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Dos & Don’t When Getting Involved With A Muslim Man

Being a Christian women that has been single for along time. You maybe unaware if a man is interested in you. Regardless of the belief.

Getting Involved With A Muslim Man


Things too Know

If he’s very religious that’s a number one thing to know! Some Muslim men are very confident and mature they will let you know straight up how they feel.

But some aren't straight forward and if your not familiar with their behavior you maybe unaware of what’s going on. So to those that may encounter a Muslim man. And find him attractive, I’m going to give you some pointers. Things to look out for and pay attention too. Myself on the other hand I’venever really encountered many men. Being a curvy busty women. I’m use to men looking at my figure. I wear a jacket or loose tops most of the time even when it’s hot. I don’t like being looked upon in that manner.It makes me unsure if they are looking to date or admiring my figure, with no good intentions. A burqa would be nice! Because I normally cover my head with a , not being aware of it, as any symbol of any religion.Just because this is something I’ve done a long time. With the type of work I do, and the pandemic I keep my head covered, as well as wearing a mask.
So it’s always been hard for me to figure men out. I’ve dedicated my time to caring for my children. My parents live with me I care for them. And I’ve smothered myself with work to build an empire for my family. This is why I’m going to explain to non Muslim women. What to pay attention to when becoming involved with a Muslim man.
First I must say the stereotype that some people say are untrue. At least the one Muslim man I encountered. He was very kind,fun,funny, sweet, and honest. In the beginning I only though he was interested in a business venture. Not me at all I haven't been secure of myself since I tried dating once 3 years ago. Eventually I start to notice a little. But being a single Christian women alone for years I wasn’t really aware. So if your shy let him know up front, it’s nothing to do with him, your not use to being involved. Always try to be upfront if your interested in him let him know. Don’t be afraid are you may loose a great guy or even better friend. I’m going to go into my research and I’m open for comments and corrections. To my readers that follow my articles.

If He’s interested these are ways too know…

* He finds excuses too talk too you.
* He speaks to you differently then he speak to other people. (his tone his demeanor)
* He may try to impress you (either subtly or not subtly) you have to pay attention

* He compliments you ex: beautiful, sexy, etc..

* He talks to you outside of the place you met him

( outside of work or school )

* He jokes with you he teases he makes you laugh

* He suggest you hanging out or doing something together

* He seems to watch you or stare at you

And remember he is a man regardless of his belief , he maybe touchy. Whether this is with all Muslim men but a man is a man. ( now you much respect yourself in some aspect because a man will go as far as you allow him)

I don’t suggest letting him go all the way with you if you want to keep some form of dignity and respect for yourself. Especially if he’s very religious you need to know that first and foremost. Because some will go as far as you let them, and cause you too feel terrible after. Remember sex is forbidden as well as relationships as far as dating is concerned. So if he tells you that you are not dating listen to him. Sex won’t make it better. Actually sex will make it worse especially if your falling for this man.

Understanding Him

I have a few pointers on recognizing his interest. Now I’m going to give you pointers on what you should do.

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First of all let him know your interested get too the point. If your shy then at least ask him how his days going. Show concern for him so he know that you genuinely care.
This is key! Don’t play games with him many Muslim men don’t have a lot of experience dating, if any. So don’t play games. ( my experience he thought I was playing dumb but I didn’t have much dating experience). I wasn’t playing dumb I didn’t know better. So always be upfront so he understands you as well as you understand him.

Make sure that you are single, no boyfriend or male your involved with. That’s very offensive! Don’t bring up past relationships. Of course we all have a past. But this is a huge turn off to Muslim men. (And not just Muslim men I’ve learned to all men so keep your past to yourself). This was a mistake I made being open and honest telling everything I thought a man would want to know. In my thought it was: why am I single? So I have upfront answers to why? But keep your past to yourself unless asked. And I don’t suggest giving to much information.

Money the Muslim men are respectful as far as taking care of things. Covering the date (whether they want to call it a date or not). I’m an American women a date is a date! If he feels that you make more money. He will be intimidated and feel that he can’t take care of you properly. So you may not give out to much information about your financial status especially if your in a high income bracket.

Be respectful of him and his family, they usually have a close tie with their families. Some Muslim men stay with their families so be respectful of that. Respect the Islams diet code stay away from pork and alcohol.

