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Efforts have been continuous from the very beginning to remove gender inequality in independent India.

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Hey hi every one I am sd mishra from India my opinion is express to in this article if you realize that opinion please motivate me hopeful

As a human being, when we come to this earth, the first association that we have is a woman, the medium of fulfillment of the first hunger given to us as a human being is a woman, and more so in our sensible and mature stage. The basis of reaching or being reached is a woman only. Even in our texts, scriptures and hymns, women have been adorned with word by word, harf after harf "Nari Tu Narayani", "Devi" and the greatest ornaments. has been

Even in this blind race of modernity, rhetoric like "behind every successful person a woman's hand" is common, in this whole narrative itself, a man is placed as a human being at the center and woman is his inspiration, aaradhya, goddess, ally or Providing the supporting role is the real basis of the current "gender inequality" problem.

The thing to understand is that nature has created man and woman as complements and companions to each other. We all know how important both stone and flower are for an integrated life. In this way, if the emphasis is given to the man, then compassion, tolerance and beauty will be given to the woman. But in the course of the development of civilization, the stone has neglected the flower, the force has dominated the compassion, and the way the man has dominated the woman, the result is that today all the evils, such as feticide, sexual exploitation, from curses like dowry The whole society is cursed.

Balance is an inevitable and inevitable process. The avoidance of any inequality, immorality and its balance is the unshakable law of nature. The fight for their rights of half the population, who have been facing subjugation for centuries, is not just a problem of today, but in the so-called developed countries of the world, they have been burning only in a few decades.

The French feminist writer Simone de Beau, in her famous work The Second Sex, said that "a woman is not born but she is made like this." Is.

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The ideologue Virginia Woolf, looking at the exploited condition of women, said, "As a woman, I have no country." Firestone gave a new direction to the movement associated with it by giving a new interpretation of feminism under her famous work 'Dialactic of Sex'. Philosopher Kate Millett, in her book 'Sexual Politics', pointed out that feminism needs to be transformed into a political movement. He said that the relationship between man and woman is not natural but political. He said that the control that men have over women is not a biological difference but a result of social structure. The above book by Kate Millett proved particularly useful in promoting the women's liberation movement in America.

Apart from these western ideas, if seen, then women have always been considered revered in India. Our Adi Purush Lord Shiva has also presented himself in the form of Ardhanarishwar. The Ardhanarishwar form of Shiva actually balances his fierce form as if, Ardha Narishwar Shiva actually also confronts some wonderful truth in himself. Just as the greatness of a man depends on how deeply embedded the feminine compassion is in his heart, this synthesis of his tandava and lasya form is marvelous in itself, the radiance of the sun and the coolness of the moon.

Efforts have been continuous from the very beginning to remove gender inequality in independent India. By making feticide a crime, by empowering mother-in-law, by giving women legal rights at workplace, by giving them a sense of security through women's helpline, by making efforts to strengthen them through domestic non-violence law, etc., work has been done to give confidence to women. However, with all this, they should be treated properly, these laws should be used properly, there is still a lot of scope for real help to reach the needy.

By law, it is necessary to change your conscience and thinking apart from the laws and rules made by the governments. Because these rules and regulations are effective only as long as they are feared. Today the need is that there should be respect for each other in the mind of man and woman, both have to play their respective roles with pride. By adopting the qualities of masculinity in women, making men realize that she is no less, it is a good thing as a tool of the feminist movement, but this creation is timeless and timeless and life-giving juices like nature's softness, compassion, inner beauty, love. Remains beautiful. The responsibility of its protection lies with both men and women, through which humanity can survive. It is the real nature of man and woman to be companions and partners,

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