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My Ambition in Life


Ambition is something that we want passionately to do or achieve in future. it means some place or some position or some great success that we endeavour for to get as our career. Everyone has his own aims and ambition. What one likes is not necessary to be liked by others. Different people have different ambitions. Some want to be rich while some wish to be politicians to gain powerful positions.


Factors to have ambition

Without setting an aim we can not achieve anything in life. We are free to decide our ambition of our choice but we must consider our capabilities and aptitude before making our ambition. Parental and economical background too matter but for a capable, industrious and firm determined person every aim and ambition is small to achieve. Napoleon said,"Impossible is a word to be found in the dictionary of fools. So nothing is impossible in this world."

Service to mankind

My ambition is to be a scientist to serve mankind. A scientist has nothing else to do but think how he can use science for the good of mankind. There are still many problems of mankind to be solved. I always think of inventing such things as can bring smile on the lips of every poor common man.

My ambition

My ambition is not to gain wealth,power or high social status. I want to be a scientist. For it I have chosen science stream to study in my intermediate and higher classes. Physics is my best subject. Though I study all my subjects with interest, I try hard to gain deep knowledge of science to achieve my ambition. I am not hungry for fame but I wish to get Nobel prize in the field of science by inventing something very useful for mankind.

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Having an ambition is very essential for progress in life. Our dreams encourage us to work tirelessly. An aimless person is like a pendulum that moves regular but reaches nowhere. So without ambition success is doubtful. Ambition creates interest in work and aim gives us direction.




PURU SHEKHAWAT (author) from dhampur on October 17, 2021:


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