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Five Things Women Should Know About Men in a Relationship

Deborah is an enthusiastic fellow when it comes to marriage and relationship and like to help young couples get it right in their love life.


Man and women are created differently. Men are logical beings; mostly thinking of many things from how to grow among his peers, to how to succeed and be a provider and protector, down to, how to be a hero for his family and society.

On the other hand, women are emotional creatures and love easily and also expect that they should be loved at the same degree and ease at which they love others. That’s why they are mothers because they love and care about others before themselves.

There are things women should know about men if they want their relationship, and even marriage to blossom.

Here are just a few


1. Men are Hunters in nature

Have you noticed how a man chases a girl they like and won't stop until they get her? Well, that's because Men are hunters in nature. They love to chase. Men don't value so much anything that comes their way easy; and they like the feeling that it was with their effort they got that price they were chasing.

A man can text, call, visit, a girl they have a crush on, countless times a day and get her roses and drop her at her house and give her attention, then the girl feels loved and accepts. suddenly, the guy stops calling, texting and doing all those things he did when he was chasing her.

That's because he has gotten the girl, there is no more chase.

Ladies do not worry that the man who has shown you so much love, care and attention has gone silent. He loves you, just that the chase has ended and he has returned to his usual way of life before he began chasing you.

Men are babies at heart

Men are babies at heart

2. Men are babies at heart

Men can pretend to do well on their own but in the inside, they are babies. In as much as they don't like to voice out their feelings, they want all the care and attention theirs partners can possibly give to them and they value it more than we know it.

Although that, men have some characters you did notice and not realize that he's just been himself (baby at heart)

  • They browse business outfits for the meeting to hold tomorrow.
  • They get worked up when you don't reply their text quickly.
  • They practically refuse to go to the doctor even if they are bleeding or have some broken bones; unless you force them to go.
  • They expect praise even by the slightest things they did good.
  • They need to be told what to wear for some occasions.

These are just innocent characters of men but they are fun if you know them better.

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3. Men need respect

One of the best thing that anyone can give to a man is respect. Just as women need love, men need respect: in their offices, in the supermarket, from that friend, from his peers, from his girlfriend, everywhere. A man's pride is bruised when he is insulted and he can lockdown; keeping a far distance from anyone who does not respect him.

As a woman, giving your boyfriend or husband respect is what can make your love point grow in his heart and he will adore you for respecting him.

pride, sense of achievement

pride, sense of achievement

4. Men have ego

Men are egotist and competitive people and can literary enter burning coal and pretend they are fine just to achieve something they are pursuing. They have ego and that feeling that they must succeed in whatever they do. They don’t like to be shouted upon and queried. They are better listeners when you talk to them gently. As a lady, never insult a man so as not to bruise his ego. He can hate for it.

Give a man a chance to prove himself.

A man in his cave

A man in his cave

Men have caves

Now the cave a man has is not that holes dug somewhere in the mountain. A man is a logical being and most times process solutions to problems, therefore they are always thinking.

Men have their man cave because this allows them to think, relax and even reflect on their past achievement and their further goal in pursuit. A man sometimes feels the need to be isolated; this enables him to get his footing again.

Most of the things a man do when he enters his cave are:

  • He becomes a man of few words.
  • He chooses to be with his friends.
  • He would sometimes prefer to play video games or watch a match.
  • They simply just lock up in their Study.

Caving for men is a very important part of their life and really, it is built in them by nature. The reasons they may want to cave is not far-fetched:

  • They have gone through a hard day and simply want to de-stress.
  • They want to regulate their emotions; work, live, family, and all that.
  • They want to be themselves again.

In the last point, this actually means that they are just carried away by happenings around them, from their work place down to their family, so they desire to take a break and focus on themselves again.

Therefore, as a lady, do not think that you have done something wrong that's why they are withdrawing. No. they are just being themselves. And most importantly, don't try to bring them out of their cave, They will come around sooner than later. It will make them a better men when they come out and you'd love them again, and even more

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