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Falling in love once

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Fall in love then you will feel its charm

Have you ever fallen in love? If you ever fall in love and then you will realize exactly what kind of impact it will bring in your life. To be able to love someone and to be able to love someone back you don’t need anything, any planning or any types of signs. It just spontaneously happens to people without even people ever realizing it for sure. Once love strikes you and starts to show its charm in your heart and mind, you will feel different, which you will never be able to explain to anyone but yourself. A mesmerizing feeling which will start to react differently, your mind and heart will act differently. Your action, your reaction toward everything will start to change completely and make you unaware of its power. It is an amazing feeling of affection and endorsements which will turn your world upside down. Love is a passionate feeling which will change people and their desires for anything in this world. Infact, this awesome feeling will revolve your whole life in a completely different way. Falling in love means life becomes a dream of some sort which changes every moment of your life without you even realizing it. How many of you out there ever fall in love and didn’t even realize it till later? Love fills your whole life with happiness and it outrageously fulfills your desires. Every lover knows its amazing power that controls people's mind and makes their actions blissful. Love always obligates everything you do in your life that matters the most. Then again, how would you define love or how would you describe the feeling of love impacting you? A strong chemistry builds up in our heart then it sends signals to our mind and heart to react to functioning in different ways as you and your action changes significantly. These insignificant signals communicate in the veins, sending mixed messages so your action changes completely. It is that hormonal chemistry that creates an imbalance in our mind and in our body. Along creates desirable feelings and is highly emotional thoughts. Emotions such as; feeling of more attachment for someone, increases caring for someone and changes their behaviors toward others. Fall in love once then you will see how it changes you completely.

A feeling is indescribable

Having a feeling for someone is so indescribable but you can only feel it in your heart and cannot explain that to anyone else. It has the Divine power of feeling that goes beyond anyone's capability to out due it. Once a person falls in love they become uncontrollable with their emotions. People become more vulnerable and committed to these feelings of love and it drowns them into it. Everything seems special and different from a lover's eyes point of view. The feeling is so mutual understanding for everything they do in life for their loved one. A feeling that creates so many other types of feelings as they move further. Only a lover can describe the true beauty of love. There is no such measurement, or any justification for this feeling. Once people fall in love, it changes people‘s lives completely.

Love can have a positive affect or can have a negative affect.

Love sometimes affects people in a positive way or in a negative way. Love can sometimes make a person a victim of aggression towards their feelings. Feelings such as sadness, anger, sorrows, jealousy, and hate are some negative feelings that grow when someone becomes incomplete in love. These negative feelings grow when the lover gets dissatisfied with this feeling and causes them to become emotional toward the wrong path that is full of rage and full of sorrows. These people are unhappy and broken by love. Some of these broken lovers' actions can lead into aggressive behavior and can lead into misconduct types of behavior. But these negative feelings can be treated with love, care, respect, and with kindness. A positive path in a sense, when love impacts someone, it can change a bad/evil person into an affectionate person. A true lovable feeling and a true lovable desire makes love life more focused and guided. It grows a person’s responsibilities and teaches a person to respect others. Out of love you are willing to sacrifice anything for someone. Love builds a bond and a bridge between any relationships. It makes you compassionate and understanding. A great feeling like love that connects with every relationship in the world and helps people become more united. By falling in love you can bring so many uncounted feelings into your life and modify so many more relations in this world.

A feeling that can build you or destroy you. Such feelings as such are; hate, sorrows, anger, sympathy, harmony, passion, desiring, kindness and so on in infinite lists of feelings described by love. These are some of the expressions and effects of emotion that can be by love. Falling in love is just so romantic and can be such an enchanted feeling that just magically impacts someone it is too hard to explain to someone in a few words. If a person never fell in love they would never know its power. Love always brings balance into the society and diminishes the evil/negativism and it treats it like a medicine. It doesn’t need any effort to ever fall in love with someone. Every negativity that can be rescued by falling in love with someone that special. Love always builds them, holds them, and repairs every relation like a bridge. Love is pure and such a wonderful feeling to have and being part of it can change people's lives. Its moral is so real and so just, that it‘s magic brought morals into Romeo and Juliet’s cruel parent’s hearts and broke the iceberg of the cruelties. It is love that heals everything and teaches the true meaning of life and living. Fall in love over and over to see and feel its true beauty.

Fall in love then and you can see:

  1. How wonderful love is. Everything will be blissful.
  2. You will slowly believe in the relationship. Your behavior toward other people will be modest.


Afsana Siddique (author) from Surrey, BC. on March 31, 2018:

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Love always saves people's relationship.

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