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Eight Compelling Signs That You Are a Failed Man

Distraugt man covering his face with hand

Distraugt man covering his face with hand

1.You are over 30. Your age mates are starting families but you are on Facebook waiting for another man to tell you that you are single because the world doesn't have good women. I know most of you will not agree with me on this but you will understand when you get your first stroke at 50 and not have anyone to care for you.

2. You start paying for s.ex. There's a certain age in a man's life where he cannot find anyone to lay him for who he is. He must have money or he must stay celibate. If you find yourself here then you have definitely hit the wall.

3. You are constantly complaining about gold diggers. Men who cry about gold diggers every other day are men who cannot access women and because they can't access women they imagine it's because all women love money.

Women marry and sleep with struggling men in bedsitters all the time. If you are not getting laid it's probably because you have hit the wall and once you hit the wall, money is the only social capital that can help you out.

4. You follow Amerix and men of his ilk. I have never seen a man in a happy marriage or young happy boys who are bound to be successful in life reposting Amerix. He is mostly followed by dusty dudes who blame all their failures on Feminism because they can't accept the fact that they have hit the wall.

5. You are always insulting Feminists online. The day I started checking people's timelines before I respond to them it's the day I learnt that there is no decent man who is on Facebook typing angry paragraphs under a random woman's posts and it's the day I stopped arguing with men. The angry ones are usually dusty, unmoisturized and totally unkempt. Another sign that you have hit the wall.

6. When you stop caring about your shape. Men who have not hit the wall understand that women appreciate attractive men. It is a basic instinct.

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Men who have stopped attracting women lose all the motivation you need to look good. They eat junk, they drink carelessly and they spend hours smoking cheap cigarettes. Unless you have money of which most of you don't, nothing can ever get you out of that slump. It is the darkest corner of the wall.

7. When you start entertaining women you wouldn't have otherwise entertained if you had other options. These men scream about wanting 21 year olds only but when you go back to the real world they can't even get a 50 year old to give them a mercy f/^ck

8. When you get to 35 without having a meaningful income. At that age all women you meet expect you to have it together and if you do not have it together then you are as good as de/ad because what are women going to do with a rapidly aging thing that doesn't come with any other perks other than a receding hairline and an erection that cannot be sustained without prayers?


Have money. Money is the only thing that can make you escape the bitter wall. The bad thing about this though is that the world is designed to make most of its population poor meaning that 90% of the men will never get rich. They will just become 35 year olds who type angry paragraphs on social media because they are pushed against the unforgiving wall.

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