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Excuses You Can Use To Hide The Fact You're Cheating On Your Partner

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First Off, Cheating Is Wrong

Before we give you some excuses you can use to hide the fact you're cheating on your partner, we just want to say that CHEATING IS WRONG! You shouldn't do it, and the advice outlined in this article isn't some sort of green light to go and cheat on your partner! You should always remain faithful to the one you are with. However, some people cheat for whatever reason, and with that said, below are some excuses you can use to hide cheating.

Remember, this is only for entertainment purposes and isn't meant to be taken serious, and most importantly, you shouldn't be cheating in the first place.

1. Excuse For Cheating: You Were Arrested

If you're one of those types of cheaters who enjoy getting away from your partner for a few days and spending more time with your mistress or other girlfriend, then you can tell your partner you were arrested. If they ask why you didn't call them for an entire weekend, simply tell them you were locked up and unable to do so. This excuse is good to use for when you live with your partner, married to your partner or you live separately but talk to your partner on a regular basis and need an excuse to not talk to them for the weekend or a few days due to wanting to spend time with your other partner.

2. The Leaving Town For Work Excuse For Cheating

The good ole leaving town for work excuse is a good excuse to use to hide cheating on your partner. You can tell your other half that you have to start working out of town more often and then use that time to cheat on your partner. However, the downside to this excuse is that your partner might end up calling you on your phone, while you're spending time with your mistress, so you might have to come up with an excuse as to why you didn't answer the phone when they were calling you.

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3. Business Meetings Throughout The Week As An Excuse To Hide Cheating

Need to hide cheating and get away with it? And do you need to it it often, maybe a few times throughout the week? Then start telling your partner you have some business meetings to attend, and instead of going to a business meeting, meet with the person you're cheating on your partner with. Using the business meeting excuse to hide cheating is good for those types of people who have spouses or partners who constantly call them on the phone, because it allows them to say they were discussing business or work matters, therefore they couldn't get to the phone.

4. Admit Cheating In A Jokingly Way While Being Questioned About Your Whereabouts

If you don't want to use other excuses, then simple joke about cheating on your partner, when they ask about your whereabouts. When you see your partner, after you have just cheated on them, and they ask you where you've been, then just laugh and tell them that you were out cheating with a supermodel or actress and make it a joking matter (the cheating being the joking matter). If your partner continues to ask you questions, just keep the jokes going until they stop asking you questions about where you were.

5. You Have Family Visiting Or Visiting Family Excuse For Cheating

If you live with your partner, you can use the excuse of visiting family to hide cheating. If you don't live with them, you can still use that excuse for cheating, or you can tell them you have family visiting you. However, if you use this excuse, then your partner might be able to tell it is a straight out lie and might call you out on it. In other words, using this excuse may land you in trouble if your partner catches you cheating on them, and lying about it to their face.

As we have said at the start of this page, cheating is wrong and you shouldn't do it. Lying is also wrong, and you shouldn't be with a person if you feel the need to cheat on them and lie to their faces. It isn't right and it isn't fair to them.


LM Gutierrez on January 06, 2015:

Number 1 really deserves the number 1 spot! Just don't try it if your partner works in police enforcement.

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