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Fake (Sidewalk Prophet Series )


I hope you don't mind

That I but this into words

Wish I'd never seen your face

Because like you

Too many times before

People allow me to be

What I want to be

I'm putting on a performance

Being not what you see

But what I leave out

I am my many faces

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Each one counterfiet


A world of luxury, Pleasure and moral decay show neat distinctions between bad and evil.

Changing lifestyles is painful, threatening and sometimes humiliating.

In everyday life, greed produces insecurity and magnifies the desire for recognition and

Influence beyond reason.

The Sidewalk Prophet Series is an accummulation of thoughts that I had at one

time or another and I'm introducing them for the first time.

I hope you enjoy all 100 poetic short stories.

I encourage you to become a fan, follow along, leave comments (pos/neg) or

ask questions.


Sue Sterenbuch on May 04, 2015:

Love your work. It's both true & inspiring. Still trying to get a copy of Positive Romance.

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