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Five Ways to Give an Engagement Ring


An engagement is the union between a man and a woman who have mutually agreed to be married in order to live as one.

An engagement ring is the unifying incentive that spurs the idea of agreeing to be married to each other. This is a ring made of precious stone, which a man gives to the woman or fiancée who agrees to his marriage proposal.

A fiancée is a woman who is engaged to be married to her admirer.

Here are five very interesting ways to give an engagement ring to your fiancée.

1. Take her to some fancy restaurant and then order an ice cream for the both of you. Neatly hide the ring inside the cup of ice cream. When she begins to enjoy the ice cream, we anticipate that she would feel the ring in her tongue, spit it out and then should burst out laughing.

2. Buy a mini sized cake for your fiancée, send it to her through special delivery. Ensure to have the baker slide the ring into the cake, and also, do ensure to be at her house when the delivery arrives. When cutting the cake, she should at some point see the ring. My guess is that she would be heavily shocked, surprised and pleased all at the same time and probably would burst out screaming yes!!!

3. Take her out to a fancy restaurant for dinner. After enjoying a delicious meal, go down on one knee, look straight into her eyes and ask her to marry you. I bet she would not hesitate to say “yes”!

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4. Buy a burger or a shawarma, put the ring inside the burger or shawarma and close it properly. When your fiancée takes a bite off the meal, she should probably bite the ring or even feel it in her mouth. On bringing the ring out of her mouth, she would be pleasantly surprised and happy at the same time to find out it’s an engagement ring. I bet she may just flood you with kisses!

5. Buy a fancy big balloon, and put the engagement ring inside. When you get to her house, sit beside her, hand over the balloon to her and then you pop it with a pin. When the balloon bursts; she should see the ring fallout, and my guess is that she would scream with so much excitement. Most women would scream for joy at this type of surprise.

An engagement is a fun, exciting expression of love, which most ladies look forward to before becoming wives. So, men, these are my unique five tips on giving an engagement ring to the woman you love and want to make your wife. Give these five ways to give an engagement ring a try and I will be waiting for your candid opinions and comments. Stay blessed!

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