believing we have to do some grand behavior or try really hard to hear from God or see his power.

We only have to open our mouths, and yes, also believe in our heart, and whatever we ask is already ours. (John 11:22)

Many Blessings,

Jakayla <3


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