Remember Friday prayer or congregational prayer! Muslims pray 5 times a day everyday. Jumah is the most important prayer of the week this is on Friday every Friday afternoon!
Ramadan that’s the Holiest month. A MUST FOR RESPECT! So if your involved around that time and unmarried you learn patience. Because you won’t see that person or if you do the both of you must be respectful. I have discovered non Muslims can fast but make sure it’s for the right reason. Ramadan is a peaceful, quiet month and should be enjoyed it only last a month.
Me personal I would try to learn about Islam and consider embracing it. Learn from valid sources. I purchased and have read and listen to multiple books, pod cast host by Muslims, audio books and so on.
If your meeting him dress modest you don’t have to wear a headscarf but be modest and respectful of yourself. Understand he will date (mostly) to get married. So be respectful of yourself if he says your not dating. He’s not intersect in you. Even if he pursue you. It could be that’s he’s only looking at you for other reasons business, friendship or sex. Never allow yourself to care so much for a man any man that you allow him to use your body for his pleasure. Reminder he is a man! And we as people may have to repent for our sins.
The reason I’m giving this piece of advice is because Muslim men or women aren’t suppose to engage in sexual relationships outside of marriage. So it’s not possible for you to sleep with him. Are even move in with him especially if your not married.

Islam prohibit fornication premarital sex for both men and women. Now I’m some cases if you have already had sex with a women. You have already sinned as per Islam and not married the girl/women abandoning her would be a bigger sin. Whereas marrying her will make you her husband and sexual violations will become legitimate in the eyes of your religion. Over everything else abandoning someone or considering impure after consensual sex is inhumane. And in all probabilities, a sin in the eyes of God / Allah ( and that’s in many religion). So ladies remember to respect yourself. And know a man is still a man. You can’t hold anyone accountable for your actions. So if you give this man your body it’s because you wanted too.
Lastly find out what he really wants from you, as well as you know what you want from him. So neither of you end in questioning yourself, what could I have done to make this work! We are human and we make mistakes. Myself personally try not to live in regret if something doesn’t work. That means there’s something better waiting ahead and don’t beat yourself up for making a mistake. Repent and move on life’s about lessons we are told and taught but we live and make our own choices as life goes on.

My ending….

I think all people have feelings regardless of our beliefs. Myself as a Christian I have feelings. But we have to learn to control ourselves.

Back to the subject at hand.

In Islam there are specific laws that must be followed in order to stay safe from Allah or Gods wrath. Muslim men and women are too keep a distance in physical contract to avoid fornication. You may meet a Muslim man or women that could be the greatest person you will met. And fall for them but don’t feel bad if they don’t want to carry on a relationship with you. Allah teaches to not be lustful and lower the gaze to those who are attractive to the individual.

In some cases it’s best to allow yourself to step away from the situation to allow that person to embrace their religion without distraction. If your not seeking each other for anything other then marriage. And your going to try to be friends be respectful of each other. But if it comes to the point that he or she may be avoiding you. That doesn’t mean that they don’t care for you. It’s just that he or she may want what’s best For himself in the sight of Allah/ God. So at some point you will have to except that and either become friends or move on.




Too my first Muslim crush our friendship was great. Whether you knew it or not I was in a dark place in my life. Just know you came along and gave me a little bit of peace for the time we spent together. You taught me about me and showed me something different. I knew from the beginning we would not be together.Of course I wanted to be with you, but sometimes timing isn’t right. No matter how attractive you were to me and yes you are a handsome man. I excepted you for you, you didn’t need to be a millionaire to be with me just you. I don’t know how I even end up in your area. And now it’s become my stomping ground and regular route of travel. Some people come along for a season not to stay but maybe to give you a breath of fresh air , good energy. Your presence was peaceful your kindness was meaningful, thank you for being a friend. Thank you for your honesty! You will truly be missed.

Ladies remember a man will be a man, do not have sex with a man. Just because you think it will make a relationship work or even form a relationship. A man will have sex with you regardless of his religion. If you allow him.
And if you do some Muslim Men will disregard you as if nothing happened at all, Ive gotten that from several women that have been involved with Muslim men and men in general. And move on to the next or maybe stop repent and try to change. Make sure you know what he wants from you. We are all people and men or men. Respect yourself and trust you to love you….

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