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Female Body Types : Woman Body Shapes and Clothing

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Female Body Types

Female body type or Women body types are the most amazing curves. Let's face it, it is the most interesting thing for a human being. Eyes, Hair, and body type are the most visual body features of a woman. A woman must need to take care of her lips, hair and body curves. For men it is naturally an attraction and women tend to make them look better and better.
A woman's body type is a measure of three main body parts of a woman. Those parts are busts, waist, and hips. All women's body types depend on these three parts measurements.

Most women's bodies are Pear shaped as women tend to gain lower body weight, especially after marriage. Most women used to gain upper body parts in their teens as well in the early 20s. There are very few chances to grow upper body parts and torso after that age. Thus, women get a pear body shape along with time. Proper exercise can maintain good body shape.

Female Body Types

Four main Female body types as as below:

1) Apple Body Shape

2) Pear Body Shape

3) Straight Body Type

4) HourGlass Body Type

Moreover there are some other body types too as follows:

5) Petite Body Type

6) Athletic Body Type

7) Thick Athletic Body Type

8) Muscular Body Type

Female Body Types

Female Body Type

Female Body Type

Female Body Types

There are main four female body types or women's body types.
Straight Body Type (Rectangular body type ) - No defined waist
Pear shape Body Type - Wider hips than bust
Apple shape Body Type - Wider busts than hips
Hourglass Body Type - Perfect busts and hips with a nicely defined waist

In addition, we have Spoon body type, top hourglass body type, diamond body type, and oval body type. You can consider top hourglass figure as apple body type and spoon body type as pear body type. Most women have a pear body type. It is because of the growth in the lower body part at a later stage. Usually, the hourglass body type considered as the best body type as it provides the best measurements of women.

Here We are going to discuss each of the main four female body types.

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Straight Body Type


Straight Body Type

Straight Body Type woman has almost similar hips and bust measurements. They do not have a much-defined waistline. So it looks straight. This body type is most common and sometimes known as ruler body type or rectangle body type too.
This body type of woman has a much heavy bottom.
A straight body type woman can wear anything tube dress with a nice belt on it. The belt will define waist and will make a little hourglass look. A straight body type woman should wear something that can show a defined waist for her. For example, straight body type women can wear something with a belt or chain. This will make a look that you have a defined waist and will show you as you have a slim hourglass body type. Just look at the picture shown here.

Pear Body Shape


Pear Shape Body Type

Pear shape body type woman has larger hips and smaller bust (smaller than hips). Sometimes this body type is also known as triangle body type or A shape body type. They do have a god defined waist that shows good curves. Pear body shape woman has wider hips then your upper body. This body type has waist as their best asset as it is nicely defined. Pear body shape women gain weight on their bust first then on the upper body.
The pear shape is one of the most common in women. Pear shape body type women should wear something with designer tops and upper body accessories. In this way, you can draw more attention to your upper body.

Apple Body Shape


Apple Shape Body Type

Apple's body type woman has heavier bust than hips. It is also known as the inverted triangle or V shape body type. They have a nice defined waist but larger bust area then hips. This type of woman usually has nice slim legs. They do gain wait more on the upper body than the lower body.
This apple shape body type woman should dress in such a way that people should not get much attention on your upper body part. You can use clothes which has ruffles, chain or some other designs on the bottom part so it will draw all the attention and you will not have to worry about your wider upper part.

Hour Glass Body Type


HourGlass Body type

Hourglass body type considered the perfect body type. This body type woman has perfectly defined busts, hips and waist ratio. No part of the body looks bigger or smaller in the hourglass body type. Of course in overall, busts and hips looks larger as they have a small waist but it does not look bed.
Hourglass body type woman can wear almost anything and it will look nice on her.

How to Maintain Good Female Body Type and Shape?

Body type is an important factor in a woman. This will let them know your correct dressing style that will show your body in a nice way.

To maintain good body shape, you need exercise! Exercise keeps excessive fat away from your body and you can even get rid of your love handles. Try to do some fat buster exercise with cardio. You will be surprised to see that hourglass figure in a couple of months. This will help you if you are single as well married too.

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passionate77 on January 20, 2014:

very interesting and informative post and also i enjoyed reading all through, stay blessed for sharing!

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Female Body Types interesting hub about this subject, you included lovely photos with this hub.

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