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Female Sexuality and Its Power!


Female sexuality has to do with the power, senses and strength of a woman coming strictly from her gender and sensuality. A woman or the female is a powerful breed naturally designed to be powerful because she is a nurturer and a carer. It’s her natural instinctive role to possess the power from who she is, to enable her carry along her home, family, husband, children and even nations. Women are a powerful force if only they came to terms with who they really are.

The term female sexuality embodies or envelopes every aspect of the female to include her biological nature; sex, body image, self-esteem, personality, sexual orientation, values and attitudes, gender roles, relationships, opinions, and communication.

For instance, what level is your self-esteem? How do you carry yourself? What’s your personality like? What are your values and how is your attitude to life? Your manners and how well do you relate with others? What’s your love life like? All these questions; if truthfully answered will enable you know how well your sexuality has been working for you.

As women or females it has been heavenly ordained that we can influence things to suit us like Ruth in the bible, we can create as we so please like (Esther in the bible) but only if you know how to use the power you possess which is your sexuality and sensuality as a female.

My point is that you should start recognizing your potentials as a woman, don’t let little things way you down when you can conquer it with just a snap of your finger. Learn to build your personality and image. Stop making yourself feel invisible, create a friendly atmosphere around you, and be accessible. Take charge of your career and your life and everything would work out just fine. For your physical appearance; look stylish, be stylish, don’t get tired of using those makeups. Flaunt your curves, you own it and deserve it too, it works I tell you.

Oprah talks about building your self esteem and i think we all should take note. You have to personally build your self esteem yourself, no one can do it for you except you.

solution: start by treating yourself and others with respect. Love yourself and your “God given body” and see how much love you will get in return

In summary, my aim here is for women to understand the power behind being a woman. Our ability to influence policies, control our environment and to take charge of our career all depends on how we make our sexuality speak for us. It all depends on how much we understand the power behind being a woman and the beauty a Woman possesses that makes it easy for her to breakthrough difficulties because of who she is. The woman naturally commands respect by her God given looks, attitude and attributes. physically she may look soft yet tough, she may look gentle yet firm, she is biblically called the ‘better half of a man’ but yet she is the Nurturer. Let’s call a spade a spade; the Woman, the Female, is a Powerful being!

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