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Every Man - Who is a Man?

I am Mrs Lawretta Ayodeji; a minister of God with a Law degree. A lover of Jesus Christ. I love life and live it to the full God's way


Every Man

Every man is a king designed for his castle. Every man is Adam. Every man was born with a set responsibility known as his destiny which he also desires to bring to accomplishment despite the mitigating effects of life. Every man is a goal getter, every man is a lion in himself; Strong, Opinionated, desire to succeed, and be respected, desire for structure and to lead that structure. Every man is designed by God to be a one man army.

Life sometimes can throw a man off course. There are known mitigating circumstances that derails a man from his path. We sometimes, go off the track we were meant to work but like the adage goes: The fall of a man is not the end of his live, try again.

Every man wants to be looked up to and when that does not happen based on unknown reasons, a few people tend to take it hard on themselves and literarily beat themselves up more than live would. They worry too much about everything instead of just doing their best and leaving the rest to God.

Live has the same set rule for everyone in the sense that, except for things that occur in personal situations, everyman was design to work for his money, his daily bread and who says that work would be smooth always. Many days work happens smoothly and some days the unexpected may mitigate but how then do you handle such mitigation? Take it with a pinch of salt if you can. Don’t dwell too much on it. Treat it the best that you can and then move on to something new. It may sound easier to say than to do but remember live goes on if you do not accomplish you. So it is your duty to take care of you.

Every man wants a job or to own a job, every man wants a wife or a girlfriend and then over time, every man wants to make a family and be head of that family. Everyman wants to travel on holidays with their family and loved ones, and wants to be able to fit the bill. Life can be fun and stress-free for the man who chooses to be the everyday simple man.

Take life one day at a time. Many men that I know enjoy their lives and they have the same general live rules as you. Every man loves the good things of live and everyman loves to be happy. Don’t stand alone dwelling in all of your trouble. Join everyman; start building your own castle today. Life is a choice!

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