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Everyone's Talking But What Are You Saying?

I was born in the south. I live in the south and will die in the south. This is only a small part of the memories I share.

It Doesn't Take a Moment

to know that our society, from top to bottom, is engaged with an extreme amount of prodigious talking. Or have you went to your local shopping mall and just stood still and listened to the crowds talking so much that you are almost ran down like a raccoon just trying to cross the highway? It's nerve-shattering, I tell you. But the bright side is that I am 67 and rarely go with my wife to the nearest mall which is a good 66 miles. When I did visit this mall several years ago, it was much the same way with teen's, middle-agers and seniors crowding one in front of the other--speaking in half-sentences. Who in their right mind could make any sense of this?

Personally I do not detest talking. Fact is, what would our world be like without talking? To be quite frank, (sometimes) certain places where certain clique's hang-out jibbering like hungry sea lions saying absolutely nothing would be my choice in doing away with this useless jaw-jacking.

Hands-up is a sure-fire way to know that enough is enough.

Hands-up is a sure-fire way to know that enough is enough.

Take a Look at The Photo Above

and see if you can make one lick of sense out of what I think that they are saying.

At first glance, the guy, Mike, is obviously upset. He is so upset that he is using the old "I Give Up Gesture" of throwing my hands up because my girlfriend (on the right) has disagreed with what I said a minute ago

I ask, are menfolk smarter than females? But take the common wooly mammoth, he didn't show any emotion while his female companion barked at him day in and day out, so his lack of communication helped him to live a long, long time. But this observation just may be a small dent in the total overview.

The girl is not without sin. She probably cut into the guy before he had time to prepare his rebuttal and that is what the heated-argument was about. You should have been there.

"Uhh, Gloria," yelled the guy. "I can't seem to get you to understand just how important it is to me in allowing me to hang-out with my college buddies. Sure, we are all in our 30's, but that doesn't change our memories that we made in college, so you might as well get used to it." He added to the girl who is obviously hiding her resentment.

"Yeah?" yells Gloria. "Uh, like, I am working at this, like, clothing, like, store, and there you are, like, sitting at home until the, like, weekend, until I get home from work, then you hit the road to your drinking buddies and I, like, will not see you the entire weekend, so do you think, like, I am being treated well?" She explains (quite well if I am a judge.)

After this encounter which will be just one of many foolish encounters, Mike and Gloria do split-up and Gloria moves in with one of her sorority sisters, Julie, a business major, and they share the dark times when Gloria couldn't talk to Mike.

Back turning can mean that the person needs to be quiet.

Back turning can mean that the person needs to be quiet.

Now take a good long look at the above photo.

We see Larry sitting quietly while his wife, Sandy, is obviously bothered by something so serious that it looks like the two of them are headed to the court house to get a divorce. And this is a shame because they haven't been married for 5 and a half months. This moment needs to be explored so we can understand just what has happened so we can not allow it to happen to us.
"Hun-eee, doll, what's up?" Larry humbly asks Sandy who has her back turned to him. (This is a pure sign that she doesn't want to talk to him.)

"Hun-eee, doll??!! Is that what you called me?" Sandy replies with a snap. "I do admire you for working in order to help us get out of this rat-hole of an apartment and into a home of our own, but lately, you are working more and more and coming back later and later." She explains.

"Uhhh, Sandy, I, uhhh . . .uh," Larry attempts to ask her what the problem is, but he is interrupted.

"It's one thing to know that you are working yourself to death, but on top of that, you seldom come home with liquor and beer on your breath, and that bothers me!" Sandy says just letting all of her frustration come out.

Writer's note: did you get that? Did you understand the statement Sandy has made?

"Sandy! What beer and liquor?" Larry asks growing angry.
"Larry! There was a time when you worked like a normal human and spent eight hours at your job, then you would stop off and have a cold one on the way home and I would know that is what happened, but now, no liquor or beer. Just 78-hour workdays and me here at home just hoping that you will come to your senses and learn that money is not everything." She says.

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In a few hours, Larry and Sandy make-up and he takes her to a fine restaurant and they enjoy a fine dinner and yes, he drinks a beer or two just for old times being and they have a lovely evening.

It's all in the talk. This works for both couples. Just simple talk. Nothing else.

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Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on January 12, 2021:

There is a fine art to good communication, and much of it has to do with really listening and understanding what the other person is trying to impart. If everyone is talking at once, then it is just noise.

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on January 12, 2021:


Nice to read your work again.

Miscommunication happens alot.

It is best when one really takes the time to listen to the other one.

There are alot of times the evil dollar bill gets in the way of great relationships. We must understand that money is not everything and put more effort into our relationships...that will last a lifetime.

As for shopping malls there isn't alot of that going on around here. A few are open but with Covid-19 it doesn't give us the privilege to go much. We did go once at Christmas but it wasn't the same.

Not as many people even there.

Take care & play nice with one another.

A hug & a few loving words can go a long way.

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