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Everything Will Be Alright, You Have Me

The Start of Something New

This is my first article ever. Someone very important to me inspired me to get my stories out there. She introduced me to this and I thought, why not? It couldn't hurt to try.

Anyway, Here goes nothing. I suppose I'll start out by saying that I've always had problems with emotion and expressing who I really am. Only showing people a side of me that I thought they wanted to see. Every day gets a little easier. There's still a long road ahead though. But, as I said, everything will be alright. I'll get down the road one mile at a time, right?

Family and Friends

My family and friends mean everything to me. In my mind, if I tell you that I love you, I like you, or I care about you. You shouldn't take that lightly. I do not say that often and I only use those words when I really mean them. I've been hurt many times before and its taught me to use my trust wisely.

No one is more important to me than my son. I never knew the meaning of the words "unconditional love" until my child came into this world. He is my everything and there's nothing I wouldn't do for him. Whenever I fell down or lower than hell itself, this child will look at me and smile as if to say "Everything will be alright, daddy. You have me." I dont know what I did to deserve this special boy but I'm eternally grateful I did it.

The Right People

The best advice I could give to someone in my shoes is to get rid of the toxicity in your life. Relationships, friendships, jobs, or whatever is crushing you to the point where you are gasping for air. There will be people in your life that are only going to be there for the own gains. Maybe they want money or emotional leverage. They'll use that leverage to say "I know everything about you. Either you help me or I will broadcast your secrets and fears to the world." Something to that effect.

Take it from me. It's scary as hell to trust people. Let alone to tell them you like them or love them. But they have to know. That person could be going through the same hell you are and them knowing there us someone who gives a damn about could mean everything in the end. I recently took a chance on telling someone how I felt. To be honest, it was terrifying for me, but I still never looked back.

To Be Continued......

To sum everything up, I'll say the obvious. Life is what you make of it. You can sit in the corner terrified or you can face the world head on and never back down. Its entirely your call. I'm choosing the latter. Go for broke, live it up, and be honest with everyone including myself. There is one person who may read this article and that is the person who made this insane article real. I just want to thank her for showing me what real creativity and passion look like. It inspired me to try this and I regret nothing. If you are reading this, Thank you.

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