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Famous Heartbreakers and Family Men

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What Makes Some Men Impossible While Others Wonderful

Ever try to figure out what makes some men impossible heart breakers while other men seem to be ideal knight in shining armor types. Everyone needs to feel loved, appreciated and respected, but why is it that some men just don't seem to care at all about how badly they hurt women and have no problem with stringing them along for years; eventually sucking up all of their youth and leaving them alone and broke. One could assume that if a guy is average or lower than average in looks and finances, he will be more likely to be kind because he does not as many love opportunities, however, there are many cases of stunningly handsome men who marry their mate at a young age and remain married for their entire life.

These are the men with strong moral fabric. The ideal men.

What can a woman do to find a man and come out happy instead of deeply hurt and resentful?

Mitt Romney, Tall Dark, handsome and Rich


Charlie Chaplin and Poor Edna Purviance

When Charlie Chaplin arrived in the United States in 1914 he soon started with his first film for Mack Sennett he was well on his way to celebrity stardom. He found a leading lady quickly who soon became his "lady friend". Edna had just come out of a painful romance and was depressed. she soon forgot all her troubles when she began working with Charlie. She was terribly insecure because Charlie was getting so much attention from beautiful young women. The relationship turned into something far more tragic than her previous relationship had been. You see Edna made the mistake of sleeping with Chaplin, which caused him to walk all over her. She became pregnant and he arranged abortions on at least 2 occasions. Edna desperately wanted to become Mrs. Chaplin and start a family but Charlie was riding high on fame and ego. Edna and Charlie had been dating for three and a half years, seeing each other in the morning at work and planning dinners for the evening and no serious discussion of marriage when one day she picked up a newspaper and read that Charlie had married Mildred Harris. Edna calmly wished Charlie congratulations to Charlie the next time she saw him at work, but she was in pain emotionally and even more when she realized that Mildred was pregnant. The marriage didn't last long but, the once naturally beautiful Edna was now looking hard and pained. The happy and light expression she once possessed grew tormented and aged. Sill a young woman Edna was now matronly and a serious alcoholic, making jobs few and far between. If Edna had any hope that Charlie would come to her and make everything right, she was soon again disappointed when Charlie married another young, pregnant girl, Lita Gray.

Charlie continued to date many women, break hearts and marry 2 more. Edna was around 40 when she finally married. She did not have any children and her husband was with her for less than 20 years. Edna was a very hurt and disappointed woman.

She did not lay down the law in the first place. No marriage, no sex. However, Chaplin was not a moral man and life with him would never have been very rewarding, but she could have at least had some children and contentment through them.

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Charlie Chaplin and Edna Purviance


What is a Quality Man and Where to Find Him

Ideal men are the ones women generally start dreaming about while still little girls. A strong man who can make a solid living and will provide well for the family and be a devoted father and husband. These are the strong and noble and the best way to meet them is to be in an environment where here are many strong men with a solid moral fabric. Church going men are the ones who have this.

The more grounded a church is the better the chance of meeting the dream man. A guy who is "not interested" in Christianity is usually going to be a bad choice because he will be starting out with shaky values.

Of course a great man will be looking for an equally great woman and the more of a team player you are the better your chances of settling down with Mr. Right. Question yourself. Are you a calm woman who is willing to set the foundation for a happy marriage.

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