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Successfully Finding a Filipina Wife

Happy Days

The author and his beautiful Filipina wife.

The author and his beautiful Filipina wife.

Helpful Vocabulary Hints And The Reason This Hub Is Titled As It Is

Filipinos are all people from the Philippines or living in the Philippines. Filipino is first of all a term that has no gender. A male is a Filipino and a female is a Filipino as well.

The term Filipino is then divided into gender based versions. A male is a Filipino. A female is a Filipina. Notice the "a" on the end of the word. Think of a letter "a" as a softer letter than an "o".

Here's where it gets weird but you must memorize this. A female from the Philippines is a FIlipina but she is also a Filipino (the non-gender version of that word). A male from the Philippines is a Filipino because he's male but he's also a Filipino because of the non-gender version of the word.

Two more words that have been coined and are used frequently, especially in recent generations, are Pinoy and Pinay. A Pinoy is a man from the Philippines. A Pinay (remember the soft "a" letter) is a female from the Philippines. At one time these two words were somewhat resented and distasteful because there were words assigned to people of the Philippines by foreigners. Recent generations either don't know that or don't care and the use of Pinay and Pinoy have become very common among the people of the Philippines.

Personally I prefer to use Filipino and Filipina to give everyone maximum respect but it may be overkill to do so because many don't really care one way or the other.

By the way, your Filipina wife is also your Asawa, which is the word for spouse or wife.

Filipina Wives Rock

Hello! I assume you are searching for a great wife and you're sick and tired of "Women's Lib" and the power struggle that men experience with U.S. women in general. When I got divorced from my American order-barking, criticizing, bullying, cheating, domineering, controlling, nagging, bossy, miserable excuse for a wife of 30 years, I felt a huge weight lifted from my shoulders. I realized I had been in a constant state of minor depression for the last 25 years.

When you are in a state of depression, you don't realize you are. But when it's gone and you feel what it's like to be without it - you either become a bit scared of the large change in your life and try to get the depression-causing situation to return (possibly rejoining the X) or you feel energetic like you could climb Mt. Everest, run a marathon, or even just breath deeply any time you want without being criticized for doing so.

"Old School" Values Are Still Prominent - Elsewhere In The World

I didn't want to go out into the singles "meat market" in hopes of meeting someone. I had a constant flow of women through my retail store and that allowed me to candidly view a literal parade of what's out there. Out of the thousands I met and talked to in a platonic (neutral) way, I only found maybe two out of thousands that I would even ask out for a dinner date. Even those two were not "in sync" with what I wanted for a life companion. So that led me to a logical conclusion that I could spend the rest of my adult life until my last dying breath still looking for Mrs. Right or as some say my "soul mate" in our U.S. dating market.

It's not that I'm set in my ways and incapable of change or compromise. It's actually the opposite. I was, and am, willing to modify myself in most ways (except my core moral principles) to please my soul mate. I'm peaceful, compatible, easy to talk to, compassionate, helpful, teachable, loving, and affectionate. I don't drink or smoke, I read a lot, I am wise in business founding and management, I'm into common hobbies that don't keep me away from home a lot. But every American woman I met in my store and in public places (I play in a rock band on weekends) was looking for thrills, adventure, excitement, new experiences, parties, getting drunk, getting high, getting expensive gifts they choose, and expecting me to be everything that I'm not.

To be perfectly honest, my mindset is from the era of the "Leave It To Beaver" television show. Ward Cleaver went to work in the family's one car (that was paid for in cash by the way) to make the family income and June stayed home most of the time - making sure their domicile was as perfect as possible for her loyal Ward - the love of her life and the one she would spend her life with. There was no talk of "You need to take me out to have lots of exciting fun or I'm going out dancing with my friends." There was no talk of "I don't know what happened. He danced with me and because I had been smoking pot with my friends I was too weak to resist. I'm so sorry I slept with him every afternoon for the last 4 months while you were at work. By the way, it's your boss." June Cleaver would use a cleaver on herself rather than cheat on Ward - or even let a thought of cheating on him enter her brain.

Ward had proper manners and thanked her for things she did and complimented things he noticed that were changed at home. She felt appreciated and fulfilled by pleasing her husband and him saying so. She wasn't set on pleasing herself first and everybody else loses out. June Cleaver didn't suffer suppression, lack of self-worth, starvation for fun and excitement, or chronic depression. She was secure financially with her faithful husband and they didn't fret over debts because they didn't have any except a home mortgage. She was included in every family activity, could do volunteer work if she wanted to, could hang out for the afternoon with neighborhood married friends, or just enjoy life in the home she decorated before the kids and Ward came home. She didn't look at her home as a prison to escape from because all the fun and excitement were somewhere else. She didn't think her husband was a controlling bastard who was out having all the fun and progressing as a productive member of society at her expense while she rotted in a prison of his making. She saw all the things she had and enjoyed as a nice life to be proud of and her family was most important. She knew that being a mother of well-raised children is as productive as you can possibly be.

The Cleaver kids got along quite well, did their homework, got good grades, didn't talk back to adults, respected their teachers, dressed nicely to be socially acceptable, seldom got in trouble but were punished at home when they did, and they had dinner with their parents each evening. They struggled to please their parents.

Yes, it was just a TV show but it also represented, in a completely purified and sterilized way, what most of society in the U.S. was actually doing at the time. I was a product of this generation as are all my friends.

The Negative Effects Of Greedy Advertising On U.S. Culture

I'm not insane enough to think the U.S. could ever go back to the ways of the 1950s and 1960s but there were a lot of morally proper and decent actions and reactions that have gone to hell in today's generation.

Our westernized civilization following TV campaigns like, "If it feels good - just do it" have created a path of degradation that has worsened dramatically over the last 30 years. I blame the "me" generation of the 1980s for starting this, advertising agencies for encouraging and acting out extremes of social degradation and shear stupidity in movies and on TV to push the envelope of sanity and boost sales, and MTV for doing everything it could to homogenize our teen and preteen generations into dumbed-down herds of i