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Express in Love With Imagination

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Love is Everywhere

Have to write all that time about it,

So that he can read it comfortably Have to say this much each time,

So that he can hear it in peace Have to stay with him all the time,

so that two moments together can go on for many lives He has to think all the time,

so that no one else has time to think Have to get angry with him all the time,

so that it can be easy to convince him Restrictions have to be reduced each time,

so that it can not be difficult to come anywhere freely Everytime you have to become a partner,

just enough so that he does not have any problem in traveling Love is also in Papa's bung,

Love is also with friends, Love is there even on a rainy night, Love is about you too,

Love is also in the response of crush,

Love is also there in the response that comes after your hours,

And when there is nothing nearby Love is also there in a cup of tea at 4 o'clock .....❤️❤️

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